New Leica Announcement May 10th 2012!

Are you guys ready for a new Leica announcement/Event? On May 10-11th in Berlin we will find out what Leica has in store for us in 2012. Exciting!

My guess as to what is to come? Well…the date is May 10th and I feel they need to release an update to the X1 and the M, as I was told by Stephen Daniel himself 2-3 years ago that their goal was to release a new camera update to the M and X line every three years. We shall see 🙂

Also, I just set up a new Facebook page to discuss all of the (rumored) new Leica products on the way – be sure and visit it and LIKE it here as i hope to update it live from Berlin on May 10th-11th.


  1. I bought my first Leica, an M3, when I was seventeen. A classmate and friend of mine had introduced me to it. I had been using a Kodak Retina IIc, and I could hardly believe what a technological marvel the M3 was. It was breathtaking just looking through the finder. Automatic parallax correction? Individual frames for the 90mm and 135mm lenses? The M3 had been introduced only a few years earlier, and I have since come to know that I wasn’t its only fan. It was the overwhelming choice of professionals. That was perhaps the last time Leica led the pack in technology. The professionals have switched brands to cameras they perceived as able to do the job, although it’s not uncommon to see Nikons on the job and Leicas being toted about for personal work.

    When Leicas first made their way into the hands — and hearts and minds — of those swept away by photography, we began seeing photographs of us everywhere doing everything. It was a revolution not just in camera technology but in the way humanity saw itself. Leicas were unobtrusive, quiet, quick to operate, and eminently portable. So many famous photographs and photographers are associated with the name “Leica.” I have one from the earliest days, now over eighty years old, still in perfect (as in “perfect”) working order — thank you Leica for building such durable works of art — and fitted with a collapsible 50mm Elmar f/3.5 it goes with little fuss into front or back trouser pockets. I used it for a photograph — which you can see on my website, — of a couple, seen through a window, in an embrace. I whipped my little Leica out of my pocket, extended the lens, set the aperture and shutter speed using the f/16 rule, framed quickly and got the shot, a thrill which many of us have experienced.

    Marvel that the M3 was, and still is, I found myself longing for a camera that was able to set and focus itself so I wouldn’t miss shots. I learned and practiced strategies for being always ready, but “always” covers a lot of territory, and I discovered I had to settle for “often” or “sometimes.” Well, those kinds of cameras have come about, and it is still true, as the great Andre Kertesz said, “the best ones get away.” No matter what kind of camera you have, there will be ways to miss a shot.

    As for the direction Leica should take, I see nothing wrong with Leica leading the pack with technology once again. I don’t suppose we would really object to Leica being the overwhelming favorite of professional photographers. And since the image is the important thing, imagine getting images you can right now only imagine. Imagine, for example, people seated at a long banquet table, a wedding reception, perhaps. The table is illuminated only by candle light. You want a shot down the table with everybody in focus, the action stopped at exactly the moment of your choosing. No problem since you’re using your Leica. Set your ISO at a noiseless 1,638,400; set the shutter at, say, 1/125th of a second; set your 35mm Summicron at f/16; use the depth-of-field scale in conjunction with the rangefinder, which has electronic assist for speed and focus confirmation, to get all the guests in focus; and the silent shutter-cocking mechanism allows you to capture one priceless moment after another. Nothing disturbs the fascinating and delightful interaction of the people at the table because you’re not using flash and your camera is small and completely silent. You capture exactly the look you see with a camera that doesn’t fight you with menus every step of the way. And the print or on-screen image nearly brings tears to your eyes because of its sharpness, contrast, and bokeh which is intimitably Leica.

    And the caption for this ad is something like: Leica. We make the camera. You make history.

    And you know you have to have one of these because you want the look that only Leica can give to your photographs, and you can’t think of anything it can’t handle.

