Nikon D600 images leak? Nikons lower cost full frame FX sensor camera…do you want one?

Nikon D600 images leak? Nikons lower cost full frame FX sensor camera…

I have been watching the Nikon D600 rumors over the past couple of weeks but usually do not talk much about rumors. Well, here we are today with some cool photos that have “leaked” of this supposed Nikon D600. How cheap will it be? Will you want one if it comes in at $1500? Also, where is Canon? Hmmmm. This looks to be smaller than the D800, more like a full frame D7000. I think that if this camera is indeed real it will be a huge hit as there are many out there wanting that full frame sensor in a less expensive body. How about you?


Reported specs:

24 Megapixels

HD Video

ISO Up to 6400

100% VF coverage

39 AF points

Throw a nice small prime on this and you will have full frame performance, dynamic range (D800 DR is incredible) and high ISO in a not so large package. Nice.


  1. I’m really hoping the D600 comes to market. Also hoping that the focus screen can be swapped for a split image screen. Then I would use it only for my AIS lenses.

  2. This D600 is possibly phenomenally attractive.

    However, if you compare the cost of the new D600 with three or four nice FX lenses to the price of a new cropped camera with three or four lenses giving equivalent coverage – Don’t forget, the FX lenses cost significantly more too. 30 or 40% ??

    So although the full format will always give better quality, how big is your wallet?

    • If you have a ton of Nikon film glass (not cropped), like me, then the D600 looks pretty good. It depends how much in the end of course. The cost is the reason I have not jumped into FF at this point.

  3. Hope it’s real. Will be a great addition to the Nikon DSLR lineup. Only a few months ago I was so angry at Nikon for not being able to compete with the 5D Mk II that I considered selling everything and going with Canon. But what a difference a few months makes. Look at what an impressive line up they have now. DX and FX cameras for every purse and purpose, and then they even have the V1 for mirrorless. No longer jealous of Canon users, it looks like I can comfortably stick with Nikon, basically, forever.

    I’m seriously considering canceling my OM-D order and going with the V1 or just waiting for this. The OM-D looks great but Olympus can’t seem to deliver them, and I’m losing my patience.

    • If you’re looking for a spare compact camera in addition to your DSLR, I’d personally recommend the Nikon V1 + 10mm lens + Richard Franiec grip + handstrap. It’s an awesome, discreet, street photo camera combo. AF is amazing, fits nicely in my sweater pockets, the HD video is very impressive, and super fun easy to use.

      Only downsides for me would be (1) lack of external control dials, but I quickly got over that, (2) limited depth of field cos of the smallish sensor, and (3) low picture quality in low light conditions. Hopefully Nikon comes with a faster lens. Rumour has it there theres an f1.2 lens coming out, and there might be an f0.7 one in the works!

  4. If you can live with DX and want save a lot of money get a Nikon D3200. It is absolutely fantastic value for money. It is not a D800 or a D600 but value for money is next to nothing. (note: no screw drive for older D-lenses or Voigtländer) but then again manual focus can be used 🙂

    • If everything we hear about the D600 is true, DX lenses are going to flood the market – making some really good bargain for some happy togs and budget conscious.

  5. It could bring me back to my former Nikon days, when I was using the F3 as a travel companion. Hope it becomes true. And may be it’s usable with older MF Nikon lenses. Though I prefer AF in general and the incredible step forward in exposure technology.

    Would i need it. I changed my habit of taking pictures since the F3 days.

    Well, we’ll see. Until then I stick to my mirror less as small as possible with best UI ideology 😉 That means: A nice little machine just for taking pictures, not for getting out of breath because of it’s features.

  6. Might be cheaper than a x2 and has a viewfinder!!!

    Might be my next camera!!

    Best regards

  7. Drooling all over.
    D90 on sale in the near future.
    Or the upcoming FF Fuji?

  8. I do hope that picture is real. Screw drive for older AF lenses, and an AI tab for my older manual focus lenses?

    I would definitely preorder, and worry about my DX collection later.

  9. So we want full frame, or affordable full frame and this seems to be what could be on offer. This is why I respect Leica for simply taking an M and making a digital version, same form factor but full frame (eventually) and digital. Shooting with a DX body (used to use a D90) and trying to use older lenses on it I found frustrating, everyone tells you to buy a prime lens like a 50 1.8 at first, but on DX it’s not a 50! So you lose the aesthetic of shooting with this focal length, this should address that hopefully. Nikon brought out the cheaper 50 1.8 AF-S and just stuck two fingers up to all their customers who bought a DX camera, as it’s not a DX lens. This D600 if it’s real all you need is a few nice primes and you’re set.

