Leica S2 Review coming Sunday…

My Leica S2 review will be up SUNDAY morning. I had 5 days with the camera and shot as much as I could with it. The review will feature a load of images, all right from the camera with no PP. I will also have a few with some PP like the one below. The camera has been sent back to Leica and I want to thank them for allowing me to test it out. I did some comparisons with the M9 that may surprise some. Anyway, be sure to check back Sunday for the review!


  1. Wow – absolutely amazing! Look forward to the review. BTW, if you ever do decide to stop by the Far East (Hong Kong), look me up! Keep up the awesome works…… FYI, it’s been my daily routine to check out you site since discovering it about 3 weeks ago

  2. Great shot steve, would be a great way to do another PP video part of this image there*
    looking forward to sunday:)

  3. Wow…love the shot. You infuse these abandoned places with such interest. Compiled together and with a created backstory, these would make an awesome book. I like the edginess of this one, somewhat forboding.

    Looking forward to the S2 review!

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