Man’s Best Friend, faithful to the end.

Man’s Best Friend, faithful to the end. 

My dog Scrubby. He is getting old. At 14 he is the equivalent of a 98-year-old man in human years..or so they say. Maybe that is why he has been sleeping 21 hours a day, having a hard time getting up and panting after a walk to his food bowl. My faithful companion who has stuck by me through thick and thin, through the good times and the awful times seems to know his time his near (though not quite here just yet). When I was down, he laid by my side continually. When I was sick he sat by me and rested his head on my shoulder. When I was happy he was happy with me. When I went through a divorce he was there, looking at me and licking me as if to say “cheer up Dad, you still have me”!

Scrubby is the best dog I have ever owned in my life. He never had a mean bone in his body yet he would risk his life if it meant he would save mine. Dog’s are faithful like that and I have yet to meet a person…a human… who can match a dogs trust and faithfulness. They have hearts of gold and are innocent as a newborn baby. They do not know anger or think bad thoughts. A dog becomes very much like one of your own children..a family member that sticks with you to the end.

Scrubby always ran to the door when I would come home, even if it was from a 5 minute trip to the corner store. He would be excited and happy. These days he still gets up though his back legs are stiff and make it hard for him to move, let alone run to the door. It takes him a minute or two but he still greets me. Yes he has lost much of his energy but he still has his spirit as he will struggle to get up when I get close and I tell him to just stay and relax. He usually still gets up, wags his tail and follows me to wherever I go in the house.

I know the time is getting near for Scrubby as the last thing I want is for him to be in any kind of pain or suffering. He still gets excited, still seems happy and still has some energy but lately he has just not been the same. So since that day is near I decided to put up this post as a tribute to all dogs..and owners who love them. Scrubby may have a week left, or a month or maybe a few months. Maybe he will stick me with another year but when that day gets here..when his time comes.. it is going to be very hard for me. I have lived alone for the last 2 1/2 years..just me and him for the most part.

So to all of those who have a faithful companion of their own go over to them after reading this and give them a pat on the head, a hug or even sit with them for a few minutes. If there is one thing in life dogs love and want, it is our affection. That’s all they crave really. In return they give us everything they have as if their purpose is to please us. 🙂

All photos in this post were shot with the Olympus OM-D and 12-50 Kit zoom. One photo was shot with the OM-D and Leica 50 Lux 1.4.


  1. Max, sorry for your loss. I know exactly the feeling. I live with seven doggies, three of them where born at my home and the rest I have them since they’re where two months. Recently my Rhodesian Ridgeback “Loeki” past away after been with me at my side for 15 years, he was very ill at the end so I have to put him to sleep. Remember all the doggies after death they go to heaven!

  2. Hi, I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way about their dog. December of last year, my sisters dog had puppies. In February, she had given/sold all of them but one. As my sister had to work, she asked me to watch the last puppy during the day until she could find a good home for him. At first, I didn’t want the responsibility of looking after a dog, but as the days went by, he grew on me. Everyday my mom and siblings would ask what I named him, as if hoping I would decide to keep him. Everyday, I would tell them, “hes not mine to name, I’m not keeping him”. After a week and a half I named the cute little guy with a white patch in the shape of a lightning bolt on his neck in his brindled fur(He only peed on my bed twice while he was a puppy, and both times were my fault because I was to lazy to get up when he needed to go out in the morning). After I named Steven, I couldn’t imagine giving him away and made plans to keep him and arranged for my mom and sisters to look after him when I moved away for school in the fall. I spent every minute with Steven, he walked with me, napped on the couch with me, went on drives with me, and he even slept with me every night(he would rest his head on my neck when I went to bed). Then Summer came and I had to leave to work a month at a time and had to leave my loyal companion at home. Every time I left I would say good bye to my good boy and leave to work. When I returned each time, he would be so excited to see me and bounce in his cage and cry, then I would let him out and he couldn’t keep himself still, every time I told him to sit, his butt would touch the ground for a second and then he would be bouncing all over me again. This is how all summer went. Then in September, I had to leave for school. With a heavy heart, I had to say goodbye to my bestfriend for now until I came back to visit. I thought of him often as I missed his present while I went to sleep at night. This weekend, I was planning on going home for the long weekend so I bought him a big bag of denta bones from Costco yesterday. Today, after I got home from school, my Mom phoned me, she said my dog was hit. She said the woman didn’t even see him in her truck and got out and started swearing at my Mom. My Mom said she held him in her arms until his little heart stopped beating. I had no idea how much Steven meant to me until that phone call today. My brother has a son, and my sister has a daughter and Steven is to me as their children are to them. My only regret is that I didn’t put more effort into finding a place where I could have him with me. I kept telling myself I would find a place in February when my program is done so I could have him with me always. Now all I have are the memories and the big bag of denta bones to remind me he was real and how much he actually meant to me. Home this weekend wont be the same without my puppy.

