Daily Inspiration #51 by Nick Williams

Happy Friday to you all! Today I present a very sweet image taken by Mr. Nick Williams. He shot this with his Canon 5DMKII with the 16-35L at F2.8. Here is what Nick had to say when he sent these images:

“I use to shoot Canon, specifically a 5Dmk2 but have sold 6 L series lenses and all things Canon to switch to the gorgeous M9. My favourite lens was the 85mm1.2LII.  (will submit some 85’s next month) After reading your 0.95 Noctilux review and saying that it was very similar to the 85mm well you really messed me up, Now I have to own this lens,  no other option, and I thought my Canon 85 was expensive!

Anyway the following shots were for a friend who asked me to take some  happy snaps of a trials rider he sponsors, these are some of end results. Unfortunately none of the shots will ever get used…… but that’s another story. Hope you like them. They are very commercial, not the usual artistic Leica style I see on your site, that will have to wait till my next submission. Regards Nick Williams”


  1. Thanks Mate,

    It’s really a great tool for weddings those canons with you fast AF and great zooms.
    I am very lucky that photography isn’t my day job so I have the luxury of picking and choosing my kit not because it’s needed for work but because each camera/lens interests me.

    If it was the other way round I’d definetly have held onto my canon gear and dreamed about leica for another decade!

  2. Great shot Nick!!!

    I would like to share my opinion of Leica, thanks to Steve, and also of my AF “working horses”

    Before, I have use Hass.
    But now I am using Canon for my every day work from 1VHS, 5D, 5DII, 15, 16-35 II, 24-70, 70-200 f2,8 IS and my super primes 85 II & 135.

    Nick, I tought the same way as You think.
    Sell Canon to by Leica.
    But after many weddings I have done from 2001-2009…
    I can see clearly now that Canon suit well my working style.

    Even if I would sell all my Canon equip. I wouldn’t have enough “$” to cover one new LEICA M9 with, lets say 24 summilux, 35, summilux and gorgeous 75 summcron.

    Nick I am very happy cause You manage to sell all “L”-s to by what You prefer for Your job.
    I really want Leica too with at least two lenses.

    So, instead of selling AF stuff, with respect to Chris Weeks work, who also use Leica and lenses along with AF stuff I’ ll have to earn for my Leica cameras and lenses :)))
    Then I’ll mix the “vegetables” (RF & SLR-s) and give my clients best from all.

    BEST to ALL, Special thanks to Steve Huff

  3. Thanks Ashwin, It can involve a lot of “takes” to get a good shot with the Canon, esp when your dealing with motorbikes, Luckily this rider was a pro and could replicate any trick over and over while I sorted out my flashes and timing!

    The slow shutter flash sync of the canon, and I imagine also the leica will require a lot of light output to freeze the action and knock out any ambient.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing how the Leica M9 handles these kind of shoots.

    I really like the idea of having such a wide, bright viewfinder to pre empt the action. Part of the shoot we were in areas so dark the only time you could see was when the strobes fired, I literally had to listen to the engine note to know when he was mid air! Just think of how he must have felt launching into an abyss.

  4. Great capture. The 5D II is very capable, and the one SLR I love. It’s nearly faultless for its intended purpose. I am impressed by this action shot, which I find to be the 5D’s weakness in general…

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