  10. Definitely will want one of these. I have a stack of Nikon Prime lens, so to be able to use them without having to mess around with ‘Crop Factors’ will be nice change.

    Well Steve, could this be the camera YOUR looking for, and could it topple that Leica dominance ???

    Gav J

  11. I’d deffinitely be on it, but will wait to see if Pentax actually releases one before taking the plunge.

  12. I’ve been a micro 4/3 for several years and before that a 4/3 user (E-1, E-3). Years ago I loved my Nikons but didn’t see ANY real benefit to sticking with their DX line of censored cameras vs. the 4/3 for a variety of reasons.

    I’ve been wanting to move FF for years…but never could afford it. I would JUMP at this chance. That would make me a Nikon FX + Fuji X100 / X10 user. I’d have the FX for more “serious work”, my X100 for my ideal travel / daily camera and then little X10 as a great p&s. I love the possibility of this!!!

  13. You will hear a lot of “Wow” after they announce it and people will rush to pre-order the camera. Including me.

  14. I would want a full frame DSLR from Nikon in a smaller body than the D800. Currently use a D7000 and find the size acceptable, so about the same size would be nice.

  15. Canon is far from perfect you know – think about the lousy AF on the 5DII – Nikon pro cameras have always had much better AF than pro Canons.

    Also generally jpg output is much better from Nikon than from Canon. Even jpgs from the 5DIII looks pretty bad when pixel peeping with a lot of smearing.

    If you think the D800 has too many pixels get a D4.

    • Hi Andrews, D4 is too expensive and too big for the kind of job I do. I dont agree about the jpg. check this out
      they show clearly that the jpg file is better from canon than nikon.
      Raw files from the d800 is a blast bit 100mgbite each file is a pin int hte ass if you need to end pictures quikly and sometimes even with a satellite.
      here in Rome I couldn be able to try any body d800, but from the internet stuff dosent look any good for the kind of job I do,

    • Hi Andrews, D4 is too expensive and too big for the kind of job I do. I dont agree about the jpg. check this out
      they show clearly that the jpg file is better from canon than nikon.
      Raw files from the d800 is a blast but 100mgbite each file is a pain int hte ass if you need to send pictures quikly and sometimes even with a satellite.
      here in Rome I couldn be able to try any body d800, but from the internet stuff dosent look any good for the kind of job I do,

      • You could just lower the size. You just set the size to small, medium or large and continue shooting Nef. Don’t recall sizes but small is a lot less than 100MB. Btw. largest files I have seen from. D800 were 75MB.

        • Ups. I’m wrong. Large, medium and small sizes cannot be set for raw/nef only for jeg.

          For raw there is only uncompressed, lossless compressed and compressed.

          Lossless compressed results in files around 40-50MB and compressed results in files around 30-35MB. Uncompressed files are typically 75MB.

  16. Nikon has alleady commeted suiceide whan thay pull out the d700 with the same sensor of the d3.
    So, if the d600 is going to be pretty much like the specs here, that meens that nikon is going to do something wrong again and killing the d800.
    why? I m a litle exemple: 12 years with nikon and ready to switch to canon
    1 d800 too many pixels
    2jpg looks better from the 5dmarkIII
    3filming frame looks better in the 5dmarkIII
    4markIII is more silent
    Canon has a better sensor with colors, Steve says that in 2009 whyle comparing d700 with markII
    Reuters switch to canon; AP switch to Canon.
    I m sorry but Nikon is playng the “cat and dog” game and dont want to hear anything form the photojournalist opinion.

  17. How is this compare to Sony NEX 7? I was going to buy Sony NEX 7, but I am thinking about waiting for Nikon D600. Any suggestion?

    • Hard to say without seeing the Nikon.

      Slightly better image quality, better ergonomics and an optical viewfinder, (but both are a matter of taste). Larger size, more weight, if that matters to you.

      Better focusing on moving subjects, maybe.

      Lots of detail differences that only matter if you use them.

      Mainly, hundreds of matching lens choices, used and new. No need for adapters.

