Ok guys and gals…B&H Photo has ONE and ONLY ONE Leica M9 Titanium Special Edition IN STOCK NOW! (SOLD!) CLICK HERE to get it. LOTS of you have been looking for and waiting for this to pop up. Let’s see how long it will last! If only I were rich because this is one body that WILL be worth quite a bit more in the future. Once they are all gone, they are all gone and there are probably a handful that remain… if that! This is a limited edition set that comes with the new 35 Summilux ASPH 1.4 II in Titanium. if you have seen one in person you know that this camera is a thing of pure beauty. Besides, it’s only money, right? Ha ha…

Leica must have shipped them a bunch of stuff today as it looks like they also have stock of BLACK and GREY standard M9’s as well! The black Leica X1 is also showing as IN STOCK as is the 21 Summilux lens.


  1. Logic and reason aside, I keep coming back to this thread, over and over again. I feel like Veruca Salt from Charlie and Chocolate Factory, “I want it and I want it NOW”!

    • For anyone with a desire and the cheque to write – to own this extraordinary collectors item. I have one, which I would now part with along with a 0.095 55M Leica lens.

      Thus, simply write back to this site and leave an email address. I will reply accordingly

      Thank you.

  2. it is an amazing looking machine, lets face it. Have to say though, prefer my M7 and roll of trusty tri-x 🙂 One from the weekend, strolling central London. No tweaking, ilfotec HC 6 min 30 sec at 20 degrees and a straight scan:

  3. Oh my God – $26,500.00 for a camera and one lens!!! Every shutter click should make a masterpiece 🙂


    Photo editor

  4. Steve it is a bit much to virtually guarantee that this thing would go up in value. Like giving dodgy advice about the share market. Many limited edition leica sets have lost value in the past- and many of them were more limited than this edition.

    My prediction: in 3 years these cameras will be worth less than what they sell for today.

    personally I think it is overpriced and ugly as sin. Very happy with the original M9 and my photos are exactly the same.

  5. BH doesn’t do preorders or wait lists. They release a product and usually send out the notices a few hours later. This one sold so quick, and they only had one, so the emails probably never went out.

  6. Funny, they had the feature to get alerted when in stock for some weeks, so if they sold it without alerting those who had signed up for that alert, it would be weird. More likely it was someone on waiting list who got it.

  7. Of course, in the short term, this camera will go up in value, but 10 years from now, when 50 megapixel cameras are the norm, M9 technology will be antiquated, just like every other piece of digital technology. Sure the titanium craftsmanship and Leica glass will always be works of art but, in the not too distant future, cameras like the Canon Wonder Camera will be littering the earth.

    • I don’t think it will take 10 years for this camera to depreciate (and I say this as someone who has one scheduled to be delivered in March). I think this camera, being digital, will begin to lose value as soon as the M10 is announced, or perhaps not even until then. But the titanium fanatics will attest that all limited titanium editions of the Leica M series have done quite well (but being mindful that they were all film cameras previously). If you are a titanium fanatic (and there is no rhyme or reason to support this fanatism), you’d get this set if nothing else for the Summilux 35mm ASPH (with floating element) to add to your collection of the prime titanium lenses (of which there is currently the Summilux 50mm (550 made), Summicon 90mm ASPH (550 made), Summicron 28mm ASPH (50 made, as a part of the large M7 set). There is also the Summicron 50mm in titanium but not sure how high on the list that one is for the collectors.

      Obviously, as with much of collections out there, financial consideration is just a convenience, a second distance to, well, fanatism. It is one beautiful camera.

  8. Sure, this will go up, just like the leica ‘o’ reproduction, numerous limited edition m6, m7, and a few m8’s, as well as the NASDAQ, stocks in Enron, etc– get it because it’s COOL, but don’t bet on it going up.
    I satisfy my craving for titanium by my contax iiivs

  9. Honestly…I do not see the point in spending $26,500 for a titanium Leica M9…it is not even half as beautiful as the black Leica M9, M8.2 or the Leica MP – which is my favourite…

    Maybe, to some, I am “swearing in the church” as we would say in Norway, but I honestly can not think of any reason to justify spending such a large amount of money for a camera…especially not when I know that many people in the US are thrown out of their houses, loosing their jobs etc. etc…let alone the rest of the world…thats probably why I never bought a Leica – the Voigtländer Bessa R3A is so much cheaper…and it does the job properly;-)



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