The Great YouTube Nikon V1 full kit YouTube GIVE-AWAY!

The Great YouTube Nikon V1 full kit YouTube GIVE-AWAY! 

Hello to ALL! You may have noticed a few Nikon V1 posts lately here on the site..well that has been a teaser of sorts because I am giving away a Nikon V1, 10mm 2.8, 10-30 2.8 and 30-110 – a FULL Nikon V1 setup to one of my YouTube subscribers! All you have to do is watch the video below and follow the rules but this is open ONLY to my YouTube subscribers in appreciation of hitting 7000 subscribers there! How exciting is that? WooHoo!

On August 16th 2012 I will pick the winner at random and I will contact that winner via their youtube channel for their shipping info! How cool is that? All you have to do is create a video reply to the video below and ATTACH it to the video page as a video reply –  You can attach your reply at the video page on youtube HERE.

Check out the video below I made for the contest…


Just another giveaway to show my appreciation for those who have helped me hit 7000 subscribers on my YouTube channel! GOOD LUCK TO ALL who enter!

BTW, a KILLER V1 article is coming later today so check back!



  1. It’s very generous of you, Thanks.
    V1 is actually a very excellent system. I doubt Leica’s new compact system will be better (such as D-lux 6, maybe).

  2. Congrats on 7000 YouTube subs….Wow that is a Great Camera…I really really want it. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Steve…..pretty generous give away on your part, somebody is going to be very happy. What’s the deal though, thought you said you really enjoyed the V1?

  4. Congrats Steve…I’m one of the 7000 🙂 – will upload a response soon.

  5. Yes, congratulations on reaching 7,000 registered viewers. My only complaint is this; many of us faithfully watch each and every one of the YouTube videos but do not subscribe due to googles new privacy policy. I had my own channel and used gmail too but when this change came, I deleted both my accounts in protest.
    Please don’t think this is a case of sour grapes, it isn’t, it’s just me pointing out that there a many more viewers that do follow you but are not recorded as registered viewers. Kind regards, Macjim.

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