  18. A camera like with thos specs (well, maybe with better high ISO) priced at $1,500 would very likely be selected as “camera of the year” by EVERY photo publication I can think of.

  19. I bet this D600 would have been a much better fit for many that bought the D800. Full frame in a small body makes it a nice street shooting and travel camera. Especially for those who mainly look at images on a screen. It will sell. Nicely done Nikon. Lets just hope that it is real. The only thing Canon can do to make us love them again would be a full frame mirrorless. 🙂 They need to hit something big. D!rk

  20. I desperately want a full frame, and I find myself limited especially in low light performance.

    On the other hand I wonder if this is full frame d7000 wont it be a d7000 killer??

  21. Nah… the DSLR ship has sailed. If Nikon was truly interested in providing a great tool they would release full-frame mirror-less.

    Do that and no one would ask “do you want one”.

    • i’m dying to get a mirrorless, but i do street shooting and need that fast AF. dlsr’s beat mirrorless in that respect.. in the noise department as well.. i also shoot a little for stock photograhy. those pixel peeping image reviewers are cruel.

    • Sorry SeanG…but you’re wrong. Although I’m personally a Canon/Fuji guy this D600 will sell in record numbers if it’s priced appropriately.

      As for a FF mirrorless….you’re right that there’s a demand for that too, but IMO there’s room for both models.

      • I guess I’m speaking mainly for myself and my needs. The thought of another bulky DSLR…. no thanks.

    • I love all the comments, here and elsewhere, that say “The DSLR ship has sailed because I don’t use them.”

      I like compact cameras and own several, but for many purposes and many photographers, a DSLR is still the best choice, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

      If you’re waiting for a full frame mirrorless camera, you could have a long wait. Just for starters, remember that such a camera would require a completely new line of lenses, which is a financial undertaking that few manufacturers would be willing to make in the short term.

      And full frame sensors require full frame (meaning big) lenses, so that camera package won’t be as small as you might hope. Leica M lenses are small (some of them) because they have no auto-aperture, and no autofocus; nobody’s going to risk that in today’s market.

      • On the other hand, a full-frame DSLR the size of a Nikon F3 (tiny by DSLR standards), or a D7000, should be pretty easy.

  22. could i use my 18-200 lens on it ? (i have a d7000)
    and if so, what would the ‘new’ focal range be on it ?.. would it like me shooting at 24-300 or something ?. i’d hate to lose my 18 wide angle.
    or would i have to buy a new full frame lens ? (ouch $$$$$)

    • It probably would switch automatically to DX mode if you mount a DX lens, reducing resolution to 16Mp or so (which is still more than enough). The lens would remain and act as a 18-200. Actually that’s a good thing as the DX lens can not cover the larger FX sensor size.

      Actually, hypothetically, if it would cover the FX sensor size, that 18mm would be a fantastic super-wide. But I doubt the corners would be any good as the lens isn’t designed for the larger image circle.

    • Well, on a D7000 you still don’t have 18mm, you have 27. Moving it on a full frame and switching to DX mode will do the same, you’ll get a 27-300 lens. If you stay in FX mode you’ll get big vigneting, which will again reduce your angles to 27-300 equivalents. If you want to have the same focal distance and zoom, get the 28-300mm FX lens (about $1000).

    • No….. you get a circle around the corners. Not vingeting but a circle because a DX lens doesnt spread light out to the size of the sensor. It would be a 18-200 on your DX camera its a 27 – 300.

  23. Finally an upgrade to my trusty D90 that would really make sense and not kill the bank as a second camera to my Leica. And I’ll be able to use all those old Nikkors that are gathering dust!

    Makes you wonder whether this will eventually make DX a purely temporary solution for all but beginner DSLRs – and justify the DSLR’s continued existence in light of extremely capable compact mirrorless cameras.

  24. Most rumors I’ve read for this camera have it being this cheap because it has no focus drive of its own, so if true, if you want autofocus you would need to buy lenses with internal focus motors in them. Might be a deal breaker for some, probably not for many.

    Will be interesting to see what they actually put in this camera. Nikon’s great primes (which I admittedly lust after) are still quite expensive, and as someone mentioned, this still is a large camera compared to a lot of the cameras I like. This said, it could be the sort of thing that would make giving Nikon a try seem more reasonable than jumping into the full cost of the D800.