  3. Hi Steve:
    Almost every one of your photos has captured me and kept my interest in photography through the last few years. These, though, will forever remain my favorites, as they say what I feel every day with my loyal dog. As she lays at my feet at this very moment, looking up with that ever-present unconditional love that I feel from her, I wish you and Scrubby joyous time together. The small stone in front of my keyboard says it best; “dogs leave paw prints on our hearts”. Best to you.

  4. Steve, this is a powerful post. I love my dogs to no end and can’t bear the thought of losing them. Good luck to you and Scrubby.

  5. Hi Steve,

    Verry touching post. I know how you feel. I’ve had to make these descisions with my cats when they we’re twelve years old and got very ill.
    But the love you get from your dog (or cat) is unconditional.
    I hope you can enjoy your companion for many more months.

  6. Thank you. first time visiting your site and what I find? a truely touch heart story. Great photos of your lovely companion, and hope Scrubby have a peacefull and pleasant end of live.

  7. Thanks for the great post Steve. We have four miniature schnauzers, the oldest being 13 and it’s clear he’s slowing down. We lost another prematurely at the age of 9, three years ago to cancer. They are our children and we love them as such.

  8. Great read! I know exactly what you’re talking, I live with seven dogs, but my love of my life was “Loeki”, a Rhodesian Ridgeback that lived with me for fourteen years since he was a two month old puppie. He die three months ago, but it was amazing to see him getting up when I came home in the afternoon, he used to run with some effort and pain sometimes just to come to the entrance of my rural home, (in the mountains near Bogota). I miss him very much, but it was about time he deserve it to rest in peace and I’m sure he’s in good company with other doggies in heaven. Thanks again for your thoughts. So long.

  9. Hi Steve,

    Very touching written and it struck a chord, even though I never had a dog.
    Emotional photos as well..

    Obviously Scrubby lived a long because he had a good life and wanted to be with you as long as possible.

    Wishing you the best and im sending lots of Fuerza to you guys..

    Best regards,

  10. 2 years ago I had to put down my best friend who was 16 years old. I got her shortly after my move from Texas to Oregon. Missy was my mountain biking partner, my hiking partner, my climbing and camping partner. She was the reason I met my wife and the sweetest and most mellow dog you could meet. When our daughter was born she was already old, but put up with her infant an toddler stages. Having to put her down was the hardest thing I have ever done. My daughter brought flowers to her grave at my in-laws just minutes after I buried her. She was a member of our family.
    Your story brought me to tears. I miss her very much, but I’m grateful for all the memories.

  11. What a lovely tribute to your best bud, Scrubby. Anybody who’s enjoyed a dog’s undying love can relate. I hope you two enjoy quite a few more leisurely walks, Steve, they’ll take on more poignancy (trust me).



  12. i lost my first dog about a year ago and reading this brought a tear to my eye. thanks for sharing and enjoy every passing moment you can with scrubby.

