New Olympus Micro 4/3 lenses, 9-18 and the 14-150

NEW OLYMPUS Micro 4/3 Lenses Officially Announced!

Olympus finally announced the long awaited 9-18 F4-5.6 wide angle lens for the m4/3 system. Coming in at 2/3 the cost of the Panasonic 7-14, the little Oly is welcome addition to the lens lineup. This will be an equivalent of an 18-36mm lens and I think it is the one I am going to eventually get for the “wife’s” E-P2 🙂 You can no pre-order this lens at Amazon. They do not charge you until it ships so no harm in getting on the list if you have been wanting a more affordable wide angle for your m4/3. Amazon Olympus 9-18 lens Pre Order. B&H PHOTO has also listed this lens on their site here.

Also announced was the Olympus 14-150 which will give you a whopping 28-300mm zoom in a tiny package. This one comes in at $599 and if it is as good as the Panasonic it will be a hell of a buy. Amazon also has this lens for pre-order! Olympus 14-150 Pre-Order at Amazon. Also listed at B&H PHOTO.

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  1. Just wonder how the 14-150 will look on an E-P series camera. Large lenses seems to me to kind of remove the point of small camera bodies (how do they handle when they get front heavy?). Then again, maybe this lens is smaller than it looks on the photos.

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