New Fuji Cameras – The X-E1 and a retro compact! Leaked images…

The new Fuji cameras! The X-E1 and a retro compact! – Leaked images

Photokina is gonna rock next month with some amazing cameras being released. The Leica M10, the new Sony NEX cameras, lenses and surprises, the rumored Olympus E-P4 and Pro OM-D…and now, Fuji is in the game with a new compact and fast zoom lens built-in with a crazy retro appeal, or so say the rumors. Seems Fuji is leading the pack in the retro camera resurgence because as you can see in the image above it looks retro and sleek. These look like they could be legit pics but no one can say with 100% fact that they are. So be aware these are leaked pics and just a rumor for now though I know many “leaks” are controlled leaks so…

No EVF or VF at all though so I expect it to be small, sleek and of course, with that Fuji signature IQ and a decent price point. Looks sweet, like a tiny X100.

The X-E1

Fuji is also rumored to release a lower end/starter camera with the new XF mount as well as a HIGHER end camera (which I think will be an ultra WOW camera) next month. The new rumored X-E1 will be a less expensive version of the X-Pro 1 so this is exciting for those who want that Fuji look and feel but do not want to sound the bucks for the X-Pro. No stats yet of course but as soon as I know I will post it here.

On the camera is the new 18-55 Fuji lens also being announced at Photokina. Of course I will be reviewing ALL new products from Sony, Leica, Fuji and Olympus so it will be a busy next few months for me!

What do you guys think about these new “leaked” cameras. Remember, this is not official yet, just a leak announced over at They also state they have “inside info” on a new X-Pro 2. My question…where is the X200?

Leica also has a surprise or two up their sleeve for Photokina. Besides the “M10” which may not even be called the M10…maybe they will adopt the new Apple naming scheme and call it  “The new M” 🙂 Also expect the D-lux 6 and a surprise that no one expects. Hmmmm.


  1. XE1 sure looks sweet and with interchangeable lenses even better but I think I will just sit this one out until a higher end version of the x100 model finally emerges as in truth the “Fuji X100” has the makings of a real keeper and especially if they were to captilize on making it even better which would equal well worth the wait, on the other hand by the time this either does or doesn’t happen “Fuji” will have either dropped the ball completely or hopefully gotten it right, doing justice to its already successful X100… by then either way quite a few other brands will already be out, in the mix and have been reviewed helping to cement a solid decision regardless so will just kick back, wait, watch and take it from there once the smoke clears as it’ll be an ideal win win situation.

  2. the main question is not how cameras do look . The main questions are image quality , perfomance and bugs. Bugs can ruin a camera. Look at the X10 orbs issue !!!!!! or canon s100 zoom problem. Let us wait for users feedback. they are the beta testers.

  3. If Fuji, Cannon, Nikon, Panasonic or Olympus does not come out with a FF camera with EVF this month, then Leica M10 will have that territory to themselves again, with a rangefinder. Go figure.

  4. Sadly it looks like Fuji may be going in a different direction to where I’d hoped. I was really hoping for an X20 – an X10 with the hybrid viewfinder.

  5. Looks to be an exciting September with all these new cool cameras.

    Nikon V1 reduced to $596 @ Amazon!

    The new cameras keep on coming!

    Maybe a V2 on the wat too.

  6. Those are really beautiful cameras. The silver XE1 looks a lot like my 40 year old Canonet QL-17.
    Can’t wait to get more details.

  7. I don’t see the X200 coming out, nor do I see an X-Pro 2. I do see the X-E1 being released and priced between the X100 and the X-Pro 1 and I see a “higher-end” X-Pro 1 that drops the hybrid finder and incorporates a traditional rangefinder. Still an APSC and will include a new “higher-end” line of mechanical MF Prime lenses (with improved AF performance) that are faster (f1 to f1.4?), boast better optics than the current line up and be twice as expensive as the current primes. This new “X-R1” will sell for a little more than the price of a used M8. Perhaps the true reincarnation of the Contax G series for digital. It will retain it’s retro-styling but will show subtle design departures from the X-Pro1. The lenses will be interchangeable between the X-Pro1 and the “X-R1” giving XP1.

  8. yesss.. these will rock photokina and the industry as well..
    think those fuji designers are really good listeners to their customers..
    well done Fuji

    • I’ve read the XF lenses are built around the 1.5x format and would not be compatible with full frame due to the short flange distance between lens and sensor.

  9. I’d be surprised to see an X-Pro2 anytime soon.

    Fujifilm did its homework, a more direct NEX7 and OM-D competitor is what’s needed.

    And talking to dealers and distributors they all say sales are slow. Fujifilm needs to expand into new territory.

    More than two new X series models at Photokina?

    X-E1 and XF1 (or XP1), that’s it.

