Merry Christmas to All! Some fun Friday links for 12/24/10

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s that time of year that makes me smile. I will be taking the next two days off from posting but wanted to post some fun Friday links for the weekend anyway 🙂 I wish everyone a GREAT Christmas. If any of you end up with some cool photo gear for Xmas, take a pic of it and send it over to me. Would be cool to make a post out of it. Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

BTW, next week I hope to publish my Pentax K5 review along with a cool comparison between the NEX-5 and Leica M8 with a Leica 50 Summarit and 90 Summarit. Many people ask me…should I buy an M8 or a NEX-5 and adapter? I can state now that there is a substantial quality difference between the two when using the same lens. Which one wins? Find out next week 🙂

Something silly I posted last year 🙂

T’was the night before Christmas, camera gear on your mind.

A Leica nut, you were hoping for a shiny M9.

The wife in her checkbook, and that look on your face,

Just hoping she won’t notice that lens you bought at B&H.

When from outside the door, there arose such a sound,

you sprang from your seat to see if FedEx was around!

You opened the door, with cheer and with glee,

Oh Joy! It’s your neighbor’s dog and she’s squatting to pee!

Oh M9, Oh M9, won’t you come here to me?

It’s all I will need, ever, oh dear can’t you see?

When what to your wondering eyes should appear?

Your wife with a smile as you gulp down your beer.

She hands you a box, oh what could it be?

The M9 or new Noctilux, well who knows? Lets See!

“It’s just what you hoped for,” she says by the tree.

The tingles then start, from your head to your feet.

You give it a shake, thoughts go through your brain…

“Hmmm, yes!! This could be it!” you boldly proclaim!

As you open the box, you are filled with delight!

Your wife, kids, and dog watch…oh what a sight!

You pull out the gift through the peanuts and fluff,

What the hell? The new Vivitar your wife saw on Steve Huff!

“Is that the M9 you wanted, oh dear husband of mine”?

“I saw it online, what a deal, what a find!”

You look at her with love and say, “Why yes dear, it is!”

A hug and a kiss and she’s soon filled with bliss!

You pull out her gift with a smile on your face,

You were no fool, your backup plan was in place!

Her face is confused when she sees what’s inside.

My oh my, its a brand new Leica M9!


Powerful Short Film Captures the Toll of Wartime Photojournalism

For those who have requested some info/review on the Olympus E-5, this guy did a write up with some samples 🙂

Speaking of Christmas, I hear is having a contest and giving away an X1! Wow.

Don’t forget about the contest here to win the cool Timbuk2 all weather camera bag. Submit your winter/holiday images!

A 5 year journey with Apple Aperture

Amy Medina made a VERY cool video with the Olympus E-P2 and the old (but fantastic) Leica 50 Summitar lens

Cool image – A window on the past…

Some street photography with the Sony NEX-5

An amazing collection.archive of old photos by Nick DeWolf..

KILLER Rainbow photo!

USED DEAL – A TITANIUM Leica M7 and 50 Lux ASPH for $7999 at photo village!

A genius idea! The C-Loop!

What is one of Oprah’s favorite things? It’s a camera but guess which one? Would not have been my pick!

Make your own $7 Beauty Dish


  1. What a hoot! I found Nick DeWolf’s Flickr collection maybe a year ago. If you look in the Boston/Cambridge groups you’ll find a bunch of pictures of drum bands and people dancing in Cambridge Common in about 1972.

    What’s funny is that I must have been standing right next to him. I have pictures of the same people in the same clothes, apparently on the same day, 40 years ago. More than likely I have a picture of him, somewhere. There were always a lot of photographers there.

    A few of mine are on Flickr, too. Name is Whiskytango. I think his are better, but I was just starting out.

    DeWolf’s collection is amazing. He must have documented every minute of his entire life. I don’t know if he printed all of it, or if his son (?) is scanning the negs.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Steve!

    Thanks again for all you do for us photographers and I am so much looking forward to visiting this site next year!

    All the best to! 🙂


  3. Merry Christmas Steve. It’s been a momentous year for you – you survived, moved on & flourished. Good luck, health & happiness to you & your family in 2011. Keep the (Leica) faith.

  4. Merry Christmas, Steve. Thank you very much for featuring my blog in your links section. I’ve been having fun with the NEX-5, thanks in part to you. Next year, I’m planning to play with some manual adapters for the camera. I even have a Leica lens that I have as part of a set of cameras I got from my Dad. I have the lens and M3 on display right now but I might actually try using it.

  5. Great set of links! Enjoyed Amy’s video and the NEX article the best. I’m also intrigued by the C loop.

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. Merry, Merry Christmas, Steve!! Found this site a little over a year ago, and it’s been a major factor in keeping me inspired to keep up with my photography when I’ve been swamped with so much this year.

    This site just keeps getting better and better.

    Hope you have a great Christmas – you deserve it!

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