Chrome M9-P in stock now, or you can go for the hot pink…

Just saw that has the Chrome Leica M9-P IN STOCK. The chrome version is the one that is high in demand so it will probably sell quick. Of course you can buy this chrome M9-P and give it a hot pink paint job like crazy Kai over at digital rev. Lol. Maybe I should paint my M9-P green and red for Christmas. Hmmmmmmm.

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  1. Steve, thanks for super quick response…
    I looked at it closely now to marking/or what looks like tiny bubbles – under a bright light – it looks like diamond shape – is this normal – do you have this too? pls look closer at the underside of the sapphire glass at the middle of horizontal bottom part…

  2. Hello Steve and all, I have URGENT Question:
    I have just received my replacement for my M9-P. I returned my first one because I noticed in the underside of the LCD screen, some very tiny bubles about 2 mm long. The location is at the bottom part horizontal underside the sapphire glass screen that attached to the bezel/frame.
    Can someone confirm if this is normal? Because the replacement M9-P that I received yesterday also has the same thing.
    First, I thought it was a defect but now I am thinking it is just part of the design?
    It is hard to see because it is very tiny mark/bubbles on the underside of the glass.
    Please I have some piece of mind….

    • I just looked at my M9-P and I have no bubbles whatsoever. BUT maybe they will go away since this was on both of your M9’s? I never looked closely at mine when I got it.

  3. I just love how people are getting their panties in a bunch, come on, it’s a product.. not a living thing. You think this is bad, think of what people are doing with expensive supercars.
    Like mentioned before, a little M9-P upgrade and it’ll be all over. I think this was actually pretty clever from the Digital Rev guys, look at all the emotions!

    • ok, what I would’ve loved to see some time as well though, is a professional doing this.. I don’t know how easy it is to remove the viewfinder glass and those extra bits that you’d have to mask.. but as someone who has to do this kind of stuff occasionally for prototypes, it would be nice to see the steps taken to get this thing a proper new colored paintjob 🙂

  4. would have enjoyed it much more if the paintjob was more permanent, and prof done. kai’s hands were jittery and the paint coating was visibly uneven. but it was enjoyable to see them turn the m9 into a joke.

  5. Oh my goodness Kai have ruined leica. ;))))
    I’m await for chase travis video, it must be cool, so cool as other digitalrevtv videos.

  6. You could see Kai wincing during the whole ordeal. It was a complete publicity stunt, but it was great to see Kai for once genuinely stiff with nervousness and disdain.

  7. Part 2 of the pink Leica experiment will be when Kai’s super mega rich producer will ask him to drive a German Panzer over the Leica to check it’s ultimate built quality. It’s all in the name of entertaining people with an extremely low IQ and making Kai and his mates more popular – one way traffic ?

    • I would guess that as far as their hit/cost ratio goes, this was a pretty cheap ad. I think is brilliant. Now they can just send it off to Leica for M9-P upgrade (new plates + screen for good measure) and a tune up (while replacing these things I am sure they will give it a once over) to make sure everything is in check.

    • This was a terrible thing to do with a beautiful camera, mostly because “the painter” did a lousy job. The result was nothing but dreadful!

    • This is all about marketing and advertising for DigitalRev. The owner of the M9 is probably going to send it to Leica for an upgrade to M9-P spec, so before doing that he let Kai perform this hideous paint job. No doubt they will take a few more photos then send the camera off to get a new chrome top and bottom cover. Presto, good as new!!!

      I agree it is hard to watch the video!!!


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