New Fuji X-pro 1 FIrmware V2.0 is now live!

New Fuji X-Pro 1 Firmware V2.0 is now live!Β 

You can no download the latest and greatest Fuji X-Pro 1 firmware over at Fuji Film. This is the vresion 2.0 that is supposed to speed it all up. Go get it HERE.Β 


  1. Am I the only one who is having this issue?… I just installed the latest firmware and now the metering will not show in the OVF — I get the scales but the actual exposer value isn’t shown anymore in the optical view finder untill the shutter is half pressed and the camera finds focus. This is not the way it is shown in the EVF or the rear screen. I shoot the camera in manual mode 90% of the time — now the only way for me to see the reading from the cameras meter is to switch to the EVF or look at the back of the camera– please let me know if you are having the same issue… Are you able to get a meter reading in the OVF? I’m having a hard time believing that I haven read about this somewhere if others are having the same problem with the new firmware.

  2. so. PLEASE…. how is the updated FW compared with the AF speed in the x-E1? I’m still trying to take a decision which one to buy….
    Need suggerstions!

  3. So how does the af speed compare to older olympus pen cameras(e-p1 & 2)? Haven’t had a chance to get my hands on x pro 1 yet πŸ™ And as far as I can imagine, om-d is going to have huge competition with the new x-e1 and x pro 1 w/ FW2.0. Fuji sensor and upcoming lenses sound superb!

    • Hi Akim,

      I own a EP1 (12mm, 17mm, zoom) and upgraded to an Xpro with 18 and 35mm. I honestly did not notice any change with FW2.0.
      In low light (evening, places without much contrast, artificial light) this camera is useless.
      EP1 is lightening fast (with primes) compared to this. I deeply regret my choice. 1 picture out of ten from Fuji is amazing, but 9 are lost : out of focus, no IS, wrong focusing… I am not a beginner and owned several manual cameras before, but this camera is a nightmare. Plus, the colors may be often flattering, but there is too much blue and green in the JPEG, and nature shots often seem awful.
      So I don’t honestly understand reviews that mention a better AF with the firmware, as for me the X-Pro 1 is and remains the most frustrating and irritating camera I owned. I loved the EP1, and should have upgraded to an OMD.

  4. I took mine out yesterday and found the 60 in particular to be much faster and more accurate. There is less to rave about with the 18 and 35. The MF implementation is faster but not perfect. However, the whole camera is much quicker and more usable.

    In any event I wrote about my impressions in a little more detail here:

  5. Interesting feature Fuji added is that if you have image display set to on, you don’t have to wait for the image to go away before you can half press the shutter button to start your next shot. However, they introduced a new bug. It used to be in the older FW, whenever you switch the focus to “manual”, the camera automatically switches from OVF to EVF. With FW 2.0, if you are in OVF and switch to manual focus, the EVF needs to be manually switched on.

    • That is true, before were you able to be in OVF on manual focus? If you have a wide enough lens one may just hyperfocus and use the view frame.

      • KM, before if I’m using the OVF and I switch to manual focus, the camera automatically switches to EVF. It stopped doing that now with FW 2.0. Now, you have to additionally use the lever on front to switch to EVF. An extra step added because obviously, you can’t effectively manually focus using the OVF.

  6. I need Help! (please)…. I own an X-Pro1 and I am trying to download the firmware upgrade 2.0 to my camera body. The download to my pc was succesful. The copy to my formatted memory card was successful. When I attempt to load (upgrade) my camera, the camera reads: “new firmware not found turn off camera”. I couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. I successfully upgraded the firmware from 1.0 to 1.1 in June and am following the same procedure. Then I read the Fuji software upgrade page carefully. In the header it reads: Upgrading firmware to 2.0 from 1.11 . I never upgraded my camera body to version 1.11 because I do not own any M lenses and therefore did not need the M adapter upgrade. Well… it seems I need the version 1.11 in order to upgrade to version 2.0! Version 1.11 is no longer available on the Fuji website!
    Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Can anyone please give me advice as I am sure most of you have more knowledge than I do regarding this issue.
    Thanks so much!
    And Steve: Keep up the brilliant work you do to keep this great website going. You’re the bomb! I hate reading all of the negative comments but the positive ones and more importantly the great images more than make up for the negative thinkers!

    • You do not need firmware v 1.11 installed in your camera in order to install v2.0. I never installed 1.11 as I have no need for the M adapter, and I had no problems – this was an optional firmware update.

