Daily Inspiration #98 by Terrance Tam

Hope everyone is having a GREAT day. Here are a few to inspire you and they were submitted by Terrance Tam. Awesome huh?

“Hi Steve,

It’s my first time to send photos here. Time flies, the photos were taken about 10 years ago, when my daughter was in kindergarten but she is thirteen now, the photos were taken all in film by Leica lenses with M4-2, the first was taken by Noct F1 in summer, late afternoon before sunset, aperture forgot, but not wide-open.

This was taken by 50mm Summilux, in winter before sunset,

and this one was taken by 50mm Summitar, in autumn afternoon, The photos bring back my memories.

I am now start keeping my photos in my flickr account, mostly were taken many years ago. My flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blanc530

Hope to share with others.


Terrence Tam”


  1. The first one is amazing and very powerful !!! This is a truly great shot. The other two, sorry don’t get, their snapshots. The first one has nice composition. You should be able to see the difference in the three and see why the first one is exceptional and the other two look like everyday snap.

  2. Hi Max, I shot this photo because I want to test the bokeh result of the Noct lens, the aperture is not wide-open, I guess it was 2.8 since I didn’t make any record and the whole face was sharp with detailed hair, and the light is still strong at that moment. I think the result may not be good at wide-open.There is another phot which was shot at a more faraway point at the same time in my flickr.

  3. Thanks Terrence! I really do love the pictures and from a from a more technical standpoint, I find it amusing and refreshing that even “lowly” Kodak Gold 100 can turn out a beautiful picture as #1 with some thought into lighting and composition (and obviously the Leica glass helps a lot as well, especially with a unique lens such as the classic Noctilux).

  4. Thanks for Steve for picking my photos and all the comments. I just used normal 100 negative film, the first one is Kodak Gold 100, the other two are Fuji 100 after I checked it out. Since the photos were taken for so long ago, I have to spend a lot of time in finding and choosing the films because I am not keeping it in system. I just took it for scanned in the beginning of this year. It’s fun in choosing the films and bring back my sweet memories though it’s very tired because my light-box is already out of order long time ago. My girl is no longer go shooting with me since she is growing up and busy with her homework. Anyway, thanks for all the nice comments.

  5. Lovely pics! I use my 20 month old son as a test model 🙂 and will look back on the pics the same way.
    @ J: textbook is too dry, how about ‘essence of bokeh’ lol

  6. Gosh what lovely photos! I’d say that the first is a textbook example of Bokeh at its best, but ‘textbook’ is too dry a word.

  7. Awesome takes, Terrance, and especially #1. The light is just beautiful and she is so pretty. What film did you use for these? I am guessing they are transparencies (slides)? Gorgeous colors and just overall vibrant and alive. This is what film is all about!

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