New Olympus micro 4/3 camera coming…

Olympus posted a teaser on their web site and from everything I have read it is a new m4/3 model. My guess is that it will have a built in EVF, and faster AF. Just a guess though. Hop on over to the Olympus website to register for the updates! Also, it is reported to be even smaller than the E-P1. This may be a less expensive entry to the M4/3 arena.


  1. Thanks! Looks like it is a smaller, lighter, more plasticky version of the E-P1 with a built in flash but no built in EVF! Guess they will save that for the E-P3. The E-PL1 appears to be a cheaper E-P1 which is great for those wanting to get into the system.

  2. so the information leaked

    it’s E-PL1 and all the pictures and specification can be found on the net today
    tommorow I guess it will be official

  3. Roger, this is just MY GUESS. I think it is a cheaper camera, a starter m4/3 camera. My guess is that it will be smaller, lighter and not made as well. Also, maybe not as many features as the E-P2 (full manual video, etc). I could be 100% wrong but I am going on what I have been hearing. As for faster AF, I think it will be ever so slight.

  4. I would have expected an experienced camera maker like Olympus, to have done a better evaluation of the market than what they have done! EP1,EP2 and now this new M4/3 entrant .
    By comparison , a newcomer like Panasonic seems to have got it right(er) than Oly with their GF1,which is pretty spot on in every respect,except for not having in camera IS.

  5. yep that’s it and if you compare the surface area it is like 1/4 of a FF. Basically smaller than the 4/3 DSLRs, because of live view. So one of the smallest sensor around for an SLR but a HUGE sensor for a P&S which those micro 4/3 are, P&S with interchangeable lenses and a big sensor (relatively). So the X1 has an even bigger sensor. Well the Digilux was a 4/3 no? Good idea to make a cheaper 4/3… 700 (body), 500 (20mm) f1.7, (1200) 7-14: ends up being in excess of 3000$ if you take a longer zoom. Not cheap, you can get into the Leica world for close to that money (give or take a few hundreds more). Nice machines still, will be nice to see the evolution.

  6. The Micro 4/3 format was built around that sensor. The lenses were all made for the m4/3 sensor and they would not work right with a larger one. Correct me anyone if I am wrong, but this is how I always understood it. The M4/3 sensor is the same sensor that is in the 4/3 cameras like the E3.

  7. So m4/3 will never be able to have a bigger sensor? I’m pretty much a newbie when understanding this stuff. From what I understand DSLR’s will eventually have the full frame sensors at an affordable price if we can judge by how prices have dropped for technology. But micro 4/3’s is unable to handle a bigger sensor, is that what you’re saying? The micro 4/3 will never have the same quality as an dSLR, or might technology advance enough to where they can get the same quality. I realize you don’t have all the answers, just throwing this out there. 🙂

    Also, don’t bother answering a question I directly e-mailed you last night, I realize it was rambling.

    Thanks — Matt

  8. If it’s new, and the Leica X1 is supposed to be out in February, it might just be it’s first competitor. When you add one and one, you will almost ALWAYS get two;D

    This new Olympus camera will probably be smaller than the X1, have better features, and have that gigantic APS-C sensor! I just hope it won’t be confusing to operate like Nikon camera’s menu system. All bets on a new Anti-X1 program! hahaha

  9. Hi Steve,
    I have heard that it may be a replacement for the EP-1…..probably better AF? Or possibly a fixed focal length M4/3 like the DP-2…who knows? If it is an EP-1 replacement, that’s an awfully fast product replacement cycle!

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