      Try downloading the update again, and make sure the memory card is formatted in your camera before copying the file to it. There are separate files for the body and the three available lenses, which need to be installed individually.

      Hope this helps, and you continue to enjoy using your X-Pro 1 – it is a lovely camera.

      • Hi,
        had the same problem until i realized, that fuji instructs, to download to your >desktop<, not into a download folder etc. From the desctop copy to the sd card and all works well. Good luck!

  7. The real issue that was fixed was the aperture blades adjusting after focus was confirmed (or manual focus). The camera sort of had a mind of it’s own when it came to shutter lag, sometimes it was quick sometimes it would hesitate. It wasn’t consistent shot to shot. This issue was fixed with 2.0 and now it’s consistent. Of course all the other enhancements are nice too.

  8. Justed load FW 2.0. The lens updated after I truned on the camera with it on. I just autofocused at an a ev of about 1. Without the AF light it it AF in no more then 3 times. Mostly just once. My 5D MK11 did that and it was an OK AF system. Big improvement. Good luck.

  9. When the hell is Leica going to update the X1 and X2….they are a sleep at the world. If they showed they seek ways to improve things then perhaps the X2 would sell more.

  10. Just put the firmware onto the body and it really does seem a genuine improvement. Was very disappointed with focusing up to now. I only have 35 mm lense but that seems fine for me. Onwards & upwards ….

  11. My thoughts exactly. Quicker, but not yet a revelation. I suspect that it will take the motorized lenses (probably just the zooms) to really improve focus speed with this system…they kept claiming focus acquisition of <0.1 sec with the new 18-55, but didn't say much about the rest of the lenses, other than that focus was improved. Still, Fuji is doing a great job supporting the system and pushing incremental improvements. The IQ of the X-Trans sensor makes it worth it to me!

    • Yup, they need to release a mk.II for the original 3 lenses with the new motor to speed things up further.

  12. My three lenses now have a constant chatter, far louder and insistent than before the earlier firmware fix. One step forward, …

  13. I did mine late last night so I only snapped off a couple frames with the 35mm in low light…
    My early observation is it is definitely quicker but I will need more time with it. At any rate, you gotta love Fuji ‘s continued support with this camera…keep the updates coming!

    • Shot it all day in St John Canada and its quicker but not lightning. Still, something is better than nothing. Feels good now and am getting addicted to the IQ of this Fuji sensor.

      • Thought it might win you over in the end, Steve. Yes, it is no speed demon, but I do love the controls and the IQ on the X-Pro 1 – nice to be using an OVF again.
        Have just finished installing Firmware V.2.0, and there is a definite improvement in focusing speed.
        Hope the cruise is going well, and everyone is enjoying all those photo opportunities.
        Just heard that Google has bought NIK Software – they wanted Snapseed. Might be bad news for serious users of their plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture.

        Best wishes,

        • sad news indeed, bloody acquisitions, not that I don’t wish the best developers at NIK Software, I just wish they are acquired by somebody who’d into photography. I hope I’ll be proven wrong but I have a bad feeling that it was all about Snapseed and nothing else. Sure there will be some support for a year but if we will ever see anything new remains to be seen. Sad news.

    • I loaded the latest FW for the lens. It would be obvious if you didn’t beacusae as soon as you turn the camera on after the bofy FW update it asks you to update the lens.

    • I also could not find the lens firmware, then I changed the browser and the firmware for 18, 35 and 60mm lens was there. It seems the old page still is in the browser cache…

  14. It certainly feels much quicker now. I haven’t had time to test the 35mm yet, but in good light the 18mm is near instantaneous, and in low light it is quick enough. It feels at least as quick as my old Pentax K-7 in low light. Well done Fuji!

    Now, just figure out some way to add focus peaking in optical viewfinder mode and we truly well have a modern day rangefinder alternative πŸ™‚

    • My 18mm is considerably more “chatty” now. It just makes a lot more clicking noises. Not as bad as when it first came out, but worse than with Firmware 1.1. Are you experiencing this too?

      • @David

        No, I haven’t noticed any additional chatter. I finally got to test the 35mm as well. It’s not as quick as the 18mm for sure, but it is certainly better. I wouldn’t call it blazing fast in low light with the 35mm, but I noticed it almost always locks onto the subject every time without any trouble.

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