Some Cool Monday Links! 08/16/2010

Since Friday was filled with a film post I decided to wait until today to post some cool links to some cool articles and websites. There are some cool ones in todays list… on the web!

First off, here is a blog post by Chris Weeks, whose work I admire BTW. Looks like I was mentioned a few times in the article πŸ™‚ The article is very interesting actually and worth a read. His website in general is pretty cool and I visit it regularly, so stop on by.Β Thanks Chris…but hey, I like my X1 un-boxing video πŸ™‚

Also, posted a small article on the Sony NEX series at BHINSIGHTS last week, B&H Photo’s blog…

Also, my NYC announcement will come THIS WEEK and some other REALLY cool news I am excited about! Can’t wait to share it!

Other Cool Links…

Turn your Iphone 4 into a Leica M…pretty cool actually! All you need is a certain case and a printer! Check it out…

Yellowstone and the Leica X1 at Leicas official blog.

Some great photos at this blog including a Leica M9 long exposure that looks fabulous!

A REALLY close look at our eyeballs…

This guy quit his style.

America in Color from 1939-1943 – A MUST SEE. Man, check out how these film shots from 39-43 hold up. They look better than ANY digital of today IMO. Amazing.

An important cause and important collection of photos..

Someone else who used Β their Leica M9 for a wedding!

The Sony 18-200 for the NEX series gets its first review..I hope to get one soon as well, but damn! It’s a monster on the NEX-5!

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The Sony NEX-5 is IN STOCK at B&H, both with the 18-55 and the 16mm! Finally!

A used Leica 21mm f/2.8, 6-bit coded at B&H with hood, $2999.

My friend and Leica dealer Ken Hansen has some X1’s IN STOCK…e-mail him for price if you are looking for one of these great cameras.

JUST CHECKED and saw B&H had the Grey Leica M9 in stock!! They have been getting them and posting them as in stock for Β the past 1-2 weeks. If it says “available for pre-order” when you click it means they sold out already, but they are getting them in every week now, so that is a good sign.


  1. I’m glad someone voices his opinion on the unboxing phenomenon… when you want to search something on google the really valuable links get drowned in tons of links to youtube onboxing stuff on that subject. I even seen someone do an unbox of a filter… yes your read it, a ND filter for that matter. I clicked the link anyway because I couldn’t believe there was an unboxing for that. It took about 15 secs of movie time and there was no sound. But links to this useless stuff get thrown in the mix anyway.
    At least to steve’s credit he does his unboxing in a more professional way πŸ™‚

    But I definitely found the ranking of the sites very interesting indeed. Although I would not necesarily agree 100% with chris on everything, and I don’t need to either, a lot of his points were head on. I also have been wondering who these ppl are doing the reviewing of the equipment, doing an afternoon stroll in the park to take the same kind of boring shots [preferably with some brick walls in the background or some foliage..] and then basing a review on those few hours?

    I’m also subscribed to Sean Read myself to find out what the fuss was about. He tends to get lost in technical details IMO, although it’s all quite elaborate. bit’s and bytes so to speak. If you’re into that sort of thing it is a great site. although the flash driven interface sucks bigtime. But his example images he posts of his work are, and I’m voicing pure my OWN opinion here, not really inspiring or great to look at. Compared to Steve’s images they fall short.

    What I think makes a [if not THE] difference is that Steve can write with a passion on things, his own passion. The other review sites make mee feel like they were written by pen-pushers or article pushers who have to do it because, well they have to do it.
    Steve writes with passion and in general ppl like to read about stuff written with passion. It’s like looking at a picture that has that extra “pop” πŸ™‚ It’s nicer to look at.

    In a sense that is also Rockwell’s plus: he his gifted with the “way” he writes his articles. I generally like his articles for the good read they offer and indeed there is stuff to learn in there too πŸ™‚ But most of all he has his in-your-face statements and opinions which can get many of the anonymous surfing crowd angry πŸ™‚ but at least it makes you “think” about the subject, it’s not about bits and bytes and I credit him for that. That’s probably also what drives the traffic to his site: both the followers and the nay-sayers [who are following as well in a sense].

    So keep the passion in there Steve, it’s what made this site to what it is today IMO : nice to frequently visit.

  2. chris: you’re right – most of the unboxing videos on the net let my hair stand up, it’s really freaky. But this one’s a real classic by Steve – the Box sliding open while the piano is playing in the back – once in a while, that’s pure entertainment . . . and fun. Loved the America in color link BTW.

    All the best from Switzerland!

  3. @edward: ya’ know my gf said something close to that about the colour of the visited links. you’re both correct. went with a white background and black type!

    cheers from l.a.!

    • OK, ill check it! looking forward to more good photo blog content, thanks for taking the constructive criticism as intended (good spirit!).

  4. Thanks, Steve! America in Colour…AMAZING!! Really does put digital in perspective. Photography has come a long way…NOT! πŸ™‚

    And yes, I do agree with Chris..unboxing videos are silly πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  5. Alright, I checked out Chris’ site. I am surprised someone who works in the arts would consider that eye destroying, migraine inducing design. There may be a plethora of content worth reading there, I couldn’t tell you as I was seeing spots and unwilling to copy/paste everything into a text document in order to read it. I am perhaps more photosensitive than many, but I doubt I’m alone and considering a different color scheme may ultimately benefit the site, and potential readers.

    Doesn’t use m9? That’s some seriously great wedding photography imo.

    Thanks for the links!

  6. I could have sworn that ive seen a lot of this stuff before, didint you post some of this before or am I loosing my mind.

    Either way the America in colour (yes colour, not color, get it right) images are extrordinary.

    • As an expat and child of a former RSC member, I’d add… Given the title America in Color, I’d say it’s correct πŸ™‚ Had the subject been any other I’d agree wholeheartedly!

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