Daily Inspiration 156 by Tany Kely

Hi Steve!

I like your website and I read it everyday. Two months ago I went to India. It was my first trip with my Leica M9 I bought in last June. I hope you’ll like these three shots and others on my website here.

I hope you’ll publish it. It was an impressive trip with a stunning culture and photogenic people.

Best regards

Tany Kely


  1. Whooah! Excellent work Tany. Actually, I had an extended look at your images on your website and was even more impressed. You have an excellent eye. I have only been to India once, and I didn’t take a camera!! I took many mental images away with me though and these shots remind me of what I saw in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur all those years ago. You also have a great sense of humour and I can see the irony in some of your work too.

    Also, I like your willingness to rise to the more challenging compositions. The Rainy Day ‘pastiche’ of Henri Cartier Bresson famous shot (without the puddle) for example includes well handled but tricky geometry which might otherwise have detracted from the image. Nice Work 🙂

    • Tany, these images are lovely. Since reading this article, I have spent a fair amount of time looking through the images on your web site. What you have achieved with your M 9 since June is truly amazing! In particular, I love how you use shape and pattern in your compositions. The image of the Indian lady in the observatory really knocked me out.

  2. Great shots Tany! I have done quite a few trips to India and it is a photographers paradise. Really enjoyed your website selection too. Can’t wait to get back there again but with my Leica 🙂

  3. I have to say that your website photos are wonderful. Some are quite humorous. I love the ones with the rats hanging on the rail and the cow entering a doorway. You captured some awesome photos, especially of the people in relationship to their environment.

  4. Tany: Well I think your photos are absolutely beautiful. I love the subject, composition and the tones. Wonderful job. I’m going to check out your website.

  5. Tany: Vos photos sont belles, vraiment génial. Évidemment, vous avez l’œil photographique pour ce que vous voyez. Votre site est très impressionnant et très prometteur. Cependant, j’ai remarqué que vous gardez vos distances de ceux qui apparaissent dans vos photos. Est-ce dû à une sorte de timidité de votre part? Je pense que si vous pouvez vous rapprocher de vos sujets, vos photos seraient encore plus puissant …. :d 😉 🙂

    Tany: Your photographs are beautiful, really great. Obviously you have a photographic eye for what you see. Your website is very impressive and very promising. However, I noticed that you keep your distance from the people who appear in your photographs. Is it due to a sort of shyness on your part? I think that if you can get closer to your subjects, your photographs would be even more powerful…. 🙂

    • Bonjour iiian,

      Pour certaines photos, notamment la série “homo citadinus” c’est un choix, voulant montrer un individu perdu dans son environnement. Mais de manière générale, c’est surtout un défaut que je tends à corriger. Depuis que j’ai le Leica je parviens à m’approcher un peu plus… Peu à peu je sens que cela devient plus naturel…. Mais il ya encore un peu de travail 😉 Merci de ta visite

      • Tany: Il y a une vidéo intéressante sur YouTube dans lequel le photographe anglais John Freeman est interviewé au sujet de sa technique pour aborder les gens. Malheureusement, la qualité sonore de cette vidéo est médiocre, mais j’espère que vous pouvez le comprendre. Freeman est capable de photographier des gens de très, très près!
        J’espère que vous trouverez ses conseils intéressants, même si votre style photographique est très différente.
        J’ai hâte de voir de nouvelles images dans votre site web…

  6. The tonality of the images (website in particular) and composition are great, but they are also almost painfully sharp. Was that a conscious choice?

  7. Very nice imagery. Perfect actually, theres nothing more you need to do with these 3.
    Can you tell me where these places are, especially the buildings. I am an architect living next door in Sri Lanka and plan on doing a trip to North India.

  8. Wonderfull and lively pictures! Wonderful colours! And I can specially like the cows, that with the cow on its way in a house, the lying dog by the river and specially that unsharp one with the grinning and smiling boys fillid with joyfull energi…! nice work..!

  9. Tany, I just have to say WOW! Fantastic compositions and I’ll definitely be following your site from now on!
    It would be very interesting to read short stories about each picture. About the location, your feeling about the situation etc… Maybe something similar to what one of my other favorites on the net Yanidel: http://blog.yanidel.com/

    Please come back with more stories if Steve allows (but why wouldn’t you Steve 🙂 )

    • You’re right Anders Jeppson, I’m going to try to put explanations with my pics from now on. I didn’t write them out of laziness…
      I went to see the Yanidel’s blog. Thank you for the discovery, he has got some interesting photos !

  10. Great shot of the rats….they look comfy. I’m envisioning more below, so it appears a little too close for me. What lens did you use?

    • Hi John, well, while I took the photo, squatted, rats crossed me between legs!… 😉 My lens is a 35mm summicron f2 and it’s very good. But I dream about a 24 mm… or maybe the Zeiss 25mm, less expensive…

  11. I just watched some of your photos on your website because of the “samples” on this site. Because I also will visit India next march with my M8, this set was very interesting for me. Like Andrew, i also bookmarked your website and looking forward to see more of your great work to get some inspirations and maybe one day will also sent my daily inspiration to steve.

  12. You have a great eye for composition.
    I really loved the photos you posted here and especially those on your website.
    Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

  13. Hi Andrew and Kai! Thanks for you comments, I’m very happy you like my photos.
    I really love my leica: it’s so easy to use, discreet and high-quality. The rangefinder is a little bit difficult sometimes when I have to go fast but little by little I’m learning and it’s better.

  14. I really enjoyed looking at your photographs here and on your website. It is a very impressive body of work, and was astonished to read on your website that you have only been taking photographs since 2008. You certainly have an amazing eye for composition and catching that “decisive moment” and I am sure the Leica camera is made for you.
    I have bookmarked your website, and will look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
    I think Steve has made the right choice for his “Daily Inspiration” today.

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