  13. A very touching text although I don’t have dog myself.
    One of the most beloved songs 30 years ago here, and ever since then is about a man who ask the musician the question if he can bring the dog with him to heaven when our lord put out the light of life.

    A version in English with a bit different lyrics was recorded in 2000 and can be found here:
    Obviously song and video is out of sync as it is the studiorecording together with video from another performance.

    The Swedish original is here:
    For people who are allergic to certain music I must warn that this is Swedish Country Music! 🙂
    With inspiration from USA. Notice the American Linedance!

  14. it’s so true that no man can match a dog’s faithfulness and trustworthiness, I sometimes almost feel they’re more deserving than us to live longer. I’ve had a labrador pubby for about 8 months and i already feel that. my puppy sometimes misbehaves such as chewing on my shoes or furniture but he does so in all innocent ways, he also has some congenital conditions like panosteitis and hip dysplasia but i love him all the same. And after owning a dog i feel particularly sad when i see or hear stories about dogs being abandoned or mistreated by their owners . Steve, I’m truly happy for you for having such a loyal companion, and i think i know what you must be going through fearing that Scrubby will soon come to an end of his cherished life. Best of luck to you and to Scrubby!

  15. Hi Steve,
    your best post, definitively.
    More than any Leica or Oly, Scrubby will be part of your sensibility (pics and comments) for ever !
    Then if time is near, it’s still time to love.



  16. Scrubby a far better human being than i will ever be.

    If there is one thing i could remove from people it would be them being judgemental
    then people would be more like Scrubby
    & the world would be whole lotta more beautiful.

  17. Steve, this is probably my favourite of all your articles. Great story, and beautiful photos.

    It will certainly be hard when he goes, but you of course know he had a good life. I would suggest that all you can do is get another dog. It’s not a betrayal or anything of the sort, it’s going to a rescue shelter and giving a great home to another needy dog, that simple.

    Beautiful story.

  18. Steve,

    this is your best post ever… thanks so much for sharing this with us… remember this: Photography only acquires full value with the irreversible disappearance of the referent, with the death of the subject photographed, with the passing of time. Ronald Barthes.

  19. Steve, this is a wonderful tribute, in images and words, to your friend. I have been blessed to have some wonderful furpeople in my life, too. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Massive respect for this beautiful and heartfelt story about a wonderful animal. Made me think of (and really miss) the sweet dogs I once had. Give Scrubby a big hug for me.

  21. Hi Steve,

    Really, really touching. It’s so hard to decide when the time is there to prevent him from suffering. Me, I never liked dogs, until I became good friends with my neighbour, who has a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Since that moment, I gradually started to love the dog and now, even if it’s not my own dog, I miss the big guy when I’m away. It is so touching to see how commited he is to his boss and how genuine his behaviour is. I think you really have to experienced the affection between dog and humans before you can understand why it is so hard to say goodbye for good to your four-legged friend. Steve, just remember all the good times you had with your friend!

  22. Steve, thanks for your post.

    I found this posting a while ago to share with you all…

    “The dog makes no distinction between the great and the humble, between the rich and powerful, and those who have nothing to offer.
    He walks with Kings and to our delight with our Queen, he shares our pleasures, our labours, our sports, our follies, our triumphs, and disasters, our homes and our families. Through the dog we enrich our lives and in return he asks only that we give him what he gives us – our friendship.”

  23. Really sorry to hear Scrubby is nearing the end Steve. My dogs mean the world to me. One last thing you could try is a raw diet (RAW or BARF). We thought our cat was ready to pop off so we decided to try her on raw again. (she didn’t take to it first time or we didn’t try hard enough) She could hardly walk and was in poor condition at 10 years old. She’s now like a 3 year old again. You may just give Scrubby another couple of years. Our dogs thrive on it.

    Best wishes.

  24. Steve,
    Thanks for posting this. It’s particularly moving to see the photos with you and Scrubby together. You will treasure those photos.