    A salesman in a camera store in Beverly Hills told me decades ago that a Leica rep had said to him (the salesman used a German accent when telling me this) “Leica duss not gif people vat dey vant, it gifs dem vat dey need.” So what if you can’t see through the viewfinder while wearing eyeglasses? Use your glasses to look AT the camera, take them off to look THROUGH the camera. Hold your glasses in your teeth while you shoot. You’re complaining about that? So what if the sensor is slow and noisy and years behind the competition? Buy one of our fast lenses for a whole lot of money and shoot everything at f/1.4. Who needs a sensitive sensor anyway? Depth of field in the dark? Nobody does that. Why would you want that?

    When Leitz came out with the M3, they had developed something we all had to have because it could do stuff nobody else’s camera could do. I want to see them do it again.

  2. Leica in 2012:

    M10 with accessory R-adapter, live view and/or EVF

    X-System APS-C with a range of autofocus lenses, made by Kyocera

    new CS lenses for all three S2 cameras that have been sold to date

    M9P “White Edition”

    M9P “Fukushima Edition” with Mosquito leather and a slightly radio-active front lens element

    (just kidding … 1 – 4 are serious)

    These announcements have to be spread over two major events this year, May-10th and Photokina.

    Is it really worth it to jump all over the ocean just to spent two days with Leica officials and marketing poop?

    • To me it is 🙂 – Not only do I get to travel and enjoy the event, I get to check out Berlin and meet some of the readers of this site. It’s a win win. As for your guesses, you may have one of them right 🙂

      • Hi Steve !

        Sitting quite next to Solms, I guess that four out of five predictions might be right.
        If there will be a M10 on May, the 10th … well, I don’t know. Depends on, whether the engineers get rid of some residual firmware bugs, or not.
        At worst, You’ll have hands-on a non-functioning model of the M10.

        In the meantime, I’d suggest to keep at least one camera and one lens in Your bag, because honestly, I’ve lost track. It must be a real challenge to keep the “my gear” site up to date, isn’t it?

        Just kidding. Have a good time in Berlin!


        Peter 🙂

  3. Can I ask the techies amoungst you ? Would it be possible for Leica to update the processing chips/RAM/board etc etc or even replace it in the M9? Imagine? You can do it with your pimp your Mac…why not you M9. All those M9 owners who love what they have but wish it was faster…and would pay for the upgrade.

  4. For people asking who could be interested by B&W only camera, at least any “color blind” person like myself (2% of male people are color blind).

  5. Im interested to see if they do announce an xpro style camera, but im confident the price will place it out of reach of most people.

    If they came out with a baby M with an aps sensor for 2 grand they would do well. I would be very tempted rather than saving for an rd1.

    The Xpro is a massive fail. Who gives a shit what the quality like if it handle like shit? I have an X100 and im just about to send it off to its new owner. Shit autofocus, no manual focus, but yes it can produce beautiful photos. If your happy to put up with poor handling for IQ then that’s your choice.

    If the Xpro was full frame with a decent lens mount it would have been a game changer. Leica have the chance to succeed where they failed even though it would be a more expensive solution. Lets just hope they expand on their technology a bit more, they need to.

  6. Anyone that has used a Monochrome Digital camera understands the advantages over “black-and-white”izing a color image.

    A Monochrome M-mount camera with removable IR filter would be of interest to the scientific market.

    Whatever Leica introduces in May, it should be interesting.

    Steve- hope you make it there, have a fun time. Report back. Preferably in all Black and White.

  7. A digital M with dedicated monochrome sensor would push the resolution and clarity captured to the limits of the existing newer M lenses. I know of just one equivalent consumer product in the MF field:

    That would make a great product in the Leica photographers market and appeal to many Fineart or even Landscape photographers. I would consider buying such a camera in addition to my M9.

    • Thanks for that link, the data on that item says that it offers an equivalent resolution of 80MP from a 39Mp sensor. That suggests we could be looking at a Leica M with the equivalent effective res of 36MP in B+W!
      Or if they could sort it out with a built in digital crop, we could turn a 35mm lux into a 50mm lux at the flick of a switch!

