Daily Inspiration #282 by Zev Hoover

This is cool guys, check it out!

I got into photography when I was eight years old, and haven’t stopped since. Now, I am twelve, intrigued by the photo-manipulation side of photography, so I started a project called ‘little folk’. The pictures are supposed to be a kind of tour of the make-believe world ‘fiddle oak’, in which small (about two inches tall) people live. what started as a personal project, which I had thought I would never show anyone, turned out to be what I do. Every waking (or, for that matter sleeping!) moment is spent thinking of a concept for the next photo. You can see the entire little folk project, as well as my other recent work on my Flickr site, here. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/fiddleoak/)

The amazing inspiration I see on your site every day inspired me to get a 60+ year old manual focus 50mm f1.4, for the optic quality and simplicity.

Thank you!

Zev Hoover




  1. Fantastic imagination that only exists in a boundless mind! Lovely works… A photographic prodigy in the making!

  2. Too often ideas like these get executed with that high-passy high-keyey advertising agency look. But these have personality and artistry to them. Very impressive.

  3. Zev, this is really cool. I enjoyed your images very much. They reminded me of Michelle Lord’s “City of the Immortals” work which was exhibited around the world. You may want to look her up. Keep at it and I look forward to seeing your exhibition one day when it is shown in Australia!

  4. Wow, so wonderful to step into the mind of a imaginative child and suddenly see this. Really cool and you have a real talent, keep it up!

  5. Reminds me when I was a kid… but in those days, we had to settle for paper and pencil… you’re 12, and you will fine tune your craft. I can already see it in your progression. A couple of things you should keep in mind, if you don’t mind a quick crit: 1. lighting direction of your subject and background should be the same, 2. grain of your subject and background, 3. atmospheric perspective (or rather depth of field) relationship between your subject(s) and your background. Last, an oil painting technique that works in Photoshop that I would like to suggest. When you paste your subject image onto the background, there will always be this hard line at the edge of the subject. Use your Clone Stamp Tool (S), set it at a low Opacity percentage, and stamp the background onto the subject edge, so that some of the immediate background color will be on the subject. Overall, great work Zev!

  6. Not to mention a thumbs up for Steve H , who keeps this really great site really great. Keep up the good work,kid!!!!!

  7. This is so awesome. It’s funny, because the movie “Tom Thumb” was just on. This sort of reminds me of that. Great job! You have a wonderful artistic eye.

  8. I am so impressed and inspired by your photos, they are absolutely wonderful. The minute I opened the page I was awe-struck by the first one, and sucked into this amazing world you’ve created with the rest. With work like this, you have a marvelous future ahead of you Zev! Beautiful!

  9. WOW, just WOW! Thanks for the mini journey into my own imagination!! Love your work and keep it up, this is just the tip of the iceberg for you!!

  10. Very, very good. Looked at your photos at Flickr – the sea gull and many of the other photos are outstanding.

    I’m stunned by your creativity – your photos shows that every talk about which camera was used or which camera is better than the other is so totally irrelevant – it is the photographer and the photographer alone that creates a great image.

  11. Great images, very creative and very well thought out. Even more fantastic is that you are 12 and using your mind for creative things instead of being stuck behind a Xbox360. Although I am now 27 and a profession web design/developer, I found the most creative years of my life between age 12 and 17. When you become an adult you start to surrender to the trends and expectations of society (or customers). Keep up the great work, I look forward to see more stuff from you!

  12. The operative word here could be “fiddle”. Very musical 12 year old, and interesting, to say the least, images.

  13. You are a little big master, wow! Your flickr is very interesting too, if not more! Really good, makes me sad about my skills, ha ha… You have a new fan now!

    Congratulations from Spain!!!

  14. Gorgeous pictures, no matter how old you are! For 12 it is even more unbelievable. I was 11 when I started in Photoshop 😀 Now I’m 18 and would not be able to live without photography. I’m getting into street these days.

  15. Zev, these are fantastic images. You have a fantastically creative vision and should be proud of what you are creating with a combination of photo editing and vintage glass.Great stuff!!! Keep up the great work! I remember when I was 12, and it’s great to see your creative potential so clearly demonstrated here.

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