Cool sneak peek at a Photoshop CS5 Feature!

Just saw this video on youtube which is from Adobe showing a cool new feature in the upcoming Photoshop CS5. I love what it did with the panorama!


  1. This is by far the best implementation of texture synthesis I have seen. Weta Digital uses a similar technology for automated creation of backgrounds in motion capture imaging. The algorithms have been around in academic circles for nearly a decade, but the Princeton team really excelled in this co-op with Adobe. Incredible efforts, really like magic!

    I wonder what repercussions this might have for commercial photographers who sell their material via stock photo sites. It will take 3 seconds to eliminate watermarks from showcased samples, 5 more seconds to alter some aspects of the image to create “a new visual work”, thus allowing free usage without pay or possibly even (c)-infringement… interesting!

    If this trend continues, I predict that CS6 will feature ‘home compositing’: create entire new portfolios or holiday albums without ever leaving your couch. Just import your Library, swing the magic wand, and export all new pictures to share and sell. Automagically! Only have two photos of the Morroccan desert? Now, you can also create pics of Arizona, Jordan and Mongolia. With not more than five clicks and no airmile spent! Buy CS6 now, only at B&H.”

    Amazing. Actually, the term photography really is dead and should be replaced with “digital still imaging” for the visuals we can now create.

  2. From the Adobe Creative Suite Facebook site:
    You’ve been wondering when the day would come, and here it is! Announcing: CS5! Join us online for a global launch of CS5 as we show you what’s new. Take part with the Adobe online community for a real-time conversation, where you can post comments and ask questions along with people from around the world as you watch …evangelists walk-through the highlights. Sign up for the official Adobe online event here We’re excited to have you join us on April 12th, 2010 for the unveiling!

  3. technology will kill photography in the commercial sense, this is stage two. Stage one was digital, stage three will be true 4k video.

  4. wow, this is good to be true, when is the release data 1st of April?

    If its real than this is really amazing and very, very usable!

  5. @ Frank – Story is that photographer T.J. Hileman had some birch trees cut down in Glacier Park after he photographed them near Lake McDonald. As far as photo manipulation goes, this tool is just the green option. 😉

  6. OMG. That’s an amazing tool! And it worked really great for fixing that tree against the sky. The spots on the grass did not look that great as the shapes are trickier to do, but it was all done really quickly. However, this is all a bit scary too as I can imagine the oncoming debate about “photo manipulation”…

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