The Leica North America Road Show Returns!

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Leica will host M-System and X1 Camera experiential seminars in 20 North American Cities

Allendale, NJ (September 1, 2010) – Leica Camera, Inc. is pleased to announce its second Leica North American Road Show, bringing 29 workshops to 20 North American cities starting on October 5, 2010 in Toronto, Canada and concluding on December 11, 2010 in Tampa/St. Pete, Florida. Product specialists from Leica will be traveling across the United States and Canada to increase participants’ knowledge and familiarity with the Leica M-System and X1 Camera through a series of experiential shooting workshops.

“For the second Road Show, we are excited to again feature Leica M-System workshops and also introduce new Leica X1 Camera Events,” says Christian Erhardt, Vice President of Marketing at Leica Camera, Inc. “Professional as well as amateur photographers who enjoy the best and finest will equally benefit from this hands-on experience. Each participant will have access to knowledgeable Leica photographers who will deepen their photographic abilities and enhance their shooting experience.”

First and foremost, the experiential seminars will provide photographers with the opportunity to shoot with the M-System or X1 camera in real life situations. Topics covered during the Leica M-System and X1 Camera Events will include camera and lens orientation; troubleshooting and maintenance; understanding the digital imaging process; configuring your computer; organizing and storing your images; Adobe Lightroom introduction; color management introduction and methods to produce better work in less time. Two-hour on-location field trials at each of the workshops will further enhance the experience.

M-System Event participants will have the opportunity to become intimately familiar with the acclaimed M9, the world’s smallest full-frame digital rangefinder camera and the M-System, including Leica’s newest lenses, the 18mm/f3.8, 50mm/f0.95 and the 24mm/f3.8.

During the Leica X1 shooting events, participants will experience the revolutionary Leica X1, the world’s only compact digital camera that delivers pro-caliber DSLR image quality by utilizing a large 12.2 megapixel sensor and the exemplary Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH lens.

The M-System Event will cost $149 per participant while the X1 Camera Event will cost $49 per participant. M-System Event Participants will receive a voucher equal to workshop fee and X1 Camera Event participants will receive a $99 voucher. These vouchers can be used towards the purchase of a brand new M-System product or X1 Camera from a North American Dealer.

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  1. Thanks Steve for this. I signed up today for the Denver M9 workshop. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed,

  2. I did the roadshow last time and it was worth the time for hanging out with other Leica people and have hands-on on the stack of Leica M9 cameras, all the lenses, Leica S2 and X1, as well as a walk-through of the Leica M9 camera.

    • I have signed up and have avoided the temptation of being pressured into purchasing by actually purchasing beforehand 🙂

      Looking forward to a little expert guidance.

      And a big thanks to Steve for a great site!

  3. I did the M session earlier this year – it pushed me over the fence to make the purchase, of course combined with the Huff reviews. It is unique in that you get to literally play with the M9 and all the current glass for a couple of hours and have any and all your questions answered by a Leica know-it-all. You will leave with an official Leica pad, and a big full catalog and of course a firm un-pressured opportunity to get hands on with the M9.

  4. I’m on the fence. It doesn’t apply to me as I would REALLY like to avoid buying an m9 and fear it will make me do so. Otoh there are some good speakers and it’s relatively cheap. Limited spots may push me to go. I wish they would state current attendance spots. It’s a bummer they didn’t include the x1 here. I’d be in for sure if they did. Sadly. I think the x1 is getting sold.

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