Daily Inspiration #375 by Mirko Turatti

Hello steve!

I follow you on your website by far, I’m a professional photographer, I have my studios in Florence, I work for weddings, still life, industrial and reportage on committence.

Now.. for my reportage I work with Leica M9 and M6, and so recently I have bought an interesting lens that I think it’s so special, the lens called Industar 69 and I pay that only 23 euros!!! I put the lens on my Leica M9 and yesterday I’m going to tell a story in a special place in ITALY.

Please note that the lens vignetting so much because is for APS sensor or film.

I have some shots to show you and I think it’s so interesting to show them at all of your fans!

More of Mirko’s work can be found at his website HERE


  1. Great work Mirko, I love what you squeezed out of this lens. If you have the eye and imagination then the world is your oyster.

  2. Foto veramente belle e piene di carattere, congratulazioni! BTW, io ho trovato da poco un bellissimo Jupiter-8 montato su una Zorki4 a telemetro e con l’adattatore per Micro 4/3 con queste lenti russe si riescono a fare foto davvero particolari!

  3. tks for all! and tks steve!

    Please note this:

    All the shots it’s with Leica m9 and INDUSTAR 69 that is a 28mm f2,8
    All the images is JPEG on camera with nothing postpruction nothing nothing!! (BW preset on m9! ) stop

  4. Great work, these vintage “cheap” lenses can produce some really interesting looks, and they are all done IN CAMERA, so all the snobs can’t tell you it’s crap becaue you used Photoshop. I really like this look…

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