Fuji X-Pro 1 Bundle Deals! Save up to $300

Fuji X-Pro 1 Bundle Deals! Save up to $300!

Fuji is offering a bundle deal right now on the somewhat slow selling X-Pro 1. To boost sales and get ready for their Photokina releases (along with the new interchangeable lens fuji X100 look-alike X-E1) you can now save some big money on Fuji X lenses. Buy an X-Pro 1 now at $1699 and you can buy either the 18 f/2 or 35 1.4 for $300 off! This means that the 18mm or 35 1.4 would be $299 instead of $599. So you can literally save $300 if you want to buy an X-Pro 1 along with the 18 or 35 bringing your grand  total to $2000 for the set (normally would be $2300).

If you want to  take advantage of this X-Pro 1 offer you can do so at B&H Photo HERE. Just add the X-Pro 1 to your cart and then you can add the lens of y our choice at the discounted price. 

or buy it at Amazon – fulfilled and shipped by Amazon!

Unfortunately you can only buy ONE lens not both, so you can not get an 18 and 35 for $299 just one or the other.


Below is the new X-E1 said too be announced/released at Photokina in under 2 weeks!

I have high hopes for the new Fuji cameras coming to Photokina. The X-E1 below looks like a Fuji X100 with a lens mount and the Fuji F1 appears to be the X10 replacement. Hopefully Fuji has sped up the operation of these cameras because if so they will be huge hits. If they fail to perform in the usability area then I think they will not be so well received. We shall see!


  1. I am bitten. I was awaiting the release of the Pentax K5 11s so as to enjoy better image rendition however there is as yet the untested factor of distortion, etc. What the Fuji PRO 1 does is actually introduce a completely new sensor that takes the AA filter off the table. More cameras will shoot to get rid of the AA filter for sure. There is no comparison. As to Pentax well they also have durability and dust, rain factors under control something the Fuji PRO 1 does not have. The lenses however on the FUJI PRO 1 have to be light years about Pentax one would hope. Anyway the Fuji PRO 1 arrives tomorrow.

  2. Fuji is merely creating a product line with several intermediate offerings. It’s a marketing strategy to gain more market share. This XE-1 has a smaller screen 2.8″ with lower resolution, albeit with a better EVF than the X-Pro 1. It also looks like they’re updating the X-Pro 1 firmware to version 2.0 to introduce improvements in operation and focus speed to be on par with the new XE-1. That way, first adopters of the X-Pro 1 doesn’t feel like they paid more for an older inferior product even though it’s on top of the product line.

  3. Let’s see – an X100 with 35mm lens, $1000, and XE1 with 35mm lens at $1600, or an XPro with 35mm lens for $2000. Sort of covers the mid range camera market. Add $300 to either of the last two for a
    18-55zoom and you’re only twice the price of a Nikon or Canon SLR. And you say it’s not selling well,
    Well, well, well. Subtract $400 from any of the above and you’re in the market, sort of.

  4. I can see the reasoning behind the XE-1. You have to remember, there are a lot of people coming into photography who have never used an optical viewfinder, (rangefinder), and aren’t interested. They were weaned on electronic displays and LCD screens etc, and that’s what they want.
    If it’s a little less money than the X-100, it seems like a smart move.

  5. X-E1 price? A new pop up flash. Well some much for for the X-Pro-2, for now. Put the X-E1 and the new zoom together and you get a great point and shoot. This next round of Fuji is to flesh out their X-Pro system. Like or dislike the X-Pro. This how Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Leica and other lines of cameras create a base. Cameras all grow old. But glass ( within reason ) is forever.

  6. Both the xpro-1 and the upcoming Fuji have the same new handgrip design which creates a narrow, uncomfortable place for a finger between the lens and the edge of the grip. My finger gets wedged in there, making holding these cameras a pain. It astounds me that such a design annoyance is being perpetuated in the new model.

    My x100 has no such grip (has a smooth bump instead) and is a joy to touch and hold.

  7. These are quite large discounts and although Fuji is trying to make the impression that it is the lenses that are discounted – in reality it is the camera. That sounds to me like a replacement of the X-Pro-1 is on the horizon – what is hard to imagine since the camera in not long on the market. Hmmm. But who knows.

    The X-E1 looks like an interesting camera. How is the form factor? More like the X100 or the X-Pro1?

    • If you look at CameraSize.com, the X-E1 is within millimeters of the X100.
      The X-Pro1 is half an inch wider, and noticeably taller and thicker.
      (The depth measurement on the X100 includes the lens.)

  8. Steve I dont see that the xpro1 is slow selling at all it seems to have a good sales looking at the various forums.

  9. Fuji can’t give you too much for a low price, otherwise nobody would by the X-Pro1. So the EX-1 can’t offer certain features the X-Pro1 does. Two different cameras for two different markets.

    The EX-1 is direct competition for the smaller mirrorless cameras (Olympus E-P, Nikon 1, Canon M, Sony Nex, Panosonic GX1). And the X-Pro serious is for people that want the full DSLR experience, in a smaller, more discrete package.

  10. This has to be a comment purely about the marketing of this offer, as I don’t own the camera and haven’t even had a hands-on. But it does seem a little odd to me that Fuji should be discounting only the lenses, but the body price stays as is. This is odd given that the camera itself hasn’t been selling that well and seems to be imminently superseded, unless Fuji do have some upgrades for it.

    Surely, as a reward to those who bought into the system, why not offer the lenses and the body as stand-alone offers? Who wants to pay full price for a flawed product?

    • Don’t know why they chose to describe it that way, but you don’t get the discount unless you buy the body. Just a different way of saying “$300 off the body if you buy a lens,” or “$300 off the kit.”

      I think they guessed wrong on the pricing, and they’re trying to move the bodies.

  11. Have you tried adding both lenses at the discounted price? When I do it, the offer is good for only one lens. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

      • Seems to be an oversight in Steve’s original email which stated the saving could be up to $600. His blog has been amended, and Fuji are only offering the saving on one lens. Even a worse deal, given my other posting.

  12. OK, is this about the X-Pro1 camera or the X-Pro 1 lenses? What’s really going on behind the scene?
    Do you think they are trying to get rid of the current lenses or the camera? What gives?

  13. Why do Fuji have to take off an excellent hybrid viewer and offer a lens mount instead, why do they have to spoil something good, and whom are they aiming atas their customers? Can somebody from Fuji answer me?

    • The optical finder is easy and cheap for one focal length only, but becomes more complex and expensive if it has to deal with different lenses.

  14. Looks like a very attractive piece of kit, but at this point it is just another camera. Personally, I would rather get out and take pictures with what I have.

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