Just two weeks left to enter the M9 Contest! NEW PHOTOS of the Grand Prize!

Only two weeks left to enter the GREAT LEICA M9 GIVE-AWAY! I have received over 150 entries so far and with two weeks to go I am anticipating at least 200-300 more, possibly much more than that. If you have been under a rock for the past two weeks and are not aware of this contest PLEASE READ ABOUT IT HERE!

To enter follow the rules listed and make sure you register at picortwo.com and follow a couple of photographers there. To make it easy, here are direct links to follow Seal (who donated this awesome prize) and Heidi Klum. Just enter your e-mail and click “follow”. After  that register HERE at this site and then send me your two photos! Again, the full rules are here at the official contest page.

Many of you have been asking me for photos of the grand prize and there have even been a few of you who thought this was a hoax! No hoax, the M9 is here and ready to be shipped to ONE LUCKY winner. The cool part it that if you follow my stevehuffphoto.com facebook page you will also be shipped my personal gorgeous Leica 50 Summitar lens so you have a lens to shoot with right awaty. Also, do not forget that the 2nd prize is a new in box Leica V-Lux 2 camera so TWO of you will win a Leica camera. The V-Lux 2 was kindly donated by Leica Camera. The M9 was generosity donated and signed by SEAL. This was his personal M9 until he bought one of the new Titanium M9’s. He even wrote all about it here.

So no more babbling…What you have been waiting for, images of the grand prize! (all shot with a Ricoh GR Digital III  – Review will be up by Monday 1/24/11)


OK here is how you can officially enter this contest.

Step 1:

You must go over to picortwo.com and register and follow at least one photographer at the site. For example, you can follow Seal, Heidi or Rankin and you will get an e-mail with their pics when they submit a pic or two from their daily lives. This step is mandatory! If you are already registered then move to Step 2.

Step 2:

You must also be registered at this site. When you register here this will allow you to not only enter all contests but will also allow you to post in the forums and take part in future activities here on the site. So after you register over at picortwo.com you must register here. To do so, click HERE. This step is also mandatory! If you are already registered here, move to Step 3.

Step 3:

Take your photos. To enter you must submit only 2 photos that form a story. We must be able to know what is going on by looking at the photos so because of this there will be no text explaining the photos, just your topic. For example your topic could be called “People in the Park”. Take 2 photos that form a narrative and number them in sequential order. Submit them to me at my e-mail stevehuff1@mac.comalong with your name, address, e-mail address, age, topic title and tell me about you and your photographic passion (but keep it short and brief..no essays). Photos must be shot between now and the deadline date of February 5th 2011.

Step 4:


I want as many photographers to know about this as possible. I want EVERYONE to be able to have a shot at this so help me spread the word by tweeting this, or by posting it to your facebook (you can use the handy buttons at the top of this page to do so), or mentioning it wherever you can – digg, forums, or wherever! Just linking back to this page will help tremendously and make this contest a success. If it is a success, more will come :) This is not a mandatory step of course, but will help me out a bit.

Step 5:

Get excited and Wait. I will be accepting submissions starting today, January 5th 2011. Submissions will end on February 5th 2011. The contest duration is 30 days. On February 15th I will post the top 10 winners on this site along with their photos. The top 10 will then go to Heidi Klum and Rankin for final selectionThe winner will be announced on March 1st 2011 and the Leica M9 (VALUE $6995) will be shipped out to the winner by March 15th 2011.

The 2nd place winner will win a Leica V-Lux 2 supplied by Leica Camera. Both cameras will be shipped by me via FedEx to the winners no later than March 15th 2011.

Keep in mind the Leica M9 is a used M9 as it was Seals personal camera. It is in fantastic condition. PLEASE READ THE FULL CONTEST DETAILS AND RULES HERE. Feel free to use the facebook and twitter share buttons at the top of this page to spread the word to YOUR facebook and twitter followers!

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  1. Hey Steve,
    “Step 1: You must go over to picortwo.com and register”
    “Thank you for registering! We have sent a confirmation message to your registered e-mail address. Please follow the instructions in the e-mail to activate your account”

    I have yet to received a confirmation message and activation instructions! .. bummer..

  2. Not spelling to well today. Leica. You and Seal even get a mention in the comments.Anyone on this site up for a new type Leica?

  3. Just in case my e-mail didn’t make it Steve. Over at fotosidan.se a story and pic of a possible new Lieca R type. Electronic viewfinder and it looks pretty good also.

  4. And I am relly looking forward – and wondering – about all the other submissions.
    One person will feel so happy …… Whoever it wil be!

    Thanks, Steve & Seal.
    This is a very attractive camera.

    Cheers, Bixi from New Zealand

    • Since Jan 5th it has been TWO photos only. The first 1-2 hours of the post it said up to 5 but that was a mistake on my part (we were deciding on between just 2 and 2-5 for the contest but decided to make it more challenging) and was fixed two hours or so after posting. Thanks and good luck.


  5. aadb – I am the same way! I can’t decide and debate each and every shot to ensure it accurately portrays the message of the narrative! This is harder than assignments I had in collage! Very challenging to pick the final two for me also; although, I sure love the creativity this has been brought out!!

  6. Maybe I make it harder in my head than others who already submitted, but I am sure it’ll take me till the deadline before finally mailing my set… probably still not satisfied 🙂 very much looking forward to seeing what everybody submitted. thnx seal and steve for stirring up the life.

  7. This is so amazing!! Thank you Steve, Seal, Leica and judges for this! Seal’s inscription is just perfect!!! Steve, I thought you were going to sign it too?

    I wish my fellow forum members all the best in thier submissions, can’t wait to see the chosen one!

    • Thanks! Yes, I just received the camera from Seal today so i did not get a chance to sign it just yet. I have to go get a paint pen to do so. Good luck to all!

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