Follow me for all of the latest updates to ALL new cameras!

Follow me for all of the latest updates to ALL new cameras!

With all of the new stuff on the way from Leica, Fuji, Olympus, Pentax and others be sure to follow me on your social site of choice. I even started a new Leica M10 Facebook page for all of you who want all of the news I can get from the upcoming Leica releases on May 10th. Keep in mind I have no idea if they are releasing an M10 or not, I am only assuming so due to the date, the invite and the similarities to the 09/09/09 event.

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  1. What is not clear to me is the M10 with B @ W Sensor?
    Why not the M10 with the color Sensor option like in all the other digital cameras around?
    There is a plenty of software with the B @ W Conversion or built- in- camera available out there.
    My 2C, Tommy.

  2. I’m sticking with my trusty M8 for the moment, still loving it for black&white. In fact just followed your advice Steve regarding the Elmarit 24mm M. Fantastic lens, especially on the M8, really 3D as you mention on your old site.

    Will I be rushing out to by a M10? Not for the moment.

  3. I wonder about the economics between film and digital for the normal amateur, namely the comparison between depreciation/upgraditis for digital gear versus film processing cost/time. Obviously, for a pro the latter is key and justifies the switch.

    During the early years of DSLRs, depreciation/upgraditis mainly hit the bodies, but now with new mirrorless systems emerging, lenses are affected, too.

    And for thoes who use digital images mainly for email, web or facebook, a smartphone is good enough.
    Who can justify a dedicated camera (system) for the small number of images of which we eventually may want a print that shows the quality?

  4. When the M9 roll out back in 9 September 2009, I have waited until end of February 2011 to get my hands on it.

    Now, IF the M10 roll out on 10 May 2012, then I guess I have to wait until end of 2013 to get it???

    It will no doubt cost a fortune, I have to sell my things… save money… the endless wait and drooling and staking of the M10 in the shops…

    Oh No! the return of the GAS!

  5. I don’t use fb at all, twitter barely at all and already following too much on G+.. so I’ll rather just stick to your rss feed, which comes into my google reader in computer and mobile browsers and will still be one happy oldschooler 😉

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