Daily Inspiration #218 by Scott Sarber

Hi Steve,

I’m a daily reader of your site. I love the articles, daily inspirations & reviews!

Last November, after reading an article on your site, I ditched my Canon DSLR & Lenses for a Sony NEX-3. An M9 would have been ideal, but I have more of a Sony budget rather than a Leica budget 🙂 I take more photos now than ever before. The size of the Sony is really convenient, and I find myself taking the NEX along with me much more often than I ever had before.

I have the 18-55 & 16mm kit lenses, but I prefer the half-dozen manual focus lenses I’ve collected over the years. I have several Canon FD lenses, a yashica 50mm, and last but not least, my favorite, an Industar 69 (photo attached). I had to modify the Industar 69 a little to get it to focus properly. I used this site as a reference: http://blog.monouri.net/archives/51602456.html. The only thing I did differently was to remove one of the focus stops completely. This allows the lens to focus much closer, about 14″ or so.

I just returned home from a vacation in Europe (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin & Nuremberg). Although I took hundreds of photos over there, here’s a link to just a few shots that I really like:


Anyway, just thought I’d thank you for what you do. Your approach to photography & this website has inspired me to spend more time shooting, and to have more fun while doing it!

-Scott Sarber


  1. Surprised there hasn’t been more comment on the pictures themselves. Scott I really like these images, particularly number 2 as I’m a sucker for a really good B&W picture. If you enjoy what you are doing and produce images that you and others like then thats all that matters.

  2. Scott, I’m so sorry for you that you gave away your DSLR gear. After some time with a viewfinderless thing, you’ll notice that it’s a toy, and you’ll miss the optical viewfinder of a real camera.

    • Woa, that’s a strong statement, items without a optical viewfinder are not camera.
      To me you there are several things to get out of photography, some pleasure while taking pictures, some enjoyment for other when looking at the picture, some memories.
      it’s seems to me that Scott is getting that 3 things, so no reason to cheer down.
      And personnaly I am not sure that an opticalview finder is necessary to get any of theses three things.

    • I didn’t give anything away! I sold it 😉

      While I do miss having a viewfinder, I’m more than making up for it with the portability & price of this system. If I made a living doing this, I’d probably have different gear…

    • Looking at his pictures I doubt he’ll miss anything. And the passion for photography trumps equipment any day.

      • May I add, there are bulky DSLRs, there are ultra-compact mirrorless cameras, and in between is the Pentax line of compact DSLRs with most of the advantages of both worlds, plus a number of cute little prime lenses that fit in your trouser pocket.

    • Strong words…but there is some truth to the message. I think it depends on style of shooting. I often compose better when I take a picture with a viewfinder. I think it is due to the fact that your brain is forced to focus on how you frame the scene, without other visual distractions.

      I am on my first trip with X100, and I must say it is so easy to blend in with the crowd on street. Also, I don’t need to debate if I should take my big slr bag with me or not as I head out…I just take my jacket and the camera is in it !!

  3. I have recently been lucky enough to pick up my own X100 as an alternative to carrying my DSLR everywhere. I am in agreement with Scott and Alexander in that I love having something to shoot with that is much more manageable and still retaining fantastic image quality. Scott, you have some terrific shots with your NEX and I am glad you are enjoying shooting more. Today is the first day I have left my X100 home, and that was due to forgetfulness, not choice lol. I feel for me this camera is about feeling my way back to why I love photography. It feels intimate and personal again in a way my DSLR hasn’t been able to replicate. I am ordering one of the soft releases this week. I had one on my R4A and loved it. Thanks Steve and keep up the great work on the site. I found my way here while looking for Fuji info :).

  4. I must say I recognise myself in this story..
    About a year ago i bought myself al Olympus EP1 next to my canon DSLR and since then i enjoyed photography alot more!
    Im now Selling al my DSLR gear to buy myself a Sony Nex kit and give the Olympus to my girlfriend..
    I have an Industar 61 i hope it will perform just as nice!

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