Daily Inspiration #348 by Barry Schuurman

Hi Steve,

Seeing as your review made me decide to sell all my heavy Nikon DSLR gear to pay for the Fujifilm X100, I thought it was only fair to show how incredibly happy I am with it. I know there have been plenty of people writing and raving about this camera, but seeing as Fuji keeps updating the firmware, I think we can keep talking about it.

Like mentioned on every single review, it´s a pretty quirky device that takes some getting used to, but with all it´s latest upgrades, the manual focus is actually acceptable and all it´s quirks will never add up to the image quality.

A few days after I bought it, I flew to Cyprus for a holiday, which was the perfect place to put the camera to it´s primary use, Street Photography. I have only recently started shooting street photography, so i´m still pretty ¨street shy¨.

But with the X100 everything goes with ease, all I do is smile, show people the camera, and they will happily get their picture taken.

The day is was looking forward to, was the day we spent in Nicosia, the last divided capital city of Europe. A city that in the 70´s got torn apart between Turkey and Cyprus, and to this day has UN presence and guarded walls to protect it´s border crossing. Armed with just 1 camera, fixed lens, 3 spare batteries(I needed them!) and a smile, I spent the afternoon photographing this beautiful, but bizarre place.

I was very happy my girlfriend brought her mum along, cause I was in my own world.

The following photographs were taken at the Turkish and Cypriot side of the border, showing the destruction that this conflict has caused and still causes to the citizens.


  1. Nice one Barry,
    I live in Melbourne but my family is from Cyprus (Limassol). I visited old town Nicosia just a little over a month ago and loved the street photography opportunities of this very unique area.

    Love the x100. Loved your shots & thanks for sharing!

  2. Very nice photos. I had the X100 for a year and half and finally sold it when I bought a RX100. They are different cameras but the auto focus on the X100 even after the latest firmware is still slow. As for the manual focus, well it was the main reason I sold at the end. even if I had all day to manually focus, it drove me crazy. The camera itself was great in terms of IQ but the focus could of been improved.

  3. Same here, all my nikon equipment was sold and now I have a lovely X100 with the wide angle converter plus the EF-X20 flash, I also brought a black leather half case, leather strap and a soft relese button that looks and feels amazing, by far the best camera I ve ever own! I am waiting for a tele converter to make my dream kit complete.

  4. Beautiful set of photographs. —

    Did you have the camera set on any special B&W tones or did you adjust in PP ?

    I really like my X-100 also.

  5. Congratulations to Fuji and have fun. The last picture I like the most, which I believe you can still get better results. Here and there a little correct exposure and focus, and you’ll learn they do not want to give up. I also am a few months ago on Street Tour and you will see in the course of time you will be courageous. But how have also written with a smile, it’s not that hard, and then you’re going to go even dare to get closer.

    Greetings Klaus

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