More on the Fuji X100 – The Hybrid Viewfinder

More on the Fuji X100! The Hybrid Viewfinder Explained….

Fuji released more this week on the upcoming X100. This time we get to read all about the hybrid viewfinder. Man, they are sure hyping the crap out of this camera! To read all about it, click here.


  1. What I dont understand is why they dont include something like a “simulated rangefinder” in the OFV mode. There is a distance of almost 4 cm between the optical finder and the lens center, which provides enough parallax for distance measurement. It would be easy, softwarewise, to select a small portion of image, show it in the OFV finder and couple its position with the focusing ring in manual focusing mode. That would give a perfectly useable rangefinder with sufficient precision for a 35/2.0 lens.

  2. Too much hype for my taste. The camera is »yet another« aps-c compact with a different finder and a fake retro housing. Thats about it.

    Well, I´ll probably keep shooting film anyway. More fun. 😉

    • Foggerty, isn’t that a good thing? I mean, what is wrong with it being the first APS-C camera with a real optical viewfinder which shows you all of the pertinent info you need? Also, how can retro housing be fake?

    • I think in so many ways this will be to digital what the Hexar AF was to film.
      I just wish they would have done a interchangeable lens version as well.
      I spent many a years very happy with a Contax G1 with a 28mm and a 50mm.
      we’ll see in a few months I guess.

  3. It’s already been stated by Fuji that the camera will have digital simulations of various films types. I don’t expect this aspect of the camera to be any more special than any other emulation, the real juiciness will be the handling, the lens, and the sensor…
    Till tried we can only guess.
    Let’s hope they “hit the (cricket), ball for 6! “

  4. People talk about IQ but has there been a DX-format camera in the last two years that didn’t have great IQ, within the limits of the lens used? Yes, it might not be as good as the Nikon D7000 but if it is as good as the D90 or NEX-5 or M8 then who cares.

    It’s all about handling, which, if the viewfinder is good, really comes down to AF speed, AF accuracy, and shutter lag. Since this uses the main sensor for AF, instead of a separate system as in SLRs, shutter lag may be an issue, although recent cameras like the S90 or GF1 have been very good in this regard.

    • IQ wise its about the lens, my camera with a good lens beats a d3 with a mediocre one, and we should all be happy since fuji can make very very good lenses (ask hassleblad).

  5. The more I read, the more impressed that I get. They put a ton of those, from a photographer’s perspective, into the camera, including the 35 f/2 with close/macro focus, the hybrid high res finder, and the design. The key is whether AF is snappy. If it is, and IQ is up to par, they’ll have a winner. I just got my name on a list for one….but will probably have to wait a half a year…hahah…

  6. Clever, all of that, but we’ll have to see how responsive the camera is, and what file qualities it turns out. I suspect it will be sweet, as I think Fuji’s betting the bank on this being their comeback camera. Maybe they can have in camera jpeg filters for velvia, provia, superia, reala, and a few other film types…now that’d be friggin sweet too, if they could put that in to add to the flavor!

  7. Really clever stuff. I’m so pleased viewfinders are back and getting this kind of push…

    I’m still content with the 36mm viewfinder for X1 tho. Simplicity personified!!!

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