Fuji X-Pro 1 IN STOCK at Amazon and B&H Photo – with lenses

Fuji X-Pro 1 IN STOCK at Amazon – with lenses

The Fuji X-Pro 1 is IN STOCK at Amazon and has been all morning. That and the 35 1.4 and 18 f/2 are available NOW through Amazon, shipping from Amazon and not a third party. B&H Photo also has them in stock, So this is the best way to buy!

As you guys know I have been testing out the camera here and find it slow in operation but the image quality is superb with the 35 1.4 and high ISO rocks. My review is not ready just yet but will be very soon. If you buy one though, keep in mind the operational speed is about the same as the X100, which is the X-Pro 1’s biggest flaw.

Buy the Fuji X-Pro 1 BODY NOW!

Buy the 35 1.4 HERE

Buy the 18mm f/2 HERE


B&H PHOTO Also has  the body in stock HERE AND they have the 35 1.4 as well AND THE 18mm.


  1. As of 12:31PM, the X-Pro 1 body and the two lenses have not sold out on either sites. I’m a bit shocked, but maybe most are like me who are waiting for more samples from others as well as Steve before deciding. As a former X100 owner, I’m cautious about going down that road again. Wonderful photos, but frustrating in use.

    • Very true observation. I suspect that it is very much like the X100 in operational speed (prior to the recent firmware upgrades). If you could live with the AF of the X100, the XPro-1 will be satisfying. I found the X100 far too fiddly and slow to focus, particularly in poor lighting, and despite the remarkable IQ, it’s AF, one of the ways to establish itself, wasn’t fully baked, and the camera was gone within 3 weeks. I am holding off buying the XPro1, until firmware or an upgrade addresses low light focusing speed….

      • Do you think it’s performance with your Leica glass would be enough to persuade you? I know you already have the Ricoh and Nex-7 for that, but the high ISO performance seems to be the most tempting feature at this point.

        Then again, the E-M5 with it’s supposed groundbreaking IBIS would be a boon for legacy glass as well.

        Decisions, decisions!

  2. It seems a bit odd the camera getting slated by folks who have never seen the x-pro1. Have a look at the review on dpreview it is faster at focusing than the x100.it nocks spots off my now sold x1 and the image quality is better than my Nikon d700 and Digilux 2. In fact I would like to see an unbiased review of it up against the m9.

    • I assume that Steve will provide a comparison to the M9. Not sure if it will be unbiased but lets see. So far DPreview is not crazy about the focus performance of the X1Pro. Yes, it may be better than some really bad performers but compared to the current standard it is not great. That is sad because I bet manufacturers know these days how to get the autofocus fast and snappy. I assume it comes down to cost. In the end people have to figure out where they need to compromise. This is what DP Reviewew has to say: ” Realistically, anyone interested in the X-Pro1 will also be considering standout mirrorless models like the Sony NEX 7 and Olympus OM-D E-M5. Be warned though – if you’re excited by the very fast autofocus performance of these cameras, you might be disappointed by the responsiveness of the X-Pro1.”

  3. The M9 is the only manual focus, rangefinder coupled, full frame camera in existence. The world is full of slow, crop sensor, mirrorles cameras.

    • But the world is NOT full of manual style digital cameras… That’s the allure here, that you can take a photo using what feels like a real mechanical camera.

      • Good luck using this camera in anything other than auto everything mode. Manual focus sucks with the native lenses. It will be even worse with Leica lenses. Check out latest DP Review comments. There’s also a lot of info on soundimageplus.

  4. I don’t understand some peoples philosophy. They are willing to spend $10k on a manual focus camera, but not $2k for a slow auto focusing camera….??? really?

    Steve, I have a question on focus.
    You mention that this camera is X100 like. Would you recommend an upgrade then? If the x100 is similar in quality, then I’ll just hold on to see what Leica will offer next month.

    • Sorry, I just had an additional thought on this. If this were a Leica X1 (~$2k) the conversation would be different. We tend to live Leica’s short comings and high prices due to the magical allure of the red dot.

    • Exactly. Because its MF funtionality is best in class. And used for ZF it is fast. No focus hunting, the shooter is the slowest link in the equation, i.e. he/she does not get slowed down or irritated by the tool used.

  5. I’m really hemming and hawing about this camera. I currently shoot with a M8 and I’d really like to know where in terms of image quality the X Pro1 compares to that. I will be shooting exclusively with Leica glass so I do not really care about the slow aspect. The other option is to wait until May 10th to see what that holds in store but whatever it is I’m sure it will not be available for months with the likely demand. I’d love to hear from anyone who has used both the X Pro and a M8 and hear what they have to say about this camera.