  8. The Leica M9 is so good already, so, what if they’ve made the M10 a little better and produce more pixels. What would be great is if they announced X2 with interchangeable lens, faster focus, and perhaps even video. All that in a small package, now that an upgrade I would be happy to spend my hard earned money on.

  9. I do not need image stabilization, weather protection, live view etc.., but a better LCD, sensor and battery would be welcome. If the price is 9k or over, I will continue the use M9, which is still a great camera..

  10. Funny,

    Some of the best Black and White I have ever seen comes from my M8, and I have been a darkroom guy since 1987!!!!!! I know what I am seeing!!!!!

    This idea of a Black and White only M digital makes little sense to me!!!!!

  11. I like this thesis of a black and white only camera. “Das Wesentliche” means “the essential”…could really be – would love it!!

    • yes yes yes. could not agree more. LOW LIGHT LOW LIGHT LOW LIGHT. that’s all that matters for me. i use my M9 for work. In journalism, you have to follow a subject wherever they may go at whatever time of the day or night it is. the very very worst thing for me, as a photojournalist, is my M9’s early bed time.

  12. I think the idea of a B&W only M body sound pretty cool, especially if it has other benefits, perhaps it will be 144MP or have clean ISO at 204,800:) Perhaps it could have built in colour filters so you don’t have to phaff around with glass ones. Perhaps it could have a digital zoom facility due to the massive MP which would allow you to shoot and equivalent 200mm FOV! Even ‘no LCD’ sounds pretty cool to me! No more ‘chimping’, now you just have to trust your bloody instinct, like in the film days:)

    You have to accept that most Leica M9 users actually ‘like’ the fact that their M9 is basic and not loaded with all the bells and whistles of modern technology. They positively revel in the joy of appraising casual inquisitors of the fact that it ‘doesn’t’ have auto-focus:) So Leica know their market and as they say ‘once a masochist always a masochist!’ take away the screen! take away the colour! Beat me Leica! Beat me!!:)

    I reckon they will make such PR milage out of bringing such a beast to market, No Screen? No Colour? they must be bonkers! Perfect, thats how Leica like to do things, its the complete reverse of the Apple approach but it works for them!

    Of course I would welcome the corresponding reduction in cost which a B&W only, no LCD body would bring:) what’s that you say? It’s going to be £1000 ‘more expensive’!!

      • Imagine that! Stick a 35mm summilux on it and at the flick of a switch it’s a 70mm or a 90mm summilux:) or turn a 50 lux into 200 f1.4 !! all at 24 MP! (I know my maths are rubbish but you get the picture) talk about making the most from Leica glass, that would be a masterstroke

        I do hope my imagination has not runneth away with itself:)

    • Hmmmmm, in that situation, maybe Leica should come out a simple digital kit that can be installed into M3 – MP to make it a B&W, no LCD, called M-bw or something……..

    • i do concur that a simple BW only camera with no frills and an M mount would make a lot of sense. it could/should be affordable as well, which would make it even more attractive.

      a CL look-alike with B&W sensor, that would be magic. it is completely against the trend, and that is why it is so right. even the ones among us who still crave film but surrender to the practicality of digital would be very happy.

      let’s hope it is not an empty rumour only, and that it doesn’t end up being like the ‘special editions’ that porsche or ferrari release once in a while, where they strip off the car all the gizmos, take off all the weight, make them really basic and charge MORE for that 🙂

  13. 2012 is a GREAT year for cameras!!!! …just think…even after May 10th it won’t even be half over!!!!!!!

  14. Black & White Sensor only.Please look at the invitation.Black ground, white letters.A B/W picture and the heading says ,Das Wesentliche (The Basic , reduce something to the essential) .

    A digtal M6 , dream on.Time will tell 🙂

  15. Hmmm……a long way off but more than enough time to save a bit more wedge. AND to finally make the changeover from PC to Mac….(just for something different).

  16. 1. May 2012, announcement of products.
    2. End of 2012 launch of products into the market, demand=100x supply.
    3. 2013 demand =10x of Leica’s supply.
    4. 2014 New products can be spotted on dealers shelfs, sometimes.

