Leica X1 first look video with focus speed demo and G-F1 comparison!

With all of the talk of the Leica X1 and its poor AF performance I decided to throw together a quick video showing you how fast it is. No, it is not close to a DSLR or a Panasonic GF1 but it is not as bad as some seem to think. I shoot with center point only, even when I shoot with a blazing fast DSLR. That is just how I shoot, so I set the X1 to center point and in the video you will see how fast it can focus on an object. To some, this will be too slow and to others it will be fine. Again, this is just a quick and dirty test. In my full review of the X1 I will have even more video with focus tests and go over the menu features. I will also do a portrait shootout with the X1, M9, D300s, Canon 7D, Oly E-P2 and Nikon D3s. Should be fun. Look for my review in the new year (Sometime in January) as I really want to shoot this and really get to know it before I write about it. For now, here is the video. Enjoy!

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UPDATE 12/27/09 – How cool is this? Two ultra cool guys, Alex and Christian from Germany just shot, edited, and uploaded a response to my X1 video above to show us how fast the Panasonic GF1 is at AF. It appears to be so fast that it is almost instant. The X1 is not instant but I have been shooting the X1 non stop and today was out in the snow with it and it was actually pretty fast. I found out that you really have to watch your AF settings. If you are shooting distant subjects, have it on AF. If you subjects are somewhat close, set it to AF macro. Also, use 1PT H for higher speed. Anyway, here is the cool video response showing just how fast the GF1 is. Thanks guys!


  1. Thanks for the first look at the X1. I am looking forward to your full review as I am seriously thinking about buying this camera. I thought about the GF-1, E-P2 but am curious about the capability of the larger sensor in the X1. The closest contender is probably the Ricoh GRX with the A12 lensor as it’s sensor is the same size. Bottom line, don’t need all the bells and whistles. Just a simple, well made camera that allows you to take great quality pictures. Lots of folks are looking for the digital Hexar AF, me included and the X1 may be near the mark, not quite as fast but close. And that would be good enough for me. Thanks for showing us how cameras perform in the hands of a photographer instead of a lab technician…..
    Happy New Year,

  2. hi, I ‘m interesting on this compact digital camara
    would you please make a test that using AF mode (not AF macro mode)to shot a portrait, I wana know how fast the AF speed is
    Thank you very much!

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