More Leica X1 Sample Images!

I was going through my Leica X1 images (Pre-Order at Amazon) on my hard drive and found a few more I could post. These are various ISO’s and some have been converted to black and white using Nik Silver Efex pro but all are from the Leica X1. Enjoy!









  1. hi, steve:

    I am a learner in photography. I want to buy camera but I do not know which camera is sutiable for me. ie Canon 5D Mark2, Leica x1 or Leica M8(exclusive price reason).


  2. Hi Steve, I’m spanish boy who are thinking purchase de x1… sure, the next week, i’m very boring with mi nikon d700 and lenses.. i need something smallest and great IQ, 2 monts ago i’ve sold my m8 and i miss the leica feelings..
    One question what king of process did you use at 3 photo?

    Thank U so much!

  3. hey Steve
    great shots, do you have the feeling that the high iso is on the X1 better then with the M8?
    I also liked the still shots better

  4. Wonderful samples. Not impress with the street shots but the still shots are drooling with awe. Much to learn from you Steve.

  5. What kind of setting did you use for the 3rd pic?
    I really like the color of that picture.
    Thanks for this awesome website.

  6. amazing!

    all photos are fantastic, reall it is not only X1 doing great job, but the man behind the camera as well 🙂

    Repeating, but church photo is fabolous, from technical side of view, but others are real storytellers…

  7. Mark, nope. All I was told was “soon” and that was from Ken Hansen (Dealer). I am sure it will be soon and I know Leica is crazy busy with M9 production so that may be why there is a slight delay with the X1. Who know? Thanks!


  8. thanks for your quick reply, Steve – amazing camera. Did Leica tell you any more details when this camera will be available in high volume?

    Thanks, Mark

  9. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for the sample photographs. This makes me more confident about the camera. Especially when I saw the Church photo and see your comment on it (…low light and NO tripod. That was shot at ISO 1000), amazing.


  10. Hi – is the church photo taken using a tripod? Is there a lot of light in the church – usually there is not…

    – Markus

  11. I get the feeling, that the Leica X-1 – let her flaws with the autofocus speed aside – is delivering outstanding picture quality! Amazing!

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