Pop Quiz! What lens is this?

Ok, all of you Leica gurus…this one is actually pretty easy but take a guess what lens I have on the M9. A reader sent it to me to review and it’s a classic. This was the 1st image I tested it with after I attached it to the M9, and as usual I shot it wide open. The image has PP but see if you can guess the lens. 🙂

UPDATE ! – OK guys, it’s been a while and there have been a few guesses. Some of you nailed it! Before I get to the lens here is one more image I shot today of my Niece with it. Again, wide open. You can click it for a large 1800 pixel wide version.

and the lens? A 1942 collapsable Leitz 50 Summitar F2. The guy who write the film article yesterday, Max Marinucci sent it to me to try out and I have to say that it’s one hell of a lens. How much did he pay for it? Under $400! I am going  to shoot with it for a while and write up a report on it soon. It’s a sweet lens and when mounted on the M9 makes for a nice small kit! Here it is on the M9:

Thanks for letting me try this lens out Max! Now I want one…bad 🙂


  1. ..just three humble snapshots taken with Summitar on M8..




  2. I did some research and others have also collapsed this lens into their M8’s and even M9’s with no issues. After looking at it andeueballing it I was 99% sure it would be able to collapse into the M9. I tried it (very very slowly) and had no issues. But, I would not make a practice of it, nor will I do it again just in case.


  3. Eric, the lens pulls out and twists to lock in place. It doesnt really “lock” but it would need a twist to be able to collapse. This is such a nice little lens and is the most “classic” that I have ever shot with. I guess it should be for being a 1942 lens!

  4. Did a quick search on ebay and they are available from 200$ ish all the way to 2000ish. One bid is at $300 with an M3f attached to it.

  5. Is there some sort of lock on the lense to prevent it from collapsing ? If there is then this would really be a non issue.

  6. Yes, they will hit the shutter or worse, crack the IR filter in front of the sensor. NEVER collapse any of these in an M8/M9. I personally never collapse them on an M3 either. No reason to really, unless one is using the original camera case.

  7. I have heard that if they are collapsed while on camera the rear element can hit something inside the digital M bodies, is this the case ?

  8. It is a lovely lens but you should mention to your readers that they must be careful retracting it while it is mounted on the camera. It can damage the sensor. The same goes for the 90mm Elmar collapsible. They are not recommended by Leica but can be used with the above mentioned precaution—or so I am told.

  9. Could be anything but I’m going to make a wild guess that it’s the Rollei 40mm f2.8 Sonnar. Do I win a prize? 🙂

  10. It’s the new 35mm Summilux. Leica has started a great viral campaign. 🙂

    JKing. (But if this image is taken down from your blog we know it is true.)

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