    So everybody, relax, enjoy the news and use your current Leica gear to the max. Don’t dump into the market place in expectation of the new which will not be easily available anytime soon.

  17. The trend of all these expensive APS-C and M43 expensive cameras are just insane given there performances are more like sidesteps than meaningful improvements, Love to see DXO score of this Fuji X-Pro1 vs Sony Nex5 vs Ricoh GXR M mount!! Actually from the files that I see, Ricoh’s M mount seems to be the best.

  18. Leica can do what ever they want, they are not going out looking for new customers, they already have some @#$$&%* by the balls !!! so when ever they need more money they will make a new camera with 2 red dots, and their customers will buy it !!


  19. I am actually more interested in being able to buy a Leica lens without going on a waiting list for 2 years or more so an announcement that you could actually buy a lens without being milked by some greedy person who managed to actually buy one at retail in say maybe 3 months like a car after you ordered it now a M10 is ok but actually buying a lens to put on it might help lol rant number 756432167676

  20. Considering the price of Leica equipment, does the invitation include a round-trip ticket with room and board?
    With the new mirrorless Leica rumored to be priced somewhere between the X1 and M9 (hopefully closer to the X1), let’s hope the M9 narrows that gap considerably, with the introduction of an M10.

  21. M10 for $10K with technology from 2010 with atleast 10 firmware problems but it will still be 10 times better than the Fuji X-Pro and 6~ will write an article about it under the alias 10~ and everyone will rip on him for doing so.

  22. The only reason to have an announcement in May is to provide some early ship to pros for the Olympics.
    The date nonsense would lean towards 10/10 not 5/10. Probably just some rebadged Panasonic –
    a D-Lux 6/V-Lux 4 or a “new travel” longer zoom pocket offering with 16 megapixels. Best announcement
    Leica could make to attract new customers would be to discontinue the “X”, rebadge a Panasonic GX and
    announce a line of high quality m43 prime lenses – 24/50/75 equivalents.

  23. We are no longer sentient beings. We are all merely carriers of the latest Internet marketing message. Eyeballs see, fingers type. More eyeballs see. Desire grows. Buzz buzzes. Soon, the camera is a best seller before it even exists. It’s Richard Dawkins’ “The Selfish Gene,” in cyberspace.

    • So true. Recently I heard some quotes from Erich Fromm where he describes the modern homo consumens as an alienated being, detached from his inner needs and feelings, only living for the disputable joy of choosing between variants that the market offers. Reading forums these days, it sounds exactly like this, where people only live for the next announcement – myself included.
      The problem is that we unlearn to deal with feelings, intellectual and artistic activities, and replace those utterly human ingredients with buying – and worst, eventually becoming commodities ourselves.

      • I am always amazed how much Erich Fromm was right, I am sure that he would be very dissapointed by the present state of the humanity where people believe they can buy sould if they have enough money…

  24. I’m really fascinated by this rumor of a Leica “M” with a black & white ONLY sensor and no LCD panel! No doubt it would not be an M9 replacement, but more like a one-off speciality camera.

    I’m not a Leica user currently, but if they have the guts to pull that off, I’m selling everything, including my kidneys, and getting one. As long as it comes with a lens….


  25. If the new Leica were B&W only – I’d order one on the spot

    I cringe whenever I hear that the next M will have features like an X100 – if I wanted an X100, I’d buy an X100. What I love about my M9 is the simplicity & purity of design.

    • I totally agree with you!..I just don’t understand all this people asking for gimmicks and more gimmicks!! What is the point of adding features that we simply don’t need. I think what makes Leica so good is the simplicity and astonishing quality of what they do. Also if the B&W rumor is true I personally think is an amazing marketing move from Leica. Just think about it, they will continue with the production of the M9/P (therefore would not depreciated her price) which will make the actual M9 owners happy and at the same time it will offer them (and every other Photographer) a new option that no other company have. I’ll love to have one of this if is true. Can’t wait! The only key point here is price.

