Daily Inspiration #94 by Daniel Gautreau

Here is a trio of fine images by Daniel Gautreau that he calls “Threesomes”. What is very cool here is that he shot these with little P&S Panasonic cameras! Goes to show that you do not need a big expensive camera to get great shots. Whatever camera you buy, the best advice is to take it with you wherever you go! You can visit Daniel’s Vimeo page to see more HERE. Thanks Daniel!

From Daniel:

Dear Steve, Have just recently discovered your page & I love it.  I travel a lot & usually shoot with the Lumix LX3 & others.  I now own a Leica M8.2 (sensor constantly gets dirty no matter what i do) & an M6.  Anyways, here’s a few snap that I like

While traveling on the train in Rajasthan, India these 3 lovely sisters were quite curious with me.  So when I raised my little Panasonic LX3 at them, this is what I got.

The 3 amigos, Suchitoto, El Salvador.  I walked past these guys but then thought; ‘i’ve got to try & get a snap’.   So I pulled my tiny Lumix FX150 off my hip & said  almost insistently; “You guys have to let me take your pictures!”  They graciously found me somewhat amusing.

I found these little guys in the town of Sikkim, India.


  1. hola daniel escribe el diablo desde mexico la verdad aun tiene buen ojo para las fotos espero estes b ien y que los viejes siempre sean muy placenteros lando vienes vidad aqui en puerto angel casi sigue siendo igual cua

  2. Hey Daniel long time. thought you were’nt around anymore lots has happened since we saw each other. I’ve also travelled the world but not as a tourist but as a peacekeeper get on facebook and you’ll see my work

  3. Thanks for the comments, cool. A few thoughts about the Leica & dirty sensors. I have used various cameras over the years & I have never had issues with those. But my Leica M8.2, what a pain in the butt. I just purchased an M7 instead of the M9 for this reason alone. On a recent trip to Mexico I had a nasty sensor issue & I only changed the lens once, (in a very sterile environment too)!

  4. very nice picture! Agree, photography is not about the camera for sure. That said, is it quite facinating to see the incredible resolutions provided by today’s sensors and one can only imagine what it will be like in the future. Resolution is a great thing to marvel at, but its not photography. Photography is capturing a moment, an expression, a feeling. Great example of that in these photos Daniel.

    That is not to say I don’t like marveling at 65mp medium format digital captures…why? Cos it is just soo cool!

  5. Very nice shots, Daniel. Have the same problem with the M9, by the way. Blow air every time I change the lenses and still I get dirt visible in sky areas.

  6. Love the shots of the ladies, really wonderful! You have captured so much in a snap. Totally agree with Steve, a good shot has absolutely nothing to do with the price of your camera!

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