  6. And, why would I spend $1,700 for a “slow” camera and another $600 for a great lens? If I want an X100, I’ll just buy one. I’ll read your upcoming review anyway.

    I also await your word on the OM-D.

    Thanks for all of your great work promoting photography!

    • Exactly my thinking as well. In the dark ages of compact large sensor cameras I had plenty of slow AF cameras. Sigma DP1, DP2, Panasonic G1, Olympus EP1, EP2, EPL2, Leica X1, Nex 5, Ricoh GXR 50mm macro, Fuji X100, actually I still use some of them.
      But it’s 2012 and the camera industry has shown us that fast AF is possible (newest mft generations from Pana and Oly, Nikon V1, ). So everything expensive with a big PRO in its name either has to have excellent state of the art AF or MF functionality, no matter how good the digital files it produces are.

      • +1 on that. Doesn’t what appears (from initial reports) to be an underdeveloped auto-focus system on the X-Pro 1 seem rather anachronistic already? …Especially on a camera at that price? I kind of hope the Olympus OM-D will live up to all the manufacturer’s hints & promises without a hitch, as well as to some impressive early reports and on-screen evidence, and just embarrass some other makers into accelerated product development in the useability area.

  7. I’d love to hear about how the usability is with Leica glass, if you’re using manual focus lenses are the speed issues irrelevante?

    • I’m with you on that, Jeremy… but especially in respect to looking closely at compatibility with short focal lengths, given typical issues reported so far with this melding of two worlds approach. I’ve been lobbying for a Contax G system lens try out, too, if that can be pulled off (me being biased by 28mm, 45mm, and 90mm Zeiss/Kyocera lens ownership; but with other Contax enthusiasts here, as well: It starts with the cost differential compared to Leica). I’ve eBayed my way to both Kipon m4/3 [for OM-D?], AND Metabones NEX [for “next” generation NEX?] adapters; and the Fuji adapters can’t be long in coming, unless some big issues show up early. I feel like a shortstop up on the balls of the feet, ready to move in any direction — I REALLY want those Contax 21mm & 28mm lenses to work like gangbusters on some affordable, premium, class-leading digital body. And I can dream of the compatible full-frame mirrorless ‘holy grail’! That m4/3 crop factor is kind of a bummer, though, in the case of the OM-D; but then, you do have a “strongest system lens” option in the native 12mm f.2.0 (Equiv. 24mm) Olympus offering.

    • I might add… that 15mm Voigtlander lens a number of photo enthusiasts seem to like is probably a logical candidate for a try out, as well, given the digital sensor crop factors. I personally love the idea of having both a digital and a film option (such that you could carry both) with a minimum of redundancies… depending on what represents acceptable working compromises for meeting your own photographic objectives.

  8. Would someone be able to help me see where the X-Pro 1 sits in terms of operation speed?
    Is it at least as fast as a Panasonic GF1?


    • If you want to photograph grass growing and autumn leaves turning yellow you’ll be fine, anything else and you’ll miss it!

        • Not really Brian. Say, for instance, you wanted to focus on a subject through a crowd of people, you will hit perfect focus much quicker with the Leica than the Fuji.

          The reason I sold my X100 was because of it’s absolutely woeful focusing – I missed SO many street photography opportunities with that camera. Reading the reviews, it seems the X-Pro1 is just as bad.

          You can pick up a second hand Leica M8/8.2 for the same (if not less) than the X-Pro1 body. Food for thought.

    • There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing the speed of it. My favorite is probably the video review by Chris Niccolls. Just do a search for XPro 1 review.

      One more thought, both B&H and Amazon have excellent return policies. Buy it, and review it for yourself. If you don’t like it you can return it. No biggie. I just wouldn’t make a habit of doing that with every new camera that comes out 🙂

      • Ditto B&H return policy. Adorama requires that the item be unused (can be open though) to be returned. B&H’s policy is just that “if you are unsatisfied for any reason” return it, so I made sure to order from them. So I’m going to shoot it for a few days and decide whether I want to keep it or sell my M8 to (re)fund the purchase. (So keep your eyes on the for sale section for a used M8 for sale, maybe!)

  9. I handled one at a trade show a few months ago and the autofocus was painfully slow. Nothing snappy, just slow. This kind of ehhhhhh..lock, ehhhhhhhhh..lock, ehhhhhh…… you get the idea. And I didn’t like the feel of the aperture ring but this may have been a worn out demo version. D!RK

  10. Do you mean the startup time and autofocus is slow like the x100? I thought Fuji fixed those issues mm Hope to see a full review soon as i was planning on purchasing this camera soon

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