      • Jorge……there is a difference between people asking for ‘gimmicks’ and basic technology/features in a $8,000 camera. I love the design of the M8 too….it is a beautiful piece of machinery….but it could be so much better without changing the look and overall feel of the camera. Think, proper LCD, a fast processor, a new sensor that is decent beyond iso 1600…I could go on…..

        • Hi Clint, I agree about better low light ISO quality, it is probably the area in which Leica hasn’t nailed yet. Although my 50mm Summilux is more than enough to give me a descent quality in most low light situations. Also probably the camera overall processing speed is not perfect yet and the buffer could get fill up to quickly which can make loosing a shot.

          Honestly I rarely use the LCD. Only when I choose a different ISO or when I quickly want to check composition and general exposure. I rather concentrate on the subject, waiting for the right moment, taking the time in compose a picture rather than look it. etc. So I simply don’t use that much the LCD. and if it wasn’t there I wouldn’t miss it.

          My point about gimmicks is all those features that overpopulate the menus and that we never use or we don’t need in the first place. Or fancy digital viewfinders! seriously Leica is about optics not electronics!

          I do agree with you that as a 8000 camera we as users expect the best quality possible and to have a product that last forever. But again I personally don’t like adding “lights” and “features” just because is the way to go, technology or marketing. For that, there is plenty of options on the market. (and much cheaper)

          Leica, please keep it simple! less is more! You’ve been doing it for 60 years or more.

  26. Okay, I think is very lazy and unprofessional an announcement 2 months before the announcement of the new products. Every company makes an Announcement for a specific product – not a pre- announcement in order to hold some buyers of not buying anything and waiting the new products in 6 months probably.

    • I want whatever you have been smoking ok? Companies do this ALL OF THE TIME. EVERY TIME Apple is going to release a product, they make a “pre-announcement” as you call it. Canon does it all the time. In fact, you have it completely backwards!

  27. B+W Only and no LCD is not going to replace the M9. No way. Perhaps as option but I can’t see why people would even buy into that today.

    • A B/W Leica. WOW, that’s a great idea.

      I could get three cameras, one with a blue filter, one with a red filter and one with a green filter. That way I could mix the shots and get a full col…

      Oh, hang on…

      • Bahahahahaahahahaha… exactly. I don’t understand buying a B&W only rig when it’s a super simple process to make it B&W in most cameras or in post-production. I just don’t get it.

        • I am no expert on digital sensors, but as I understand it, the mosaic pattern required to capture colour images effectively lowers the IQ (except for foveon-sigma sensors which use a multi-layer technology). Capturing only a monochrome image would presumably mean that you can have a lower-cost, higher-iq sensor.

        • It’s all about IQ.
          A B&W only sensor needs no Bayer Color Filters and no Anti Aliasing Filter resulting in higher ISO and improved clarity and sharpness.
          It’s a very logical choice for Leica. The typical Leica image is already a high contrast, low dynamic range B&W.

      • By the way, you can expect the Ricoh GXR to launch an affordable high resolution B&W module as well.
        This is where the GXR concept really makes sense.

        • Maybe, although I’d just as soon pay a little more for an entirely new camera, rather than just a module. The GXR camera body needs an update, anyways…or at least the EVF does.

  28. I’m hoping its not an S2 update and some point & shoot.

    I would really like the to show the M10 and a new type of camera that’s a 1.33, 1.3, or 1.2x crop that takes M lenses and new Leica auto focus lenses as well for around $3500 – $4500. They could call it the X2 if they like, but 1.5x or 1.6x crop would not get my business.

