Daily Inspiration #86 by Issa Ng

#86 brings us a couple of shots taken by Issa Ng with a Leica M2. Issa used Tmax and Fuji Neopan along with a lovely 35 Summilux Pre-Asph and a 50 1.4 Pre Asph. I have to say that for film, I really like the 35 Summilux pre-asph. That is another one of the lovely things about film. The older lenses seem to work so well with it 🙂 Thanks Issa!


  1. Thanks a lot, Steve. Can’t agree more that old lenses all work well on film! You don’t have to remember to select any profiles of lenses or happened to forget that and got magenta cast! (or got magenta cast because no profile could be selected, esp. wide angle lenses)

    Now I start to develop films myself, and it’s loads of fun, much funny than developing raw files and it’s exciting to see pictures appear on the roll when you open the tank. 🙂

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