    • I heard that too, about the in-body focus drive motor, but new rumors say it does have a built-in drive motor. The picture here does show the screw-drive in the mount as well. I do hope it indeed has one, otherwise I personally wouldn’t be that interested as the few AF lenses I use are all screw-driven.

      • Yeah I just read that today and was going to amend my post. Thanks for pointing that out.

    • If you look at the leaked photo, there is the motor drive screw present on the mount that drives older Nikkors.

  25. I can’t wait to buy this camera. Better then Fuji x-1pro,becaus with this new Nikon,autofocus problem will be solve.

    • Don’t you get it….the Fuji XPro-1 and the D600/700/800 5D/5D2/5D3 are completely different market segments. The XPro-1 is AWESOME if you recognize it for what it is, and NOT for what it isn’t.

      No one would have buy an M8 as an example and expect it to do everything a DSLR does. The XPro-1 in my book falls into the same category….it’s for deliberate shooters that know what they are doing. I own a 5D2 too and for me the XPro-1 compliments it, it does not replace it.

      Sorry for the rant, just so tired of people complaining about how slow the AF is perceived to be on the XPro-1 and wondering why it isn’t as fast as their DSLR etc.

      • agreed..but with the popularity of these little cameras coming from Sony/Olympus/Fuji, etc. ..Nikon and Canon should take notice..well at least Nikon did a little…but I’m a Canon user so I’m still waiting for them to get on board….with the technology out there, I’m pretty sure we could see or SHOULD see a small dSLR camera, full-frame within the next few years. If Sony can cram an APS chip inside a little guy.. then why not? Of course, putting a huge lens on a tiny body looks pretty funny. I did that with my sister’s NEX5..and it would be like someone wearing clown shoes.

      • Fair enough, I understand the appeal of a camera that makes you slow down and think, to a point at least. However, I don’t see how fast AF is ever a downside for any kind of shooting, even where fast AF may not actually be essential, so why wouldn’t you choose the model with faster AF, all else equal?

        It’s not just about speed either, it’s the fact that, in the type of low light where the fast primes and high ISO capabilities of the X-Pro 1 are most appealing, the AF may fail to lock at all, at any speed, and since the manual focus implementation is lacking, you’re screwed. Steve mentioned this phenomenon in his own review of the X-Pro 1, and it’s a pretty significant functional limitation, even for the deliberate shooter.

  26. this is tempting, but i will wait for the next Fuji, XP-2 full frame 🙂
    in the mean time, the X100, OMD are working, the D7000 has dust on it with 2000 actuations. .

  27. If this is true, it likely will be a enormous hit for Nikon and probably one of their top sellers. I don’t care about the video, but the overall specs are more than good enough for me. As it seems to have a aperture feeler as well, I would definitely buy one for ye olde manual Nikkors. I only use full-frame lenses anyway, even on DX – the only DX lens I bought is a (amazingly good) Sigma 10-20 HSM for my by now antique D80. Yes, I want one, certainly at the rumored price!

  28. This is where we should have been with digital SLRs years ago, replicating what we have with 35mm SLR’s so we can use the old nikon lenses on a digital body with no crop factor! To have FX in a cheaper body from Nikon is an awesome idea and I really hope they do it.

  29. I thought the D3 in D300 body was the D700, as it shares the battery grip with the D300!
    But yes if the specs are true a very tempting thing!
    Only problem is you need to buy everything you used with the D700 due to the new battery program of Japan! Luckily i have a universal Lplate ;).

  30. If it costs $1500 it will be a best seller. I’m in search for a new camera and I’m between Nikon D3200 and a mirrorless system. But if the rumor is true I’ll wait a little bit.

  31. I sold my D700 the week they announced the D800 and was going to wait and use my old F5 until the D3 tech was available in a D300 version…but…this camera if for real could be a game changer for me, you don’t need much more from an SLR than what the proposed specs show.
    And for $1500, well worth the price for a transition camera while we wait for the current hi-tech to become standard.

  32. If this is real, it will be Nikons best selling Dslr ever. FF sensor in a package that I can carry with me all day long.. This would be a dream come true! But oh please Nikon, NO SHADOW BANDING!

  33. Jumped the DSLR ship for a few years now because of the size and heft. But a smaller, more affordable full frame may just be the ticket to get me back on the boat. Full frame = better bokeh and lower noise than smaller sensors (generally speaking of course).

