Used Leica Lens Deals at B&H Photo…

Used Leica Lens Deals at B&H Photo

Was just browsing the used section at B&H Photo and found a TON of Leica glass. While the demand for the glass has slowed I feel it will gain more steam by 2013 due to the new M. Many will happily stay with their M9 but some will buy into the M-E due to the lower price and the new M just for the new features.

Here are some of the better lenses available used at B&H right now and let me tell ya, some of these are INVESTMENTS. Lenses in the Leica stable that will always do better a few years down the road are lenses like the 35 Summilux, 50 Summilux, 90 Summicron, f/1 Noctilux, etc. Leica glass is one thing that you never have to worry about when considering resale value unless you overpay of course.

Leica 90 Summicron f/2 APO with case – 8+ – $2699

Leica 35 Summilux 1.4 PRE-ASPH – The tiny wonder with gobs of character – 9 condition – $2699

The Leica 75 Summarit – 10 condition as new – $1599

Leica 21 2.8 elmarit – 9+ with hood – $2499

Leica 50 1.4 Summilux Pre-Asph – 9+ – chrome – $2999 (Damn, these were $1500 used 3 years ago)

Leica 28 Summicron f/2 – 9 condition – with hood – $3499


      • Steve, I didn’t know anything about Leica till I stumbled onto your sight. I was really not into photography at the time but your sight got me looking at the files from the M9 and I was hooked. I bought an M8 then M9 and now M9P. I now have a hobby for life. Can’t thank you enough for sharing your passion and you should know that for every negative dude there are a bunch that really dig what you’re doing here. Keep doing it!

        • Wes,
          I check the site everyday. I have a ton of canon gear (5dmk2), which I love and when I really wanted to push the go button and get into Leica it was a combo of Steve Huff and Dan Tamarkin. I bought an x1, which i loved. Eventually I bought a used m9 and a handfull of glass. Basically, I shoot with the m9 and a 28 elmarit based on Steve’s articles, inspirations, and reader comments. The site is invaluable and anyone who thinks Steve is a shill either doesn’t know how to read critically, or isn’t paying attention. Btw – a lot of good gear has come out the past 2 years so why get on Steve’s case for being passionate? I love the fact that he isn’t some jaded crank who hates everything just for the sake of hating it.

  1. As i’ve commented in the past, I’ve enjoyed perusing your site Steve, but I didn’t sign-up so that I could become part of your vast network to whom you regularly SHILL gear! I’m sorry, but I’ve frankly had enough. While I realize that everyone needs to make a living, your site has become less and less about you sharing your skill and experiences as a photographer, and more about giving enthusiastic endorsements to just about every manufacturer you write about or providing “pre-order here!” links to gear that isn’t even available yet (or direct links to USED Leica gear, etc!!!) — to the extent that other photography enthusiast sites are starting to make fun of you. Furthermore, without the contributions of other members (Daily Inspiration posts), there would be precious little of any photographic relevance to read about lately. With that rant logged, I guess I need to put my money where my mouth is and bow out. Please unsubscribe me from your blog.

    • 1st, you do not have to “Sign Up” for anything on this site. It is 100% FREE to you to read whatever you like, which means you do not and did not HAVE To read this post. You can skip, pick and choose. So to come here and complain about me posting links to a sponsor of this site who has high in demand lenses available is kind of ridiculous. Basically, you have zero right to do so since you do not even pay one cent to come here and use my bandwidth. I have been doing this same thing for 3 years (and it gets crazy during Photokina releases) and you are not the 1st to moan about it. I will be doing this for as long as the site is up as a service to those who want these products as well as to pay for the massive bandwidth usages of this site. If you do not like it then please..I ask not come here, and I question why you ever have as nothing has changed. Plain and simple. As for other “enthusiast” sites making fun of me..the more attention the better I always say! Besides, I was basically the 1st real “enthusiast real world” site anyway! – doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Never has never will.

      funny, take a look at the 1st page os posts when this version of the site went live almost three years ago:

      • Well said Steve.

        I own but one Leica lens (560 6.8 which is cheap for that focal length) and may never own another – but having looked for six months on many sites to find the Leica I own, I deeply appreciate your posts when used Leica lenses are available. Shameless shilling for the latest commodity would be tacky, but as you point out your right to do and mine to ignore – but helping readers to locate genuinely hard to find gear is a real service. I don’t tend to post much to forums, but I couldn’t let the rude OPs remarks pass without rebuttal. This site is a terrific service and inspiration for both the practice of photography (what we want to be doing) and choosing and finding gear (what we need to do to get the most from doing what we want to do). Well worth every visit. You and your many contributors have saved me immense time and provided great inspiration. Thank you.

      • Steve – thanks for “shilling gear”!!! I just grabbed the Leica 90mm f/2.0 APO Summicron M ASPH that you posted! I would never have found this lens without your site. Appreciate all you do…thanks!

  2. I want to thank Steve for the great site….. I have been using canon since film days. My father is a engineer/photographer, he turned professional photographer after he retired as national telecommunication engineer chief in Taiwan. He was a Nikon shooter, I remembered he used to have these “strange looking” camera gears that I cannot touch (I was about 12 year old). After following you site,I realized it was Leica!!
    I finally pull the trigger, I preordered Leica M 🙂
    I was going to buy M9, but ken Hansen never reply my mail, so I never pull the trigger. This time I contacted Dale, Josh was very helpful, and I preordered M.
    Thank you for the informative site.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

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