  25. Thank you for this wonderful post. As soon as I read it I went over and gave my dog a hug.

    I have a pug who is getting up there in years but I love her as much today as I did when she was a puppy. All she wants in life is to be friends and hang out and I try to grant that wish for her as much as I possibly can.

  26. Hi Steve,

    Reading your post this morning in my Google Reader, I came to give my condolences. I wish you well and I hope he’s in doggy heaven running around and catching tennis balls.

    -Chris Gampat

  27. Thanks for the entry Steve. It was very touching. My own dog, Spenser is 11 years old he still has the same joy and energy as your own friend. However, he is no longer able to jump onto the bed as he used to and some physical things are more difficult to him. Though we may have several more years together, I dread when he will no longer to be with us. Nevertheless, I try to show as much love and attention as I can because he deserve it for all that he has provided us. I know that it is hard time for the both of you, but you’re not alone. And most importantly, he isn’t. He has you which is a great thing. All the best.

  28. All dogs go to heaven!
    Thanks for this post, it made me almost cry remembering my previous two dogs. The place where I dug my 2nd dog is very near to a place I’m sitting right now and I remember her last years.
    Scrubby will go, but will go being with you, and that’s everything any dog wants.

    • Bob, obviously Scrubby cares nothing about the medium…he’s all about the content and emotion. If he could shoot, all his photos would be of his loving companion, Steve.

  29. Touching and heartfelt story of your buddy. You can not underestimate the human and animal bond as it is very powerful and I believe it is like touching eternity. We lost one of our beloved Abyssininian cats to diabetes last year. It was one of the most difficult passings I have ever been through, and while not a dog they rival any dog with their loyalty and love. Sensitivity to animals is definitely a step up the evolutionary ladder and makes life worth living. Keep on loving Steve and the pictures you will always have, and will bring you back to those times you had with your dear friend. All things love are eternal and you are with him now and will be together with him again!

  30. Beautifull post and images Steve, full of feeling and compassion that only a true dog lover could express.

    I have lost two dogs due to old age in my dog owning life and still have dogs to this day so I know how you feel about eventually losing Scrubby and the sadness that goes with it.

    I remember complaining once that it was not fair that their lifespans were much shorter than ours, to which someone replied, thats Gods way of making sure you experiance unconditional love more than once in your lifetime. Strangly enough although I am not a very religious person this thought gave me comfort.

  31. You almost made me cry at work. You story reminds me Vanille, my labrador… miss her…

    Thank you Steve. Also many thanks to Scrubby, since your blog might not have been exactly the same without him…


  32. Mine is Peggy (!/peggy.holyoake). And I know just how you feel. The essence of photography is that while I know how every one who has a loved family member with 4 paws feels. Now that I have seen these lovely and veryr atmospheric pictures , I know just how YOU feel, about YOUR pooch. Something that I didn’t know before.

    Peggy is just turning 9 years old, and with any luck we shall all have many happy times together before that dreaded day dawns.

    I share my life with my wife and Peggy on facebook (Feel free to look me up) and Peggy has her own page (Peggy Holyoake) . Thank you for sharing yours, Lovely images, very full of emotion , well captured.

  33. Tears in my eyes Steve! Two thumbs up! I also lost two dogs because they where old. You never forget them and stay part of your life.

    Wishing you all the best and strength for comming time.

    Respect, Jeffrey

  34. Really good post to read, Steve. I have had 3 dogs in my life and like you, they were good friends and companions, through thick and thin; Balder, Bonzo and Connie.

    I also think your pictures carries some of the soul of Scrubby. The second picture is superb in my eyes.

    Cheers Steve 🙂

  35. Hey Steve, it’s so nice to find a post here about something bigger than photography and still to have some lovely pictures that go along with it. It makes your site even more agreable to visit!!!

