The Olympus E-P2 with Panasonic 20 1.7 Mounted

I had a few e-mails asking me what the Panasonic 20 1.7 looked like mounted on the Olympus E-P2. Well here you go! I hope to have some actual image samples from this combo to share soon.

But man, what a handsome combo! It also feels GREAT in the hand. B&H Photo has the Olympus E-P2 IN STOCK right now. Click here to check it out. Amazon also has it in stock, Click Here for Amazon.

Unfortunately, the 20 1.7 is tough to find as it usually sells out within an hour or two when it does come up in stock.



  1. I have Contax G lenses planar 45/2 and sonnar 90/2.8 mounted on G1 and GH1, the lenses are beautiful, the contrast and saturation is perfect, bokeh smooth, with a little chroma aberation from full open as usual in m4/3 and manual lenses there is nothing more to discuss. While ago I had Leica M summicron C 40/2 and I think the Planar is better, but both are very good, light and compact ideal fit and companion to m4/3 bodies. Focusing is very simple of course not so simple as it is in leica M mount but not really pain in the ass as someone said on getdpi.


  2. Steve, looks good for sure. Looking about on eBay I notice there are Contax G > Micro 4/3 adapters available like this on:-

    Being a Contax G1/2 owner myself I just wondered if any here or yourself had any feedback from using G lenses on an Oly or other Micro 4/3 camera?

    At their current prices and if the adapter works well surely they have to be the bargain quality lens of choice? Well for manual focus use I guess only of course.

  3. Perfect – now if only they’de start selling the Ep-2 without an Olympus Kit lens of some sort (ie “Body only+viewfinder”) !!

  4. Looks most desirable. I only wished there was an E-P2 available in a store in Austria, just to see, if the EVF is any good und usable for my viewfinder-fetish eye.

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