    My baseless predictions:

    Leica X2 and Leica X2p:
    – 16.8 megapixels
    – 1.3x CMOS sensor (think M8.3)
    – Mirrorless
    – New mount for AF lenses that is also M compatible
    – Much faster AF than X1
    – Rangefinder like viewfinder similar to Fuji X100
    – Focus confirmation for M lenses
    – ISO 160 – ISO 6,400 with very low noise
    – Live View
    – Higher screen resolution (probably the same as the Nikon D800)
    – Silent shutter like X1
    – X2p has sapphire screen for $700 more and few other minor improvements
    – $3,500, $700 more for X2p

    Leica M10:
    – 26.4 megapixel
    – Full Frame CMOS censor
    – Larger screen, higher resolution
    – Faster processor
    – ISO 160 – ISO 6,400 with very low noise. approx 3.5 stops better than the M9
    – Improved Dynamic Range
    – Live View option
    – Manual Focus confirmation
    – 0.72x option
    – Improved framelines possibly LEDs so you can toggle them on and off… 40mm lenses and other odd focal lengths are supported
    – Improved weather sealing of body
    – Improved battery, m8 and m9 batteries will not work
    – price around 9k 🙁

  29. Some intuition tells me I’d definitely want that evf m-mount/AF X1-upgrade aps-c+ camera that should be in the pipeline… gosg, can;t wait to see what their plans are. Get there Steve, and report to us live 🙂

  30. Somehow my gut is telling me that I will order whatever they are launching as long as it has a M-mount. My dream would be a Nex 7 kind of Leica with full-frame. D!RK

  31. As it’s on May 10 & 11 maybe we will see a all new M10 rangefinder and a all new M11 mirror less with electronic viewfinder!

    • I think Leica would probably use the same designation with an ‘e’ suffix or something for an electronic viewfinder model. Personally, I really hope they don’t switch to efv, but different strokes and all that

  32. Just sold my M8 a week ago. Could not have been a better time… Glad, that my camera dealer would not give me any discount on a M9 yesterday. Otherwise a might have bought a brand new M9 the day before the May 10th thing was announced. I thought that Photokina was to long time to wait but May 10th is just around the corner. 🙂

  33. New cameras? Perhaps, but they will probably announce the opening of the first Leica shop in the US, right here in DC.

  34. I think you’re right on the M ay 10 th day – LOL
    Hurray, maybe used M9 prices will finally come down… (one can dream?)
    If I’m really going to wish, it’ll be for an affordable interchangeable lens system that can utilize M’s 😉

    • Even if they offer an affordable interchangeable lens system, people that don’t have the glass still won’t be able to get any. My personal opinion is Leica needs to produce more lenses for the public and then come out with another camera. To many NON Leica users won’t buy a camera because they can’t get or afford any lenses, like me.

      BTW Amy, I love your work!!!!!!

      • There are plenty of fantastic Leica lenses out there on the used market.

        And I’m not talking about the ones with a scalpers’ markup, but the great old Summicrons and even Summiluxes of the past 50 years.

  35. It may not be widely available for at least a year so more interested in how it may impact M9 and M9P pricing. Now I’m at a loss as what to do. I really could use a 2nd M9 body, but should I wait or should I go ahead with a 2nd body?

  36. As far as I’m concerned, the best thing Leica could say is that they are doubling down on production of existing lenses. Who cares what they make if you can’t buy it for love or money?!?

    • well that wouldn’t be good for the scalpers who buy them for retail and sell them here for $500 more then would it? 🙂

    • X-pro1 is a piece of junk, just saw another review… No usable MF , slow AF, no IS…just a good sensor

      • A little harsh don’t you think? They stepped up what started with the release of the Leica X1 and the other similar small cameras that came after. They delivered what so many other manufacturers have not. The comments on Daily Inspiration #324 had wonderful things to say. I’m just saying that I think we’ve seen much much worse to say that its junk.


      • It’s sad, though I’d have to agree. I was damn excited to get an x-pro1, though it’s not looking good… What good is a lens if you can’t MF the thing… I know it’s been a major downfall when using my x100.

        I just hope they release a smaller, EVF only, more affordable version so we can use that amazing sensor on some m-lenses.