    I perfectly get what your discribing, having lived it all: devorce, alone with my dogs, having to part from them after a last period that they sticked to me so much, telling me that their time was near…
    Still, this last period is very dear – one gets even closer. I hope you’ll have quite some time left with Scrubby. Every fase of life has his beauty, also the last one. I only hope that he can go smoothly, without suffering…

  36. Beautiful post, Steve. Thanks for sharing your heart. Our animal companions are as much our family as any human could ever be, and there isn’t much in the world more precious than their companionship and love. You’ve conveyed that so powerfully in words an imagery.

  37. Its my first time posting here after about a year of following but this story really hit close to home for me. My dog passed away when she was 12 years old on Thanksgiving almost 3 years ago and it was a huge shock to me. I was 17 at the time and I still remember the day we got her when I was in the 1st grade. I had been with her for almost 3/4 of my whole life to that day and I was devastated. I still pray for her to this day and I miss her dearly.

    The only advice I could give is to be happy that you got to have scrubby in your life, rather than be sad about his passing. I wish you all the best and please give scrubby a pat on the head for me.

  38. Thank you Steve for sharing. I have no idea of what you may be going through but I can’t imagine how it would be around our home when Butch our Springer Spaniel passes. Fortunately, he’s only 7 years old and if all goes well he has at least another 7 years here.

    What’s really interesting is my wife was never a dog lover but now our springer spaniel is really her third child.

    Because of Butch and my work travel schedule (I travel almost 180 days out of the year for my job and in a different hotel every night), staying in hotels for vacation is not possible with him nor me.

    So the Mrs. found a used 34′ Airstream travel trailer and made me buy a truck to pull it with just so we could take Butch where ever we go on vacation.

    As a matter of fact, we leave this weekend for a 9 week road trip to west of the Rockies and of course our Butch will be riding along.

    My first blog post with my first ever Leica lens:

  39. steve, i have been a regularly following the posts on your site and this post is the best ever posted since it compelled me to put a comment for the first time in over a year. Really touching and heart warming. I also have a dog named jimmy, hes like a family member and the most popular in our house. A dogs virtues such as trust, loyalty and friendship are unparalleled and incomparable to any other animal or even people.

    I would like to recommend and i hope that some of the other readers also agree that when scrubby passes away, a fitting tribute would be to put a photo of him on the top part of your website where you currently have three photos. A small space at the top on your webpage will keep memories of him with you as well as all the readers who have derived the joy in reading the posts where he was featured. I really hope that you do this since it could be the least that you could do for him while he has done a lot more for you than you actually know.

    I hope that that scrubby has not many weeks or months to come but years to come and provide you with the unconditional love as a companion that he has provided you all these years. (this comment is not written with my head but with my heart, a real dog lover)

  40. Great great article steve, straight from the heart i believe.

    If u like movie like i did. I watch not long ago.
    The Dark Knight Rise … the character i like the most is … Alfred …
    Just like u said, Loyal to the very end, just want the best for his Master, never had bad thought, far from selfish … maybe this is human version for scrubby … and u are … The Dark Knight … 🙂

    Keep the Good stuff steve, best regard Dennie

  41. People baulk at me when they find out I spent 15K USD to get my baby from Beijing to Sydney. I would do it again in a heart beat. That money in the bank or in a Leica can never fulfil me like my naughty 7 year old Peke can.

    Dogs and dog people are simply put – better than ordinary folk and people in general.

  42. Wow Steve, I’m speechless… Praying for the best with you and your buddy Scrubby… Wherever or whenever Scrubby goes, i think he will be waiting for you forever to bond once again… That day will come! Tails wagging and full of joy to see you once again… Keep the Faith!

    Best of luck!

  43. Steve, that was a beautiful and moving post. I think we all can appreciate your love for Scrubby and the loss you will face. Two years ago I lost my best friend of 14 years, Charlie. I still feel the pain. My heart goes out to you. Treasure the time you still have together and thank you for sharing the wonderful, personal photos and story.

  44. They become part of the family. We have family photos and the dogs were always included. It is very hard when the go.

