TONS of Leica used deals and buys!

TONS of Leica used deals and buys!

It has been a while since I posted used deals and special, mostly because I have been too busy to do so! But tonight I have been browsing B&H Photo, and Dale Photo and found some used Leica deals some of you might enjoy 🙂 Looks like many may be trading in their M9’s in anticipation of May 10th! At the time of this posting, ALL of these were IN STOCK from B&H, PopFlash or Dale Photo.


RARE FIND! LEICA 90 SUMMICRON F/2 ASPH!$3499 – Click HERE to see it as it is IN STOCK now!

Leica M9 – Black  – 9+ – IN BOX – $5899

Leica M9 – Black – 9 – In Box – $5799

Leica M9 – Black – 8+ – In Box – $5649

GREAT BUY! LEICA M7 – Black – 9+ – In box! $2749

Leica M8 Chrome  – 8+ – In Box – $2599

Leica 35 Summarit 2.5 – “10” – In Box as new – $1699

LEICA X1 – Grey – $1499

LEICA M6 TTL – .58 BODY – CHROME – 8+ and in the box! $1699

Leica M6 classic – chrome – $1699

Leica M7 SILVER CHROME – $2377

Leica Silver Chrome M9-P with less than 140 Actuations – $7297

Leica 21 Elmarit 2.8 – Used Deal

Black Leica M9-P with less than 120 Actuations – $7297

Black Paint Leica MP, almost new!

Used Leica Noctilux F1, latest and last version of the F1 – $7300

Summilux 35 ASPH (not FLE) – $4250

Leica 35 Summicron Black – $2900


  1. Just bought a used M9-P (black, purchased on Feb. 2012 by seller), with extra Leica battery, Leica 1.25 magnifier and thumbs up device for a very good price $6,210.00. Yes, people are unloading their M9s and M9-Ps, which is great, because I needed a back up for my M9 which I purchased in 2010.

    The M9 is stuffed with electronics, and it will fail sonner or later, so if you are serious photographer, time to buy your back up M9, when the crowd is all waiting for the M10.

    I really hope there is a R solution by Leica on May 10, that is better news than a new M10.

  2. “10” can go both ways. The next R up is the R10. Someone “in the know” about the announcement said that the lens shortage (despite double production) would make sense on May 10. New R lenses for a new Leica DSLR? All rumors, of course. All fun, of course.

  3. Is anyone else excited about an M10, just because it means the price of an M9 will drop??? The M8 will go down even further and an M9 for $4G… sounds good to me!

    • Unless Leica charge the new camera $12K apiece and discontinue M9. Then M9 will retain the price.

  4. How can you make the assumption that people are selling their M9s in anticipation of the M10? Isn’t it just as likely that the latest affordable options from Canon, Nikon and Fuji are causing people to sell off Leica gear in favor of those brands?

    • Easy…because B&H rarely has an M9 for sale. Well, they get them used but when they do they normally have one max. They happen to have three right now, weeks before the Leica announcement. So it was my guess that they may be getting more from upgraders who want to unload now… just my guess though. Who knows?

      • That’s may be true but I have a theory that the M9 will actually go up in price when an M10 is released. If M10 uses CMOS chip, it will be better than the M9 in low light and that will be a major advantage for most people. However, the CMOS chip will lose some of the “Leica look” and will cause the M10 images to look more like Nikon and Canon images. Therefore, the M9 will be in high demand for people who want that “Leica look” and don’t really need high ISO capability.

        That’s just my own personal theory based purely on speculation.

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