Having some fun in Pula, Croatia! Behind the scenes!

Having some Fun in Pula, Croatia! Behind the Scenes!

Wow, what a month! So many cool places and it just keeps getting better. Took some more behind the scenes stuff which is always fun.

Last night we stopped over in Pula, Croatia and I managed to squeeze in some time to walk the streets, have dinner and of course, photograph everything! With no internet on the bus, what else is there to do? Lol. I’ll just get straight to the images but if you want to learn more about Pula, you can click here.

Right outside of my hotel! I took advantage and caught some sun for an hour or so. Gorgeous.


Seal and the band played here, at an old colosseum which is now the Arena…and it was amazingly cool

This lady was a lot of fun. When I approached her and her dog with my camera she smiled and laughed. She was wondering why I wanted her picture. In reality, I thought she looked cool sitting there with her white outfit, her white dog and black hat.

When shooting in the streets my usual approach is to shoot first, ask later. This boy was wondering why my camera was aimed at him and I love the look he gave me when I fired the shutter.

There seemed to be quite a bit of this going on through the side streets. People hanging out of their windows conversing with the people down below. It was a cool vibe.

I waited for this girl to look my way and as soon as she did I snapped the shot. I then nodded my head and smiled, and she smiled back. I find that most of the time people do not mind getting their pictures taken.

Back at the arena Seal was doing Soundcheck and sounding great..check out his shirt 🙂

Steve Nimmer, the stage manager was sleeping in the sun as the night before he was putting together the stage during a HUGE thunderstorm.

But he soon woke to get some finishing touches done before showtime…

Back in the room Mark and Gus were rehearsing a new song…

and SHOWTIME! I only used  the 24 & 50 Summilux for this show

Steve (also an M9 shooter) is the guitar tech for Seal and Mark and keeps busy during the show as you can see here…

The crowd getting into it…


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  1. And for the first shot, may I recommend a double white balance. On for the foreground and one on a selection for the background with the clouds.

    Greetings, Ed

    • That is a snapshot, didn’t really care about the WB so posted the OOC JPEG. Thanks though 🙂 The arena shot, I am aware of how it is shown..was intentional. I have the color version on my macbook that is pretty cool but posted that one intentionally. Thanks


      • Ah, I just thought the sky looked a bit eh………..dirty. The normal white balance is okay (the white stones in the foreground) but the stones are whiter then the clouds in the back. Then a double white balance is in order. And have fun at North Sea Jazz tomorrow. And lets see what the Rotterdam skyline does with bloke from Arizona :-). BTW, snapshots do not exist or everything is a snapshot :-).

        Greetings, Ed

  2. Steve grab the arenashot and correct the histo, it’s way to much to the left. If you correct it the picture explodes from the screen. And don’t forget to visit the photography museum in Rotterdam.

    Greeting, Ed

  3. I was in Pula few days ago i saw poster with Seal – and I thought of you… old town is beautiful

  4. Hey Steve really great shots here! I think you’ve improved as the concerts have gone along. You’re capturing some really nice vibe and you keep the pictures nicely varied because for a lot of people the temptation would just be to repeat the same shots. But when i’ve seen your concert shots it just looks like you keep coming up with new angles and ideas tailored to the venue where you’re shooting. I think you could just easily put together a portfolio from the Seal tour and get into concert/music photography.

  5. I did not like the first 4 pictures, but then I was amazed with the rest of them
    great work Steve, alien skin or silverfx where used for those grayish blacks ? really great.


    ps: first of”SHOWTIME” my favourite

  6. my favs are the behind the scenes shots, the sound check the tweaking of the guitars, the practicing of the new songs. Whereas I appreciate there is tremendous skill in shooting a concert, I prefer the photographs of the scenes that the public don’t see. Crowd shots are cool for me too, how often we go to a concert and watch the band only, sometimes there is more interesting photographs over your shoulder than in front of you. Steve, you have captured a lot of these things I am talking about here and for that I thank you. I told someone I was going out shooting some black and white film the other day and they asked me why I shoot black and white as one cannot for exampe show the beauty of a rainbow with black and white. I said I disagreed, the next time you are out with your family and your child sees a stunning rainbow, perhaps for the first time, don’t photograph the rainbow, photograph the child’s expression of wonder, the beauty of the rainbow is there, not up in the sky.

  7. Interesting low contrast style you employed here. I guess you ran these through SFX2?
    Oh yeah, and Seal’s T-shirt is überfancy 🙂

  8. Steve, these are great caps, as usual. My fav is the lying down stage manager and Seal with his Leica “aperture” shirt and the colleseum in the background, which is very unique…

    What a whirlwind trip it’s been for you, and an amazing adventure travelling with the band. As usual, thanks for the window into this super cool world….


  9. Dear Steve, my roots have remained at the edge of the Adriatc and my blood “breathes” your beautiful pictures. Thank you very much for your great work. Sylvie

  10. That second to last shot is amazing. If you were to do a photobook about this tour, that would be my pick for the cover of all the photos you’ve posted so far. Just classic and powerful; it really captures Seal’s thrall over his audience and his charisma as a performer.

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