        • Focusing totally ruined my experience with the x100. In AF it frequently couldn’t achieve a focus lock in a dim room and weird fly-by-wire focus ring made manual focusing almost useless. From the reviews it seems like the X-pro-1 has the same issues which would kind of make it a non-starter if you’re only looking to shoot with one camera.

          I wonder though if the focusing experience might be different if you paired and X-pro-1 with a proper manual focus lens.

      • Funny, there’s a new review with the xpro-1 using the SLR magic 50mm f.95 and he says the using the 50mm .95 is easie to use& faster to focus on the fuji than the m, especially in low ligh, due to the illuminated EVF on the fuji.
        I guess you guys haven’t seen tht one yet? You will 😉

        • I would not call it a piece of junk, but the more reviews and user experiences I read or show movies I watch, the less interested into the camera I get. Ain’t that great? No GAS symptoms, I can focus on the essentials and go shooting with what I have?

          • True, looks like excellent file quality. But there are certainly a number of aps-c and FF camera’s which would produce comparable output under these conditions, some of which have good and reliable AF, even in low light, another has excellent MF implementation (M9).

          • Was Zack’s work and obviously Steve’s that convinced me to get the X100, but I maintain that I can live with X100’s ‘quirks’ for it’s price (or more to the point the price I paid) but the X-Pro1 is a quirky camera that costs an awful lot more than my X100, I just don’t think I could forgive it’s quirks in quite the same way…

      • The XPro1 is fabulous, I got to play with one at the Focus show in the UK and the handling and ergonomics are a dream, even better than a Leica M9 I would say. Focus and all round speed is noticeably snappier than a X100.

        You are not going to buy this camera for sports photography or motor racing and in its comfort zone, such as street and landscape photography, focus is plenty fast.

        The hybrid viewfinder is the photography version of a killer app, its unique and lifts the XPro1 above all others in terms of capturing the decisive moment.

    • Xpro-1 with SLR MAGIC 50mm F.95

      ” Personally I found it a lot easier to use just the EVF (i normally hate EVF viewfinders) to focus it and found I could do it quickly and accurately most of the time, even wide open was easier than I thought….this gives a slight advantage over the M9, as with that of course it is always manual rangefinder focus with available light…which is fine during daylight, but much more difficult in low light, the EVF on the Fuji brightened up the scene and made it relatively simple to nail the focus.”

      • The X-Pro is highly over rated. It is a crop sensor, autofocus is slow and pretty much not usable in low light, the hybrid viewfinder is a gimmick and manual focus is a pain.

        It does however take amazing pictures but at that price point it is up against some serious competition. Sony Nex 5N, Nex 7 and Pentax K01 to list a few.

        I personally prefer the K01, finally a mirror less system that can use an entire range of existing lenses without an adapter and supports all functionality. The Limited series of lenses are amazing. The camera is butt ugly but puts out some amazing pictures and it is 40% of the price of the X-1 Pro body and it comes with a lens!

        I was a huge fan of Fuji, owning the normal X100, the X100 black edition and the X100 white edition (Hong Kong limited edition) and the X10. I bought the X-1 Pro with all 3 lenses and accessories and I have to say, I am having a lot more fun with the K01. The X-1 Pro is meh…… Too much hype but not much substance.

        • The K-01 makes the least sense of all. Take the K-5, remove the OVF and phase detect AF, and put it in a body that is barely smaller than the K-5. Huh?? Making a mirrorless camera WITH a mirror box is a bizarre idea, as you’re keeping much of the bulk of a DSLR, but without the benefits. All of those K mount lenses focus very slowly with the K-01’s contrast detect AF. The fully automatic adapter solution, like Sony has with NEX, makes a lot more sense, because you can use small native lenses, or add the adapter to use DSLR lenses with full functionality.

          • First of all, not a Sony vs Pentax thread, nor is it really a Fuji X-Pro 1 vs Pentax. My fault to be honest.

            To some, the Fuji seems to be the best thing since sliced bread. But I have it and it is really not and definitely not at what it is priced at.

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