Leica to change Vulcanite covering on all future M9 and M9-P cameras

Just got this info from Tony at popflash.com. It appears Leica is changing the covering on the black M9 and the black and chrome M9-P due to the fact that the vulcanite covering is no longer available. It is being changed from a vulcanite to a “leatherette” which is more smooth.


  1. Wow! What important news. I’m sure the quality of photos will improve after vulcanite covering. After all it’s Leica and its magic.

  2. Leica should not be worried about the change of leather….Leica should be worried that their have not released a new camera for over 2 years! The M9-P hardly counts for a new developed camera. I am sick of waiting, and will by the new Fuji.

  3. It might seem like this is a nonsense complaint, but if you plan on actually shooting with your M9, it’s not a trivial change. I don’t own an M9, but I do own an old M3 that I shoot with daily. It has leatherette rather than vulcanite, and it’s significantly less grippy and harder to manipulate than Leicas with vulcanite grip.

    Obviously it’s not the end of the world, and if you don’t plan on using your new “baby” it will never really matter, but for a daily user, this is a legitimate downgrade.

  4. To all of you haters and complainers out there, in the words of Jack Kerouac, “Go moan. Go groan. Go groan alone.”. I’ll bet there would be at least as many people complaining if Leica suddenly changed the vulcanite and DIDN’T tell us….”How dare they??” “I’m done with Leica” “How non-transparent” “We spend thousands on them and they don’t warn us?” Give it a rest…I think it’s fine that they announced it. They didn’t hold a press conference, just sent out a bulletin. Car companies do this ALL the time. Get over it.

    • Because they can’t. Plastic is for Fujifilm. Are you kidding?! We’re talking Leica (insert heavenly music here) .
      Speaking of which… I’m waiting for the first comments from buyers on the way the X-Pro ! “feels” when one actually holds it, and if the pictures taken look anything like the four unflattering ones released this week by Fujifilm (berk!).


  6. Wow! Leica’s changing from one kind of bumpy black stuff to another kind of bumpy black stuff! If it were any other company, would this rate even one word of coverage?

    Too precious…

  7. Come one Leica! What don’t they concentrate on making cameras to keep up with the world instead of making leatherette or whatever coverings. It’s about time to concentrate on newer sensors with high iso capabilities etc…..

    • Me too – I just can’t take any more of this stress ….

      Seriously though – every other manufacturer on the planet has been using either the backside of a cow, or a modern polymer surface for 50 years or so, rather than a bitumen derived by-product from the 1930’s.

      Jeez – Leica has just joined the pack! Time to pack it in methinks!

      • A modern polymer surface: do you mean using a petroleum derived byproduct (vs natural rubber for vulcanite)?

  8. Glad I just got my M9-P recently with the Vulcanite then. I prefer the look of it not that many ever see it with the Luigi Half case on it all the time.

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