    Or I’d owe you a beer Steve!

  10. I will be interested to hear what you think about the new suff from Fuji. Please ask for one for review.

    The OM-D is good, but the X-pro 1 with the 35mm (in my opinion) as close as you can get to Leica for under $5,000.

  11. Fuji pleaaaseeee ditch the XE1 writing on the front
    as it detracts from the retroness.
    Put it on the top next to Fujifilm

    Else the ole electrical tape gonna make a reappearance 🙂

  12. No M10 at Photokina! The M9 (M9-P) will be the last true M digital model. It will be upgraded to M9.2 with improved LCD and noise levels at higher ISOs in due time (but not this year). Instead the show stealer will be the new Leica Q, a smaller, less expensive, mirrorless camera which can take both M and R lenses (adapters). It will be APS-C Sony sensor and with most of the “functions” seen in Japanese premium mirrorless cameras. Choice or material and build quality will be very high but without the heft of a M9. Price in the 3,000 USD range.

  13. Everything looks decent on the Xe-1 except for that grip that looks like a diaper add on. The silver looks better than black as the black paints make all cameras look like cheap plastic. IMO it’s such a big sin to put black paint over nice metal.

  14. The sheer reduction of buttons (and hopefully bells and whistles) on that new sleek Fuji is what every camera manufacturer should be aiming for. With all the advancements in sensors and compact lenses us users need to start worrying more about ergonomics and UI instead of spec sheets. Case in point, my two favorite cameras: Ricoh GR series and the Leica M9 😀

    • Hell, I’d even eliminate* the LCD screen from the back of the M9. It’s a betrayal. Leica could then raise the price by another grand or so. 😉

      * I really would.

  15. Interesting indeed. More and more temptations to go to Photokina – it is no that far and me and my wife could combine it with the visit of Schloss Bensberg Classics 2012 ( Hmmmm.

    I am really curios what will come from m4/3. Pro OM-D? I want to see that! Any ‘update’ to E-P family from Olympus? And what about RIcoh? There is complete silence around GXR and I am one of them who would love to see things moving there.

  16. They look great, and I love the idea behind the Fujis, but with bad autofocus and fly-by-wire manual, they’re just a crippled disappointment to me.

  17. That EX-1 sure is tempting. I was thinking about going for the X-Pro1, now I’m going to wait for Photokina to see what all the manufacturers come out with. It’s time to downsize…my DSLR is getting too cumbersome…

  18. both looks good. From the lenses of the compact, I assume it uses the same sensor of X10, but with approx.25-100mm range, f1.8-4.9, compared to X10’s 28-112mm, f2-2.8. Love the look, but doubt it has the performance of the 1″ sensor Sony RX100

    • From the stats on the lens, you’re right about the sensor. It appears to have a manual zoom, unusual in this category, and has markings for 25-100 right on the lens. Wish I could have these looks plus the ovf of the X10. Maybe that will be the X20.

  19. EX-1 looks good (in black). The compact not so much – prefer the x10. I think Fuji missed the mark a bit with the X-pro-1. It was neither high end enough or not cheap enough. I think they are rightly addressing that with 2 models. Anyway why produce a range of lenses for only one camera? Hard to imagine what an X-200 would be. How to improve on the classic X100 (which I own)? Sure there are a few tweaks they could implement but basically the camera was bang on (after a few firmware upgrades).

    • Have you shot with the X Pro 1 extensively? As anyone who has shot with one for months will tell you it most definitely did not miss the mark and deserves more support from Fuji rather then a rebranding.

    • I don’t think the Xpro1 misses the mark. IQ is excellent for the price bracket, and the user experience is challenging but equally rewarding. I find it can match my 5DII with 35L kit for iQ, but is a different experience in use. Depends on your needs I guess.

    • I have to say I agree about the XPro-1 being priced too dear. If it had a full frame sensor I could maybe justify the dollars. That being said, in spite of not having the pockets, I sure would love to be getting that Fuji color. When the auto-focus works the pictures are amazing.

      • That is what I mean. Negative comments about the auto focus and also the menus shouldn’t apply to a camera in this price bracket. No doubt the IQ is excellent but the IQ is irrelevant if you miss the shot.I am surprised Fuji haven’t upgraded the firmware to fix this stuff as they did with the X 100 (turning a great but somewhat frustrating camera into what it should have been).

  20. Just on looks, I take the compact. Gorgeous. I dislike excessively retro designs, but this is a clean, modern shape, like a downsized NEX-F3. The only retro touches are the faux leatherette and satin metal, materials that look timeless to me, and very pretty. Now let it perform like an RX100 and I’d be proud to own it.

