Some Sony NEX-7 HD Video Samples at the AZ State Fair

Sony NEX-7 HD Video Samples at the AZ State Fair


So last night I went to the AZ State fair with NEX-7 in hand. I walked around and took some shots at night to test the AF speed and low light performance and the images will be shown in my review SOON. I also shot some video at the fair in 24P mode and edited some of it together in iMovie.

The video below ranges from ISO 100 to 1600 and the camera did very well. The Zeiss 24 Sonnar has a very “smooth” character and is a bit different from the video I shot at last years fair with the A33. The only thing I had to correct was the exposure. It seemed the NEX-7 wanted to underexpose everything so in some cases the Exposure Compensation was set to +1.7 but for most of it the EC was set to +0.3.

You can see the footage below which is all handheld with the Zeiss 24, mostly wide open at 1.8. I had the camera set to “Vivid”. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks eerily similar to footage I shoot with my DSC-WX9 ($129.00 16.2 Exmor-R AVCHD 2). Sony does great video on their new models, I’ve tested it against every other brand’s Point And Shoot and there is no comparison. Sony is a big leg up on the other mfg’s when it comes to line skipping. FCP-X sucks.

  2. Thanks for posting this as well as you other reviews on the NEX 7, I have been reading everything I can on this camera in anticipation of purchasing it and your information, examples and videos have provided me with substantial insight into what I may be getting in the near future. Keep up the great work.

  3. I realise i might be asking the silliest question there is.How much better is this video quality compared to a sony nex 3. i know the sony is 720 p but my question is will i notice that much of a difference? thank you in advance

  4. OK 1:35 time for the full review… ;-)… And don’t worry I will not ask you for more comparison than what you did… I don’t care too much about one or another comparison except for the fact that you can see if the light treatment is cold, over under-exposed… good to see that we can compensate, I never think of it…so ok…time to post it… Cheers!

  5. I watched that full screen at 1080. Thought it was an entertaining movie, and nicely strung together!

    I haven’t dont anything with video before, so hard to compare, but I’d be pretty happy with that quality. Would be cool to see that compared to what you’d get from a dedicated vid cam, or one of the high end SLR’s.

  6. My thoughts are for those whose homes are submerged and out of work due to this disaster. I do not however have much sympathy for Sony, they’ve had what seems like months of warning this would happen and once again in typical Japanese corporate fashion, seem to have been caught completely flat footed.

  7. Thank you Steve for the samples. Well – it is a still camera with video capability – and it looks like that (caveat – I am not much of video guy). As most of it was high ISO it had those weird evening colors from mixed light. I would like to see more how the AF works – these were pretty static videos.

    The image quality – well – quite some banding (is there additional compression used before posting these?).

    As for the missing OIS – well I think that that is the difference between sill photography and the video. The image stabilization can not really recognize what is just a shake and what is an attempt to actually move the camera (becomes in particular annoying with long lenses – my experience with a Panasonic ZS5 trying to frame subject on max zoom with OIS turned on). I may be wrong but isn’t still most of professional video made without stabilization (I mean in the lens or such) and using manual focus? Probably for a reason.

    It would be interesting to see some more “movement” and AF action and maybe some comparison the dedicated video camera from Sony or Panasonic – just to see what is the state of the art.

    I am just wondering – for those guys who use the Canon 5D MkII on those crazy big frameworks with external digital viewfinders, manual focus lenses and such for video – would the NEX7 be a better option there, or not?

    • those big frameworks help stabilize the camera, and going to the smaller camera with poor ergonomics is the last thing you would want to do. The FF video chip on the 5dII (and the new flagship Canon) are always going to blow away the smaller format chips.

      When I used my (now sold) 5dII with video and 24-105L with IS, the IS really worked well for video.

    • Arri Alexa, RED and the Sony F35 and the new F65 all use Super 35 sensors, the same size as APS-C. The Sony F100 and F3 video cameras also use Super 35.

  8. Steve the vivid setting may have contributed or even caused the underexposure. I’ve noticed cameras often underexpose on vivid settings to not water down / blow out deeper hues. Anyway- looks great!


    Is it going to change the world, I mean the world of photography.

    Steve, what’s your thought on this camera? I am really excited to see what will happen with this camera 2 or 3 generation down the line, as they sell more cameras and get more feed backs and more improvements.

    I want to know if we can have the whole picture in focus at one time if needed, like in landscape.
    And can we print these pictures, if so what size.

  10. there is no color band , its just wrong shutter speed with fluorescent lights.
    I have the same issues with nex 5n and A65.

    If you put 1/60 in PAL countries (like Here in Greece) you get this result.

    You have to put the right speed, 1/50 in Pal land , 1/60 in other world.

    • Sorry, i forgot o say , in about 0:25 there is some color banding … i suppose from wrong speed.

      On video, you always have to lock the speed 1/60 (*US) if you shoot 30p , or 1/50 if you shoot 24p (the right one is 1/48 nut there is no such thing).

      Here in Pal land, we have to lock the speed 1/50 for 25p , or 1/100 for 50p.

  11. Hi Steve,

    I’d like see this review until Saturday because on Sunday I will be travelling and I can’t read about this camera until I back. It’s possible finished this reviews until Saturday ? I appreciate it.

    Thanks for keep us updated.


  12. Does the video from this Camera come out as MTS files?
    Are the files easily editable in a mac? That is a huge concern for me, and why I held off from the Ep-3.

    • The Sony AVCHD files need to be trans-coded for use on a Mac. There is the freeware Media Converter which will re-wrap the AVCHD files for QuickTime. There are also several pay programs, I use the Foxreal Video Converter to convert to ProRes 422.

      Both work well, but conversion is slow.

    • I thought nobody does IBIS for video anymore. Both Olympus and Sony SLT’s are using inferior software stabilization for video (heat issues?). Sony can and should add this to the NEX line as an option for video also.

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