Daily Inspiration #243 by Patric Buhler

Hi Steve!

I realy enjoy looking trouth your Reviews and they realy helpt me in some descions for lenses!

Last week i was on holiday in France and Spain. Some day i went to the Guggenheim Museum. That Building realy inspired me to take some Photos with the 35 Summilux ASPH II on the M7 loaded with Provia 400x.
I realy love these Combo! In the Moment im experimenting with underexposure and push process to create a special mood…

mare can be seen on :

Im realy sorry for my horribel english and hope you can understand what im writting! i grew up talking english, german and portuges… but i can speek all three languages but writting is something else:)

all the best
Patric Alfred Haroldo Bühler


  1. Absolutely beautiful abstract images. I’m inspired that you used film to get these shots. I think I’ll get busy with my M6 soon!

  2. Hi Patric,

    really nice work, as everyone else said very nice tonality, composition on the second is great.

  3. amor de fotos, todas muy nitidas y bien expuestas, el ruiod de dia es bonito y no afecta a los oidos, acertado detalle incluir sombrillas chiringuito mientras tomabas una cervezita, de todas formas procura no perder tu trabajo que es tu substento.

  4. Love your work, great tone.
    Just wondering here for shooting film, usually will process the film on your own and do some PP after scan the photo into your computer?

    • There is no sane man who will process E-6 (slide film or Ectachrome) on his own at home. The bleach especially and other components of the process are toxic and are said to be carcinogenic. So slide film processing and color negative film processing is to be done using machinery at the lab.
      As for slide film – you can’t print it using enlarger and photographic paper, because it is positive, not negative(!), and reversing color photo paper is hard process similar to E-6 process. So you have to scan it.

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