Epson V500 Film Contest winner announced!

Thanks to everyone who submitted images to the Epson V500 film contest and thanks to all who voted. Today is May 19th and the poll has been closed! The winner with 416 votes is Jake Schoellkopf with his image of victory, defeat and excitement. His image captured a true moment! CONGRATULATIONS to Jake! Your scanner will be shipping out to you by the end of the week! Look for more contests soon, I just have to figure out what prize will be next!

I also want to give a special shout out to Dirk Ahlgrim who came in 2nd place with 199 votes with his image of the Cows and an overall congrats to all who made the top 10!

and the winner….

“Boxing photo, circa 1995, shot on color neg but converted to b/w. I always felt boxing photos look better in b/w. Shot on a Nikon FM2 with a 35mm f/2 – Jake”


  1. Hey Steve. Thanks for doing this competition. It was fun and I enjoyed that others enjoyed it. Not all, but most. Congrats to Jake for the fantastic shot. It is a great example of storytelling and no surprise that it got so many votes. HCB would be proud of that. Steve, do that again. Maybe you have a new 35mm Summilux that you don’t need anymore. 😉


  2. To me, this candid moment seems like it couldn’t have been better arranged if conjured up by Norman Rockwell in his studio.

    *If that wasn’t clear, it was a compliment!

  3. Congrats. The funny thing is, your converted color shot looks old-school, like B&W sports shots from the 50s. Nice work!

  4. what a guy,he won,and the consensus was : he should have, look at the votes he got…
    A winner on all fronts…,no pun intended!
    Congrats Jake!!!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks to Steve for holding this contest. I’m humbled that my photo won. The moment was truely a “f/8 and be there” one. Though, it was probably more likely around 1/500 @ f/2 (on Fujicolor 800 pushed one stop).

    It’s nice when everything comes together in a photo and I really got lucky with this one.

  6. Thanks Steve. I would have guessed earlier than that. That’s one thing I love about black and white, the ability to hide information. Keeps the mystery alive. This mystery’s been bugging me since the moment I first saw the photograph.

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