    • Apparently you don’t really grasp the concept of a single lens reflex camera.

      • Well, I grasp the concept, but they are really for pros- I find them too heavy and bulky to carry around so they stay in the cupboard. It would be different if I was taking pics for a living but I don’t anymore. I take photos for fun and now using a smaller and lighter camera I find I carry it much more- in fact most of the time, something I wouldn’t be arsed to do with a Nikon.

        • who says you can’t use small cameras for a living? That Magnum photographer Alex Majoli has no problems 😉

  34. If this is real & not a fake then it is easily IMHO the most relevant new digital camera in a long, long time.

  35. Based on Canon rumors, they are also working on a ‘entry-level’ FF camera which probably will be announced during Photokina…

  36. I don’t shoot with DSLRs but if I did I would go with Nikon nowadays. They seem to give photographers what they want without having to spend thousands to step in to pro-like gear. Canon take notice.

  37. You bet I want one! This will be my first upgrade in the dSLR world. From D70 to D600!

    Where’s the order button?

  38. I sold all my Nikon DX stuff a while back but this Camera could bring me back to Nikon. This time FX as an addition to my X100. Build quality of a D7000 would be totally fine with me. Just one thing please Nikon PLEASE don’t use the AF System of the D7000!!!!!!!!

    • Why? What’s wrong with the D7000 AF system?
      I had D7000 before and I do have D800 now – I have to tell you – not much of a difference in performance, just more points. At least for most shooting situations.
      You should better say:
      “please Nikon PLEASE don’t use the AF System as the one in X100!!!!!!!!”

    • Well, there are also rumors that the Canon will come out with an entry level full frame sensor DLSR, 7D Mark II. We’ll have to wait and see what the price is.

      • And there is the rumor of Canon since about 3years already that they will come out with their own mirrorless system…still waiting.


  39. If the D600 offers a 10% lighter, 10% smaller body than the D700, with at least the same build quality, ergonomics and image quality, it’s a very tempting offering.

    At the rumoured price point, there must be a snag though. Nothing comes for free.

    • Is the leaked D600 FX too good to be true at the rumored price point? Not if we contemplate one or more of these possible “snags”:

      (1) Pentamirror instead of pentaprism; (2)92% viewfinder instead of 100%; (3) all-plastic construction instead of steel or magnesium frame; (4) 3-4 FPS instead of 5-7 FPS; (5) X-sync at 1/125 instead of 1/200 or higher; (6) shutter rated for 100K cycles instead of 150-200K; (7) MSRP at high end of rumored range, e.g. $2,299.00

  40. OMG, Yes. Sorry but thats what I feel this should be a home run from Nikon. I would switch my K5 for this in a heartbeat even though I love my Limited lenses I would trade them for a small full frame camera.

  41. Nikon is on the right track, congratulations. They make reasonable cameras at reasonale prices. I have my old nikkor lenses from 70’ies, this might be my next camera.

  42. I do not really care about how expensive it is. I sold the D700 because it was too big and heavy. I want a SMALL FX body, not a cheap one.

      • Just for reference, Camerasize says that the D7000 weighs 780g with battery and cards.
        So the 600 is 70g or about 2.5 ounces ounces heavier.

        I suppose that’s reasonable, since the pentaprism needs to be bigger.

        Still, the Nikon F3 was made out of cast iron and weighed 762g

        The Olympus E-420 weighed 445g. Not a comparable camera, but that pretty much defines the floor for how light any DSLR can be.

  43. hummm okay dude, If i can see clean, it can use AF and AF-D lenses on it, not only AF-S… It can be true. What do you think Steve ?

      • Unless Nikon does something stupid, the lenses should work. That 50 is one of my favorite. I wish the 135 AF wasn’t the cost of an M6, I’d love to add that one to my Nikon lens library.

  44. I use a Sony a850 and is about to get the Zeiss 85/4,4 for my model shots. The Nikon 600 is def VERY tempting. I love those primes 35/2 50/1,4 which i used on their DX cameras. Exciting times.

  45. A full frame in a (relative) small package, without all the pro-stuff (like a gazillion frames per second, 15.000 AF points, etc.) is more than welcome over here. I guess that my D300 + 17-55 won’t see the end of this year, if all goes well.
    Any rumors on M-mount adapters yet for the D600? 😀

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