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Hello to all! Hope you are having a great weekend. As I sit here at midnight on a Friday night/Saturday morning I am flabbergasted at the amount of information that has amassed here at this website, and I give so many thanks to all of you who come here to read and catch up every day and to those of you who contribute as well! I have been seeing more and more of you send in your reports and articles and it is GREAT, so keep on sending them in! (email me here if interested in contributing) – Seems like it was just last week that I sat down and write my 1st camera review ever.

When this site started almost 3 years ago I kind of had a dream..a fantasy. I envisioned starting a site that at the time did not exist. A site with real world reviews of cameras showing what we could really expect from it when we took it out to shoot real photos. Easy to read, easy to understand, genuine and honest. Sure there were a few mega sites out there but none of them grabbed my heart..none of them had me excited to read reviews. I would read them anyway but I usually skipped to the conclusions and samples. I wanted to see a site with all of the good stuff and none of the boring stuff. So I created the site I WANTED TO SEE and READ. Turns out I was not alone in my desires because right from the get go I have been hearing from so many of you who had the same thoughts as me.

People who love photography and have a strong passion for taking photos and shooting cameras. Even if you just shoot your kids, animals, family or whatever – doesn’t matter. You have a passion for something that makes you happy, excited, and yes, even sometimes BROKE, lol. I feel we all need a passion of some kind in life – something that drives us and adds to our quality of life. (besides love and family of course as those are always 1st) For some people it may be a fast car, a boat, a set of primo golf clubs, Hi Fi equipment (guilty on this one as well – want some real world Hi Fi reviews? Lol), computer gear or all of the above!

My passion is still as strong as ever for photography AND even more so for this site as it is growing in content and now this content is always here, for anyone to reference. I can’t wait to see what the next three years bring.

I also want to thank all of you who have been e-mailing me lately. One e-mail in general came in just today that touched me a bit. It made me realize that what I have been building here is indeed turning into what I have envisioned. For me it’s not about traffic , it’s not about money (though every little but helps)…it’s about the community..the art..the gathering of like-minded people who share information because let’s face it – none of us know EVERYTHING. It’s about honesty and truth. It’s even about love because so much of it goes into this site every day, It is about reaching out and about our common interest.

The fact is that without each and every one of  YOU this site would be nothing. It would be one of the thousands of blogs that shut down every week. I mean, I get decent traffic but it’s not even close to the big 4-5 sites, and I am OK with that as it keeps it a little more “intimate” – kind of like seeing a musical artist in an intimate venue. Keeps things flowing smoothly. I’d rather have 10 faithful readers daily instead of 1 happy and 9 miserable. 🙂

But the bottom line is that I am so proud, happy, and excited that there is now a large database of articles and information here, and it continues to grow each and every week. I did not even realize it until I started browsing the user reports section and the site that was just added a few months ago. Wow, so many great user reports on cameras, lenses and even film. So many articles here…written by not only me..but also written by you guys!

In case you missed some of them, check it all out at the links below…articles galore



This section is filled with the best posts from the readers. YOUR experiences and views on cameras, lenses and photography in general. Lots to read and see so if you missed it, go check it out!



Have hours to kill? Check out a listing of EVERY single post ever made to this site. After that, don’t forget to go to the original site still hosted by apple 🙂



An ongoing listing of any worthwhile post related to mirror-less cameras.



If you are a Leica fan, this is the page with all of the best Leica posts and reviews!


Enjoy the weekend, and get out there and shoot! BTW, don’t miss the classifieds here – they have been rocking lately!



  1. Great content, always fresh, never boring, relevant and written with passion. My favourite photography site by a long way. Thanks for all your hard work Steve.

  2. Yeah I admit… I have a problem! I just clicked on via google this last time around, and it said I last visited this website 12 times TODAY!… And that’s a slow day for me. I laughed when you said you just skipped to conclusion and samples cause that’s what I always did. It was always scientifically boring. It’s my comfort website and I find myself reading the same article 6 times and learning something new every time. Not everyone on this site agrees with one another, but we can all agree that we appreciate your hard work!!!!

  3. I think I found your site two years ago when looking for Leica reviews, and since that day I’m glad there’s someone I can blame for being broke again and again. Keep this site as positive as it is, and this year for sure is going to be interesting with so much to be released in the compact world. Can’t wait to see your take on the Fuji xpro1 for example. And of course all the new Leica releases after Photokina…

  4. Likewise, Steve. I have been frequenting your site for a year or so and find it to be the best, most easily navigated, honest and fun photo-site around. I dig your reviews as well as all the chatter from the comments left behind by smart people and dorks like me. I have been shooting with a Canon G10 for a two to three years while I learned what I wanted out of a camera and learned about f-Stop and shutter, etc. I waited and waited impatiently. I almost purchased a Fuji X-100 for the size and simplicity. But I thought I may miss the interchangeable lenses for more diversified photography.

    I am so glad I did because I am sitting here counting the days to open the front door and see a box of Olympus OM-D sitting there. It’s your reviews of all the other cameras out there, especially the mirror-less that kept me hanging on, hoping that a company would step up to the plate and make something nice as well as affordable, at least for me!

    Thanks for the awesome site and I hope to be able to contribute a little something regarding the new Olympus. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hello steve

    I am one of those that wait for your reviews, I started reading you page in december I was in the process of buying a camera. And I stumbled with your site, when I first read it I didn’t knew what was fast prime or even depth of field (for me was the blurry party if the picture which I love. I have learn a lot so far so thanks for that. I an still waiting to buy my camera (I am thinking on the v1). But as I love the depth of field I am waiting I think the olympus can give that so of course I will waith for your review.

    So once again thanks for your work and dedication.

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