Three images from three cameras! Leica X1, Nikon D3s and the Olympus E-P2

Here you go! I have been having so much fun with the X1 and E-P2 I had to post an image here. Also, since I have been breaking my back shooting with the Nikon D3s as well, I threw one in from that camera as well at ISO 16,000.


Leica X1 – F2.8 – ISO 100 – Converted to B&W in CS4 with Silver Efex Pro. The X1 lens is bitingly sharp and will bring out EVERY detail, good or bad. The X1 makes me look 10 years older 🙂 Ha ha…Seriously though, the review will be up soon. I will go over everything with the camera that I have learned in the 3 weeks I have been shooting it. AF speed, handling, menu, image quality, RAW vs JPEG, accessories and more. The review will have a TON of photos as this camera has given me a ton of keepers!

Nikon D3s – ISO 16,000 with 18-200 DX lens at 24mm and F5.6 (only Nikon lens I had on hand today) – Was at Lincoln Park Zoo today and there seemed to be about a dozen people there TOTAL. I saw this lady in the reptile house who was afraid of this Ball Python but she gathered up the courage to touch it. I did not even realize the camera was at ISO 16,000 but it worked out OK. I had a slow DX lens on the camera and while its not the best image in the world, it shows what ISO 16,000 is like in color.

…and one from the Olympus E-P2 – Grainy B&W Art Filter! My wife mostly shot the E-P2 today but I did get this shot and a few other street images that I really liked. The Olympus E-P2 is usually in stock at AMAZON!



  1. Is there a way to replicate the EP2 “grainy b+w” art filter effect in Lightroom? I think it really looks great!

  2. Hey Cidereye,

    As a matter of fact, I am planning a new video lesson for any day now! I just was not sure on if I was going to do one on Silver Efex Pro or Color Efex Pro. Guess I will start with SIlver! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Never knew you were so old until I saw the X1 self portrait Steve! J/K 🙂

    Can I make a request please? Loved your walk through training vids on the old site and was wondering if you had any plans for more? Especially, I would love to see one for B&W workflow from PS and how you use Silver Efex for instance for conversions. Also maybe getting the best results from reduced size images for posting on the web too?

    I know you are one busy guy as it is, but I’m sure many more would also love your workflow insight in these & similar areas. Great site, great attitude & keep it up. Really appreciate your endeavours!

  4. Sure Steve, I totally understand.
    Would love to know the lens you are using on your D3s review, in order to have a feedback, since as I mentioned, I am thinking on switching from DX to FF, but some lens like the 17-55 is something I would love to keep, specially on a D3X, since it would mean a reasonable 12MP o a 24MP body. Wil see.
    By the why, could you give me some idea of how different is to focus on a DSRL viewfinder and a RF?
    Does the manual focus on a RF is any easier? I ask this, since I wonder if the RF viewfnders are more suitable for manual focusing or if it is the same as on a DSRL?

  5. LaDra,

    the “just for fun” comparison against the M9 and nocti was done with the D3s and a full frame FX lens, the 50 1.8. A cheap lens but it was all I had. The 18-200 was taken to the Zoo and as much as I would have loved to have a 70-200, I did not.

    The D3s is not mine so I do not own any Nikon lenses. Thanks for the kind words!

  6. Hi Steve-
    It is very interesting that you are using the D3s (FF) with a DX lens. I have been looking for this kind of samples, eventhough the 18-200 is not as sharp as I would desire in order to compare the D3s, agains a M9+nocti…

    Do you plan to do the D3s testing with some other lens? I would really be
    interested on those resultas, since I am thinking on switching from DX to FF.

    I am also planning to get into RF experience, after years of DSLR…

    I read you every day, and the “Daily Inspiration” is really important… keep going man!

  7. Morgan,

    The PP on the X1 shot:

    1. Converted from RAW using ACR 5.6 – boosted contrast a bit.
    2. Converted to B&W using Silver Efex pro.
    3. Lightly sharpened eyes and stubble using the selective sharpening tool in CS4.



  8. The Leica X1 lens looks amazing. Leave it to Leica. Too bad they can’t properly manage their business. For months now, photographers have been waiting to buy 50mm Summilux ASPH lenses and have been unable to get one. I’m getting tired of waiting. I have a 50mm Summicron and a 50mm Summarit both are very good lenses but want a Summilux for its speed and reasonable size. Surprisingly, the 50mm and 75mm Summarits are both very good values.

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