  45. Steve, you got me all choked up. My wife & I have had two English bulldogs, Milo & Gertie ever since they were puppies. This past year, our old boy Milo passed away at the age of 12 – and my little girl Gertie is getting up there now too at 9 1/2 years old.

    There is absolutely nothing else in the world like the unconditional love of a dog. I’m sending Scrubby some love and aloha, and hope he has a few years left. You may even want to looking into medications like Rimadyl that may improve Scrubby’s quality of life … I know it bought Milo some extra time, and when he was painfree he was like a puppy again.

    Here’s a photo my princess Gertrude.

    And a photo of Milo in his prime with our son Travis.

  46. Aw man Steve love the pictures, but I couldn’t finish reading this one–got me all choked up thinking about my pup–whew!

  47. Nice article Steve thanks for sharing dogs are the best great for your mood your health and well being
    Love the close up,portrait scrubby

  48. Experiences enrich our lives, experiences are fleeting, enrichment is forever… Scrubby will go, but what he gave you, you will always have.

  49. Truly written and ‘warm’ & wonderful photos. My dog Eskimo is 10 years now. A mixed breed, but looks and act for 90% as a Border Collie, except he is almost kinda white. He is been beaten up almost for sure in his early years and it took quiet some time to win his trust. But he is now loyal, faithful and almost with me all the time. Even when I’m out working for the newspaper in the back of my old also trustful Landcruiser. He has his own place at both offices and know all about automatic doors 🙂 Don’t have to give him any commands, just a look or sign and he knows what is up. Helped me to a difficult period as well. If I feel good he is more on his own. Do I feel bad, he is coming to me every 5 or 10 minutes. And of corse he is probably the most photographed model/subject by me.

    Hope you will have great quality time together the coming weeks, months and hopefully years. Ronald

  50. Steve:
    Beautiful pics Steve….I’ve always noticed him as a ‘regular’ in your photos over the years, whether he appears in the background of a camera bag review video, checkin’ out the action, or as the subject of some wonderful depth of field examples. Beautiful dog, beautiful friend. My Oscar is 17. He’s losing his sight, his hearing, getting a bit confused, sleeps more. He’s been with me through divorce and other breakups, deaths, everything. Scrubby has been lucky to have your companionship as well – dogs are social animals and need that contact from others that care, and they notice when it’s absent. You’re important to each other. As for Scrubby, Pablo Neruda is right:

    “…he’d keep on gazing at me
    with a look that reserved for me alone
    all his sweet and shaggy life,
    always near me, never troubling me,
    and asking nothing.”


  51. I really feel your sadness, Steve, in your eloquent tribute to your faithful Scrubby.
    I have followed your ups and downs over the years and you have, on numerous occasions, spoken with great affection about your faithful companion.

    I, and my family, have always had dogs, and as you say they are the most faithful of creatures, but when the time comes for them to cross the “rainbow bridge” it can break your heart. Just try and console yourself with the fact that you have given him love and affection, and a good life – and he will remain with you in spirit for ever.

    Best wishes,


  52. My eyes filled with tears while I was reading your post, seeing your photos. You are so lucky for having him and he is so lucky for having you…
    Losing my lovely dog was one of the worst experiences of my life (and I’ve had countless sad moments), she spent ten years with me and it’s been over ten years she left. And I’ve missed her every single day.
    Close to my laptop I have a photo where she seems to smile in my arms, she was so sweet…
    I’m not sure if I believe in Heaven, but I do believe there’s a special place for them.
    They are the only creatures that can love us unconditionally…

  53. Thanks, Steve. Many of us have similar stories. A few years back, my 8 year old Golden “Kali” developed an inoperable tumor and began a downhill slide, moving in obvious pain. Finally, I reluctantly decided that, the next day, I drive from my job in Boston to our home in CT, take her for one last, painful walk in the woods, then to the vet for euthenasia.

    During the night, she somehow made it up the stairs and woke each of our children with a nuzzle.

