Estimated ship dates for the OM-D, Fuji X-Pro 1 and Pentax K-01!

Estimated ship dates for the OM-D, Fuji X-Pro 1 and Pentax K-01!

Was browsing B&H photo and noticed the estimated ship dates for the Olympus OM-D, Pentax K-01 and Fuji X-Pro 1 have been listed! Here you go!


Olympus OM-D – ESTIMATED SHIP DATE – APRIL 10TH 2012 – Pre-Order Here

Fuji X-Pro 1 – ESTIMATED SHIP DATE – March 20th 2012 – Pre-Order Here

PENTAX K-01 – ESTIMATED SHIP DATE – MARCH 29TH 2012 – Pre-Order Here


  1. I have the new Olympus (OM-D). Got it from Japan. It’s half the price there. Wow. What a lovely camera. I am sitting in Toronto right now with it …

  2. NEX 7’s estimated delivery date at BH is March 1. If Sony doesn’t get the NEX 7 in quick enough, they might lose out to all these other cameras!

  3. Ahh got to wait so long for OM-D to get here!! I did not pre order the fuji cause I pre ordered the x100 before and I was highly highly disappointed as the camera failed within couple of days. When I shoot in aperture priority I do not want to reset the camera every time I change the aperture setting… Plus in my book the X-pro1 is really a wanna be rangefinder if it really used a rangefinder based mechanism, metering, and coupling than I would consider it. I own a real rangefinder camera already (M8). D800 was really tempting though I already have sold off my Nikon gear. My Leica and EP2 will work for now until I get my hands on the OM-D. I already have 12mm, 25mm, and 45mm for my MFT. Plus 75mm summicron and 28mm elmarit to use with the MFT adapter.

  4. I can’t imagine when this cameras will be here in mongolia, just this january the e-pl1 arrived at electronics store kkk here there is only few camera stores and they all sell nikon canon and nex, never heard about pen and micro 43, I’m considering my self lucky to have e-pl2 and pany 20mm f1.7 thanks to ebay… But one sad thing is that I can’t sell those for an half price couz here all the thing that matters is big dslr’s and even the canon d20 cost’s more than my set… I love my pen but it’s little bit hard to make a purchase without ever handling it, I want to purchase vf for my pen but the non lockable falloff thing of vf-2 and the low res, image size of vf-3 is just getting me crazy… I only wish that this om-d is going to arrive at least in 2013 to get my hands on. It is hard to make a 1200$ purchase without even touching it šŸ™‚ many thanks to steve for making things a lot more easy for guys like me…cheers and luck all the way from mongolia

  5. People worry too much how nice future camera systems would be. Go out now and shoot with what you have! If you cannot shoot something, because the equipment cannot deliver, then buy what you need. Buy what is available now. And is it worth to abandon and replace your existing system of lenses and bodies by something completely new?

  6. This year, pre-ordering feels rather difficult to me, since I had never better cameras than the ones I would sell in case of jumping on the newest and greatest. As the product cycles of the industry seem shorter and shorter every couple of years, waiting until prices dropped and technical teething issues (hello Fuji) addressed seems to be good advice this time.

  7. I was planning on upgrading my MFT set up this year. I skipped over the EP3 because I had a perfectly good EP2. I didn’t really think I saw that much improvement in the images when I tested out a friend’s EP3 to warrant the $. Then when I saw the OMD I decided to go for a used EP3. It’s just a personal thing but I’ve always thought SLR’s and DSLR’s were really ugly.

    The Fuji is beautiful, but that’s just my taste. I have it and the three lenses on pre-order. If I want to use a DSLR looking camera I’ll stick with the Nikon D700. I thought the battery grip looked really silly, but again, that’s just my taste and I’m sure I’m in the minority.

    Now if I can just not order the D800……..I’m getting really weak on that one. I put a pre-order in but I’ve been telling myself for 2 weeks I’m going to cancel it. The sensor really is just too much for me. Much as I hate lugging out the D700, it really does deliver so I can only imagine how incredible the D800 is going to be.

  8. I am just not sure what to think about the OM-D. It seems like when the product was announced it wasn’t quite invented yet. We saw some reviews of pre-production versions, which have all the same ingredients as the final omlette, but might have a different taste.

    The huge time lag is good in a way, because we will get a chance to read a few reviews before the orders start to ship. This kills off a few impulse purchases, but leads to better informed consumers.

    I like what I have seen so far, but still can’t tell how it will work in the real world. If I have to put a giant lens on it to get the bokeh I want, then it would be just as easy to buy a T3i.

  9. I was hoping that these dates were wrong. All these photographers in Japan are having a good time posting new images from their X-Pro 1’s while us guys and gals here in the U.S. have to watch from the sidelines in miserable awe…

    March it is, or so says B&H….

    • Don’t worry. Just think that it can be worse in other countries (like in my Brazil), where the Fuji X100 has only been officially launched by the end of last year. And I won’t even discuss the price difference between Brazil and U.S. By the way, Nikon officialized themselves here just last year. Never mind, Iā€™m just writing this to comfort you šŸ˜‰

    • Yes, I feel like the kid who can get out and play on a sunny day. Amazon Japan has excess X Pro 1s in stock. Why not send them to the US for immediate sale?

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