I welcome one more Site sponsor!

Let us all welcome Ken Hansen as a site sponsor!

OK, all of my site sponsorships have been filled up! Today I proudly welcome Ken Hansen, Leica dealer extraordinaire to the list of those who support this site. There are many choices out there in Leica land but my dealers of choice has always been Ken Hansen, B&H Photo and Dale Photo. Three top choices for Leica cameras and lenses. I have dealt with and bought from all three of them and received nothing but the best in return in regards to speed and service. Ken has been around since 1958 selling Leica and has also owned and operated a nice photo shop in NYC for many years. He has since retired from Retail but now sells Leica from his home office and usually has stock on hand of everything Leica (well, besides the elusive 50 Lux ASPH though dealers do get one or two a month it seems). He even usually has the film classics like the M6’s or M7’s in stock as well as the little film cameras like the CM and Minilux.

Ken has been with me and my site since the first days, loaning me lenses or cameras to review. He has been a great supporter of this site and I have been happy to send him business, as he has always provided stellar service to me and others that have raved about him to me via e-mail.

So when you need camera gear be sure to shop at the sponsors of this site as without their help this site would not exist! You can e-mail Ken Hansen anytime at khpny19@aol.com and ask about what he has available in Leica (I have bought an MP, M8.2, X1 and varous lenses from Ken). You can visit Dale Photo HERE and browse their online shop. They sell Leica as well as Artisan & Artist cases and bags for your Leica (I have bought 2-3 Leica lenses from David at Dale, super fast delivery and top notch service). Let’s not forget LenRentals.com where you can RENT Leica lenses! No need to spend thousands up front. Try them out 1st! I think lensrentals may be the only place to rent Leica glass and even the M9.

For all of you Sony NEX shooters, J-Tec provides cool accessories for your NEX-5 so check them out if you haven’t already. Of course there is also B&H Photo who I have been raving about since the start as well. I have spent probably over $200,000 with them in 10 years and never had one issue. B&H is great for Leica as well as ANY other brand of camera or accessory. They sell just about everything and when you buy from them using my link I get a small percentage that helps this site go on! They also usually have a nice supply of used Leica.

So thanks to all of my sponsors and for those who were asking about sponsoring the site, I am now all filled up! I only planned to offer four spots and only to those whom I know and trust and easily recommend. I had some shady sites trying to pay me pretty good $$ to advertise here but I turned them down. Nope, what you see here are the best of the best IMO for Leica and everything else photographic!


  1. I bought my M8 and 35mm summarit from Ken, I got a smoking deal. He is an awesome guy, his service is impeccable and he is such pleasure to deal with. He put up with my craziness when I was registering my M8 and went out of his way to make my transaction the best experience ever. Go Ken!

  2. As an aside….

    “…Coming next week – A brand new contest with a pretty high in demand prize donated by ~6…”

    So Steve, when is the new contest going up? 😀

  3. Congratulation on Ken’s Sponsorship.
    Haven’t had the pleasure of a purchase from him yet, but his email responses to two inquiries was personal, detailed, and very much appreciated in an Age when Text Messages, Twitter Feeds, and Instant Messaging, has taught People to Use Two Word Sentences. Questions, too for that matter. (just a friendly tweak Ken!) Your point is reasonable, but if he is such a small operation dedicated to personal relationships with customers as is his reputation, I suspect if he had a website it would be the most generic of pages or an eBay Account indistinguishable from 100’s of Thousands of other operations on the ‘bay. If NOT having a ‘site allows him all the more time to give personal service, it’s a tradeoff I consider worthy. The most Reprobrate of Ill Reputed Camera Hucksters have lovely websites to gain the trust of Marks – oh, I mean customers. I remember a time when Expensive equipment was bought and sold in classified ads in the back of Shutterbug using letters, phone calls, and not a computer was in sight.
    Richard in Michigan

  4. There is not a finer Leica dealer and person you can deal with. Ken has to be one of the all time best when it comes to Sales and Service. My Dad bought from Ken, and now I buy from Ken, he is simply the best.

  5. Ken is such a pleasure to work with. I’ve had nothing but the best customer service from him.
    I can always count on him to be more than fair when trading or selling my gear.
    HE’S THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  6. I have had nothing but great experiences with Ken, having purchased my biggest ticket item (0.95) from him. He shipped it to me via expedited shipping before my check had even cleared, actually the day he recieved the check. Amazing trust. Amazing guy. And now, official sponsor. Ken deserves your business, people, and he’s a stand up guy!

    • 5 Stars for Ken. I work in NYC and have visited his office many times to buy or just trade in gear for credit. He is definitely “old school” when it comes to customer service, and that’s nowhere to be found today, even at B&H. Hands down the best camera dealer I’ve ever dealt with PERIOD.

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