A FIlmstrip: Random images with a 1942 Leica 50 Summitar and a Sony NEX-5

Just snapped off some random images today with the SONY NEX-5 and the Leica 50 Summitar attached (using an adapter). Lovely combo! It doesn’t focus close, just like when its on an M8 or M9, BUT it can provide some nice looking files on the NEX. I will have a big write up soon on various M lenses on the NEX-5 but until then, here is a mish mosh of images taken with the combo this morning…

BELOW: and a 100% crop from the palm tree shot above – shot at f5.6


  1. Hi Steve, I was wondering…the summitar 50 can collpase on the NEX5 without hitting the sensor?



  2. Armanius, for the EVF not yet on the NEX, no word from Sony if they’ll build one.

    For me the lens of choice for the NEX will be my new Nokton F1.1/50mm, as I’m doing inside photo a lot. Will see how the combo works.

  3. I was wondering the same thing, did you give up on that project Steve?

    I’m considering buying the NEX-5 with the two lenses (16mm + 18-55mm + adapters for my existing lenses) pretty soon.

    Thx for the site, always a joy to read/watch as well as a source of inspiration.

      • Thanks for the link! The 35 Summarit seems to work especially well, the pics taken with the 24 Elmarit also have a nice look. The 50 Summarit looks good, but not as good as the 35 and the 24. Surprisingly I didn’t care for the look ofthe pics taken with the 75 APO.

        So far I have considered buying the Nokton 35/1.4 as my standard lens for the NEX-5, but these pics got me thinking if I really need the additional 1.5 stops. The problem for me is that it seems a lot harder to hold steady compared to my M8 and M6 which seem to give me a 2 stop advantage in this regard over the NEX-5…

        While the NEX-5 easily has a 2 stop advantage over the M8 in terms of noise, a 1250 file from the M8 on the other hand seems more robust im PP when you do some burning and dodging compared to a ISO 6400 file from the NEX-5, which seems to fall apart fairly quickly. So using higher ISO to compensate for the higher shutter speeds is accaptable in therms of noise, but not in terms of file quality.

        I already have the 35 cron ASPH and the SLR Magic, and while the SLR Magic is not an every day lens It seems to work better on the NEX-5 in many ways (for me at least). That’s why I was consideridng the Nokton…

        • I received my NEX3 a couple of days ago. Waiting on the M adapter to arrive now. I have a Nokton 35/1.4, so I’ll definitely try that combo. Also have this tiny Skopar 50/2.5, I want to try it with. Will keep the combo small. I agree that not being able to hold a camera against one’s face is a disadvantage to keep the camera steady. Not sure what Sony is waiting for as fas as EVF is concerned. Unless the accessory port can’t handle an EVF?

  4. Hi Steve,

    I just reread this post and was wondering if the big write up on various M lenses on the NEX-5 that you announced in the beginning of this post is still on the way? Or did you give up on that project 🙁

  5. Hi Steve,

    I was wondering if you still have the VC 35mm 1.4. It would be great to see some test shots with that on NEX (I read your review of the lens on M9). The size and price make the combo very portable and affordable. I know the lens is not sharp close to the corners, but I would like to know if it is tolerable.


  6. Do all Leica M lenses work on the Sony NEX via the adapter? For example, are lenses like the 21mm Super-Angulon and 50mm Summicron-DR supported or are there clearance issues like on the M8/9?

  7. DF-Oh I saw it… I added the vignetting myself… I should have not…lol… Yeah there is no vignetting otherwise. These subjects are boring so I tought adding vignetting would frame it…lol…I need to gain experience. I tought you meant fringing around the branches or something…

    • Hi, Flipper231. It’s no biggie, but it looks like the vignetted area has a purple color shift to it. This is common with rangefinder lenses wider than 35mm on NEX. If it bothers you at any point, or shows up in other pics you take, a program called Cornerfix will help with it. Take care. -DF

  8. Thanks DF, on which one did you see it I am not too good with those technical things so I have to learn to see it. Did you see it on the viewing page or the largest original… Thanks for the advice.

    VIDEO-It works well as long as your good to focus. I think I read somewhere that the E mount lenses were optimised for video then it may worth buying the huge mama for when focusing back and forth is necessary. I can’t wait to see Steve’s videos. One advantage that you have over the folks using the Video mode with the Sony lenses is that you cannot move the aperture as you film with sony lenses but you can with Leica or any other manual ones. So you can play with DOF but the exposure is a bit screwed. I will have to try in daylight because night indoors did not give me enough room to play before it turns dark…

  9. Hello Steve,

    Thank you for the great articles. One thing that I find intriguing about the NEX5 is the HD Video capability with Leica glass. I’d love to try shooting video through my old Summar. Have you tried video capture with Leica lenses mounted?

  10. Nice shots Steve and Flipper. Flipper, have you considered using Cornerfix? It’ll get rid of the purple around the edges in your tree shots.

  11. Yep I like that combo… This is the strength of the NEX I think. You can use it with anything out there, there are so many adaptors already. And the sensor being much bigger than with the micro 4/3, you can use, the 20-50 range and get something you can relate to out of it. For the MFTs you need shorter than 35 so kiss the OOF zone goodbye. Mine are here nothing too spectacular but still, I tried it at the end of the day on half shaded streets. I think it is a great traveling combo. We can see that there is almost no OOF zone with the Biogon wide open. I used a Polarizer (yeaH, filters are back in my life).

    Always a great site to visit

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