    The next morning, before I could reach my home in Old Saybrook, my daughter found her dead in her favorite spot on a rug in the family room, beside the chair where I would sit and stroke her head.

    7 years later, I miss her terribly. But she’s still with me, and after he’s gone, so will Scrubby.

  54. Great post.

    Our local meteorologist brought his dog “Stormy” to work with him and was a big part of the weather segment. He would post viewers photos of their pets. They built Stormy a doghouse on the weather outside set.

    He got all choked up on this mornings show. Said Stormy passed away yesterday. He had him from a pup for 13 years.

    They break your heart :0(

  55. I think that dogs are more than just pets, they are our family.

    Thank you for sharing this Steve, beautiful story and photos. I know how you feel.

  56. Very touching. I think Scrubby may feel sorry can’t be with you any longer when his time is come to an end.

    The 1st picture is from Lux. Am I right?

  57. Steve,

    I have been a follower of you and your site/YouTube for about 18 months. This post is the most moving post I have come across anywhere. Your love is pouring out of it, and your honesty and vulnerability almost hurts to read. The photos are amongst the finest you have published because there is such life and feeling in them. It saddens me to see someone who has brought me such joy and knowledge in such pain. You will be in my thoughts.

    Thank you.


  58. Hi Steve, I wish you much strength and love your memories never fade. I lost my friend, Max 5 years ago that is not 12 years gone from my side. I still have the feeling that he is with me, as if he had only just gone. In the park, which is filled with sunshine and love and trust It’s still so hard without him. goodbye Max Sometime we go back together in the park, and never more to be separated. Klaus in Love

  59. Dogs truly are our best friends. I love the way when I come home late from work and the wife and kids are already asleep, my yellow lab is there when I open the door with her tail wagging. No matter how bad your day has been or how awful you feel, she is always there just wanting you to acknowledge her, pet her, talk to her…..Scrubby is special to you and the love really comes through in the pictures.

  60. Very nice pictures. I could use your exact words for my Mandy who is 12 years old. Have to stop, it’s getting hard to see.

  61. Your post totally hit home with me, and I’m crying to prove it! 😉 My own dog has been with me through good and awful times too; I really don’t know what I would have done without her at certain points. She is 8 now, and I can hardly stand the thought of a time when it will be her time. They are so very very special. We consider each of our pets to be as loved as children. Clearly he is loved much, and I’m sure he knows it and loves you back just the same.

  62. Speak the truth brother!! My dog got me thru some dark days when I was living alone in Charlotte but had to give him away when I moved back to Vegas. It was priceless every time I came home and see him running to the fence to see me!

  63. I feel with you Steve!
    Our dog passed away this July after 15 long years by our side! It is a very tough time…
    Savour every second you have and keep the memories if nothing else is left…
    Cause that’s something dog owners will always have… Memories of the time they spent and of the things they’ve been through!
    I wish you all the best and a lot of strength for the time to come and all the best for your dog!
    As a former dog owner let me say it again: I feel with you!

  64. We lost our 15 year old Husky last year, she was like a 2nd child to us. You never know what the right thing to do is or when the right time has come, but i rest assure you He’ll tell you when he’s ready.

  65. Dogs don’t care if you are skinny or fat, hairy or bald, rich or poor, young or old, what you do for a living or what car you drive; all they they want is to hang out with you. How many friends can you say that about?

  66. I have the same bond with my 15 year old Burmese cat. She spends a lot of sleeping, sometimes curled up in the crook of my arm. But she’ll still race me up the garden like a teenager. Unconditional, loyal, and always a presence. I’ve had cats for 40 years and can’t imagine life without one.

    • I’m right there with ya Paul. We have four Abyssinians and have had cats my whole life…people who value their own independence appreciate the independence of the feline….But dogs are awesome as well. Pets are what you put into them and are a reflection of your own consciousness.

    • Great read. My two labrador retreiver’s are my two best friends. I feel the same about my two as you obviously do about your dog. Sounds like Scrubby has had a great life.


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