Daily Inspiration #255 by Manson Parks

Hi Steve,

Here are a few shots from my summer in Europe with the X100. I was skeptical about taking just the X100 on my trip but it was a joy to use and so much easier to take with me than my SLR. I converted the black and whites with silver efex and the color pics are OOC JPEGs. I switched to JPEGs part way through the trip (didn’t want to buy more memory) and was more than happy with them. I was very impressed with the high ISO performance of the X100, loved the fixed lens, and was amazed by how useful the flash was. My only complaint is battery life and MF, but both these things are very easy to work around and the images I got with this camera exceeded my expectations. Coming from a SLR I loved slowing down and seeing shots rather than walking around with my motor drive blazing. I found that I got more out of my trip this way as I only took photos of things that caught my eye rather than trying to get pictures of absolutely everything like I used to do.

1. Woman begging in Florence

2. Pastries in Venice

3. Fountain in Vienna

4. Train somewhere in Czech Republic

5. Skulls at Sedlec Ossuary

Hope you enjoy some of these photos and thanks for a great site with info that is actually useful.


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    • Thanks. Read another post about not taking pics of people begging but the light framing her and the person rushing by with their suitcase was too good an opportunity to pass up

  1. Wow! I’m really quite moved by these photos – very well done. As a suggestion, I’d remove the the pastry shot (despite the truly beautiful bokeh, which is probably why you included it), and place image 3 from the train at the beginning – it would tell quite a powerful story in those 4 images. A rather chilling narrative perhaps, but provocative.

    • Thanks all. You are right about the pastry shot, it doesn’t fit but I wanted to show the beautiful bokeh. I wanted to include a couple colour files just to show how the X100 renders, I believe the setting was Velvia.

  2. Excellent photos and great Daily Inspiration. It’s so good to see someone getting these kind of results from the new breed of high end compact cameras and doing what they’re designed to do, take them out and shoot everywhere you go. IMHO These are among some of the best results I’ve seen from the Fuji. Really diverse and interesting results 🙂

  3. Nice shots. If you’re an enthusiast, you have to be really excited by the new crop of small cameras with really good image quality.

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