More about the Fuji X100 – From the lens design team.

Ahhhh, it’s always a great morning when I wake up and find out there is more news on the upcoming Fuji X100. Today Fuji posted THIS new info about the lens in the X100. Enjoy! I seriously can not wait for this camera to hit the street!


  1. There are so many glass elements and electrical elements with that design though.

    shutter and filter included.

  2. Hoping the IQ turns out to be as good as the hype. So far, from just looking at the form factor and specs, it looks very nice.

  3. Some glass whizzes on the L camera forum have reservations on the moulded aspherical elements- Leica had previously told them in Solms that each moulded aspherical had to be ground by hand since precise moulds are impossible. Their results- über awesome glass that is über expensive. Therefore, is Fuji’s just moulded without correctional grinding which would be less quality, or ground by hand like Leica’s which would mean either it’s 1) super expensive or 2) it’s not super expensive but there will be significant variation between lenses because they did it as cheaply on that element as possible?

    In the end, all there is to like so far is the looks, concept, and marketing claims. With people so goo-goo eyed over a non-working demo model at these shows, It will be interesting to see if Fiji can actually put together the whole package. The good news is, I think the response they are getting is so positive that they have every reason to get it right and see it as a potentially profitable investment. They also seem to be very responsive to comments, suggestions, questions, interest.

    • Fuji has loads of experience building lenses for super-high end cameras. I’m sure they will be able to outsmart the glass experts on the LUF. Remember, the Japanese have always found the third alternative to German manufacturing prowess…high quality AND low cost.

  4. All kidding aside, it looks like some serious thinking has gone into this lens to make it very compact. It appears that more than 50% of the lens is actually inside the body, which is one reason why the designers may have decided on a fixed-lens approach. Also, for what it’s worth, the aspherical element is one of the most aspherical (actually W-shaped) that I have ever seen.

    Anyway, this looks like a serious effort, not just serious marketing-speak. I hope the results are good.

  5. I would be looking forward to the release of the X100 a whole lot more if here in the UK we were not going to be fleeced on price yet again. Seems the proposed $1000 US price will be £1000 ish in good ole Rip Off Britain, you can almost buy a used M8 for that sort of money – easily almost any 35mm M body apart from the MP. Best bet is go on hols to US or bring one back yourself from holiday I guess if you really want one. 🙁

    • Ah, yes. $1000 = £648. I see what you mean that we get ripped off. I thought the exchange rate was less favourable and fully expected to reply that its not worth it, but it most definitely is!

      — Matt

    • I saw the advertisement brochure in Tokyo, Japan the realease date is 5th March and the price will be around 12800 yen

  6. Every time an article is released on the Fuji X100, it becomes more and more appealing.
    Can’t wait to see the final product.

    By George

  7. The Fuji X100 APS-C CMOS sensor looks quite big, I wonder is it the same size as the Sony NEX sensor?

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