1. Or get this!


    $20 clams. Delivered from chiner. Can you say the words: value proposition.

    I brought one and am very impressed by the quality and looks. Not real leather of course, but really does look good.

    Tip: remove the lower panel in the part that the camera goes into. It’s just a glued on extra- gently pry it off. Then the camera sits lower and better. The snap ons that secure the camera don’t get stretched out too.

  2. Are you still shooting with the X100?

    I have to admit I just sold mine because the Nex-5N with EVF is a bit more flexible for my needs and is producing incredible results.

    I loved my time with the X100 and don’t regret the purchase one bit. It was just time to move on until the X200 is released that fixes the few, but critical deficiencies of the X100. That is unless the Nex-7 convinces me that I should stick with the e-mount for the long haul;)

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