    The X-E1 tips too far into retroness. That grip is odd and looks uncomfortable. Overall, it reminds me a bit too much of my dad’s old Minolta. I know that sort of thing is fashionable, but I prefer good design to fashion. I was playing with an X-10 the other day and liked it more than expected, so maybe I could be convinced.

    • I have an RX100, and I used to have an X10. Although Lightroom doesn’t support RAW yet so much about IQ is an unknown for me, Honestly IQ from both cameras is excellent, but many things like shallow DOF at the telephoto end are actually easier to achieve on the X10. Also, the X10 feels much better in hand, is nicer for macro work, and I’ll take the leaf shutter over the electronic shutter of the RX100 any day.

      For video work, the RX100 may be the best compact ever made. While it doesn’t have 24p, 1080p60 is awesome for slow-mo footage. And Steadyshot works very well.

      For stills, and normal sized web images, I actually think the X10 images are as good if not better than RX100 images (color, contrast, sharpness). I’m quite interested in this new Fuji.

      • The RX100 shutter is an ordinary leaf shutter. It doesn’t even have an electronic first curtain, like some of the NEX cameras. The Sony has as good a sensor as any made. The high resolution sounds like a potential disadvantage, but the sensor is over twice as large as the Fuji, so the pixels are smaller. I hope his new Fuji somehow manages IQ equal to the Sony, but I don’t think it likely. That much advantage in sensor size will be hard to overcome.

  21. Looks amazing, in the market for something new by christmas let’s see what photokina has in store!!!

  22. Hi Steve,

    Any news about FF EVF cameras coming out in 2013? I mean, it has been almost 3 years since the Leica M9 offered a FF camera without a mirror, why are other camera companies still offering only 4/3 formats?

  23. I’m shocked about the new X mount camera. I wouldn’t believe it when I heard the rumors as I saw the X Pro 1 as a stand alone product like the M. I think a lot of X Pro owners will be upset if they see a higher spec offering come out less then a year after they spent good money on what was supposed to be their flagship camera. I think these cameras will cannibalize each (P&S excluded) and its a curious move.

    • Not to mention the lecture I’ll get from my wife when she finds out I could have waited for a lower cost version!

      • Call it a “crippled” version of the X Pro-1. It looks similar, but is missing some “critical” functions.

    • That’s the current world of camera tech. As mirrorless is still in its infancy, change comes rapidly. While I can imagine people will be upset, more will be pleased as punch.

      What’s the difference between keeping a camera 2 years instead of one year? At year 2 you’ve spent the same amount of money and enjoyed a better performing camera for a year.

      If people are so strung out financially that rapid upgrades pose a problem, should the industry simply sit on innovation while people struggle with their home finances? Or should people simply say to themselves “I can’t responsibly afford it”.

      • Yeah the people that will be happy are the ones that didn’t invest in the system yet. If it wasn’t for the photographers that invested in the X Pro 1 there would be no new camera and that’s the thanks we get? Go check out Fuji Rumors, theres not one happy XP1 shooter commenting on this post over there. I don’t want to fly off the handle too much because as of now this mystery camera is hearsay but keeping customers happy means not crashing the resale value of their 2 month old camera in one fell swoop. Of course technology changes but 8 months later when the X Pro 1 is supposed to be their flagship camera? That’s a little too fast.

        I still have my doubts and I think Fuji will instead be releasing a completely revamped firmware in addition to the new cameras we know about. The just released a detailed iPad app for the XPro1, seems like pretty weird move if it’s on it’s way out in a month.

        • Nobody is holding a gun to anyone head. Just shoot with what you have now and try to improve your skills, not your gear. If you want the latest toy, you have to pay for it…

          • Thanks but I actually shoot with an M8 and M6 normally, everyday in fact. I agree with you, but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make. I bought an X Pro for fashion work like a month ago after years of only owning the two aforementioned cameras. I was just expressing my thoughts on having it lapped in quick order. I also mentioned its just rumor so there’s nothing to really complain about yet , just talkin to others that want to discuss it.

          • The rumor is for a less-expensive, barebones version of the XPro1. It will not offer an OVF like the XP1. Why would any XP1 owner be upset about an XPro1 with less features and capabilities?

            I have a D800. When Nikon releases the D600, the rumored FF body with less resolution, likely cheaper build quality, features, etc.
            A cheaper camera, but not as capable. Unless it’s MORE capable for less (not likely) why would I worry about a D600?

            It’s the same situation for XP1 owners, at least until an XP2 is released. And that’s not likely for quite awhile.

          • Well said. I think once they realize there’s no OVF, there will be an “Oh… Well in that case” moment with all those xp1 owners complaining

          • Just to clarify to you and the poster below my comments weren’t really directed towards this camera. I know it’s EVF only and it had its place definitely. I was talking about the rumored “higher end x-pro” or “x-pro 2” which depending on who you listen to is or is not the same camera.

