Daily Inspiration #30 by Beau Wynja

Today’s image comes from Beau Wynja. He submitted three photos along with this message:

“I discovered your website a few months ago, ever sense I have been visiting whenever I can find internet. My wife and I have been traveling around the world for nearly a year now. We have taken thousands of pictures along the way, everyday I seem to grow more passionate about photography. I have to say, you have really given me the M9 fever. I have been lugging around a canon DSLRs and 3 lenses through 40 countries now. The thought of a Leica around my neck would be a dream come true. The guest travel photography article you featured has pretty much convinced me to make the big switch hopefully someday. I’ve never submitted my photos to any websites before, this is new to me. I keep gravitating to photos of people, I think that they really capture what makes traveling so special. These are the ones freshest in my mind. If you get a spare second, please visit our travel blog, I would really love to hear what you think. Best regards, Beau Wynja”

Thanks Beau! Like he said, check out his BLOG. It’s well worth the visit!

Kids of Rajasthan – This was in a small shepherds village near Jodpur, India.

EF 70-300 – Focal length: 110mm – 1/200 sec @ f/ 6.3 – ISO 400 – split toning in Lightroom

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