            I’m not trying to make a debate out of this guys. I’m just simply stating there are fuji shooters that were wary of those particular rumors and what they will actually bring…if anything.

        • Improvement is never too fast. If you want your camera to remain the upper status flagship for a guaranteed period of 2 years at least… well, that’s just not possible in this world.

    • I’m surprised @John is shocked by this new X mount camera. Fuji have said numerous times that the X-Pro1 was the first in a series of X mount compatible bodies and the lens road map published some months ago showed the 18-55 lens due for release in Q4 2012. An 18-55 zoom is fairly obviously not aimed at the X-Pro1 market and neither will be the other zooms in the road map.
      It’s been rumoured on numerous sites that X-Pro1 sales around the world are disappointing (under 10,000 units has been mentioned more than once) and if that is the case Fuji will need to get a range of X mount bodies onto the market as soon as they can to boost lens sales and X mount adoption otherwise this system will quickly be consigned to the “nice idea, shame it failed” category which will certainly give existing X mount owners cause for concern.

    • I was initially very interested in the X-Pro 1 until I held the camera in my hands – it was far larger than I expected, and didn’t have certain features for the purpose that I wanted it for (mainly to be a digital body for my leica mount lenses). The EVF was acceptable, but the relatively slower refresh rate (compared to camera bodies such as the Nex and OMD) made it a minus in my books. The lack of peaking was another concern.

      Don’t get me wrong – I think the X-Pro 1 is a very capable camera by itself. However, for consumers looking for certain specific features simply wouldn’t be interested in one at the price point it was sold at.

      The XE-1 might bring something to the table that the X-Pro1 doesn’t.

      1. The hybrid OVF, while mandatory for some, is a nice to have for many others. Much as I dislike EVFs, I recognize that on third party lenses, the hybrid VF is going to get little to no use at all. The XE1 having just a EVF would bring costs and prices down, not to mention that in such cases, the EVF is the only VF that would work (for m lenses).

      2. It shares the same line of lenses as the x-pro 1. I am primarily interested in the 35mm, because it is simply an amazing piece of glass for the price.

      3. The size of the camera body seems to be much smaller, more in tune with the x100, which I have and love.

      4. Fuji sure didn’t skimp on the sensor part – it is using the new x-trans sensor, for better or worse.

      5. Apparently rumors are that the XE-1 has better AF speed than the X-Pro 1. But I wouldn’t be too worried about it. The same thing was said prior to the X-Pro 1’s release, and the x100 owners have had the same concerns – a new firmware was provided to x100 owners shortly after, and to date, I am extremely satisfied with the AF performance of my x100 (reportedly faster than the x-pro 1 in its current state). But I have faith that Fujifilm will fix the x-pro 1 accordingly.

      The only thing that I can see X-Pro 1 adopters being unhappy about would be the price point. As far as the features are concerned, it seems that the x-pro 1 is sold at 700 dollars higher for just the hybrid VF alone. But bear in mind that with the current outlook on the specs of the rumored XE1, it would seem to be placed to content with the Nex 7.

      I’d be surprised if the XE-1 actually delivers all the features that would make it the perfect camera – a EVF as good as the Nex7, and peaking. Pure speculation would conclude that the price of the new body would need to be lower than the nex 7 at least, and that’s not accounting for the OMD, which is a amazing camera by itself, with a strong selection of lenses, fast EVF, good iso performance.

      The OVF of the X pro 1 made it a different animal for Fuji to think to price it at such a high price point, and while many think that it is worth every cent, many do not. I was one of them and now I’m looking forward to how the EVF only version of the camera would turn out.

  24. No source again, Steve? People notice when you pick up news from other blogs but don’t credit. It’s a team sport, Steve. We all support each other.

    • I guess you did not bother to read the post…remember that I get these tips to my inbox before many of these “rumor” sites do. I post what I get from readers and insiders and occasionally will also see these on other “rumor” sites. I posted the link to the fujirumors site as I knew they would be posting about it, and yes, of course they did. But in any case when I find something interesting to post I do it, when I do not I do not. If I do happen to see something on a rumor site 1st, I give the credit. In any case, I did link to fujirumors here anyway. This is not any kind of exclusive news, nor are any rumors. I post what I get when I get it from my inbox. I hit the rumor sites maybe 6 times a year 🙂

  25. There`s only a matter of time until Fuji X*00 will be a worthy Hexar AF contender. (if you know what I mean 😉 )

    And yes, if you want MF SLR Leica optics, hurry up and snatch all those R lenses.

  26. My guess for leica: either a new r camera, or some sort of evil camera that can take r lenses (given the hints from Thorsten Overgaard that people better buy r lenses before september…)
    I wonder…will the x-e1 be lower end in that it lacks af, or will that be the higher end model :p

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