PSA: Sony RX1 in stock now for immediate X-Mas Shipping


PSA: Sony RX1 in stock now for immediate X-Mas Shipping

Hello to all! Looks like Amazon and B&H Photo has gotten some stock of the Sony RX1 and they have a few RIGHT NOW for immediate shipping which means you will get it before Christmas if you order today. Just wanted to inform everyone on this as it is your last chance to get one before Christmas. Kind of funny this post happens to be after a post on G.A.S. but I know some of you have been waiting for this to pop up as in stock instead or pre-ordering. Good luck!

You can order the RX1 at the links below:

Amazon has a few left HERE – looks like 8 of them at the time of this post

B&H Photo Has some left HERE



  1. Some tips for RX-1 users.
    For people who own this camera and looking for a optical finder, the OM VF-1 works fine. I bought one for 35 euro. Also I discovered that the lens hood of the zeiss 1.8-24 mm NEX lens has the same bayonet as for the RX-1. It is a bit larger but doesn’t vignette.

  2. What I also like about this camera is the manual focus which does a quick closeup so you can nail the focus. I also like the built in level – great for architectural photos. The files are extraordinary. The auto focus, for me , works great. I’m in love with this camera. I have been getting absolutely fantastic results from this camera. I’d say – even better than the 5D Mk II because the lowlight capabilities really shine in the RX1. Maybe the Mark III gives it a run for the money It makes me enjoy photography again. A couple of times while out on photo expeditions I’ve missed a mild tele – so I’ll have to go back and redo some locations/shots with the 5D. But that just shows what a great camera this is for scouting locations. If the Rx1 was a girl, I’d invite her on a honeymoon.

  3. I managed to order it and get one day free shipping only to have bad weather slow the plane down and then Ups, refused to sort out the boxes in time to deliver, so it’s sitting in a warehouse for 3 days!

    Where is the justice?

    • Well you have 4 options of how you back display can look, and this is the most crowded of them all. I shoot the RX1 with it only showing me the info I need. This image has the quick menu pulled up and I assume no one would shoot with it on like that. It does come in handy when changing settings though 🙂 What it comes down to is the RX1, once set up to your liking, is a joy to shoot and quite easily beats the IQ of the M8 and even the M9 with a 35mm attached.

  4. I’m weighing the RX1 against the XE 1 (w/ 24mm prime). It’s $2,800 vs $1700. Or maybe the x-pro 1 if I can get a good deal on it. That’s a big price difference. After looking at all the reviews, I’m not convinced that the Zeis lens (even with the full frame sensor) is producing that much more detail. My priority is image quality, portability, simplicity. I never use a flash. Prefer natural light. So, low light performance is really important. So… I’m leaning toward the Fujifilm. Any arguments for the RX1?

    • You can always rent both for a few days and compare. is great for this. Once you do I feel you will see that the RX1 puts out much nicer overall files than the X cameras. Much more 3D and with much richer RAW files.

      • Howard,
        Refer above, I’m man enough to admit I went too far…
        I’m interested to know, how do you know that I don’t have a life? My job allows me to travel and stay in many foreign countries, where I meet many humble, interesting and talented people from all walks of life. I take my film camera everywhere. Meeting these people makes KR look like what I said. I can assure you I have a life, and I suspect because you feel the need to moderate a conversation rather than contribute to it, I could ask the same question of you?

    • I have no doubt that KR is mentally retarded. His “review” of the RX1 is further evidence of his steady decline into dimentia. Nothing but subjective verbal diahreah. I’m also convinced he is color blind. I’ve never seen a single decent photograph of his ever. He’s an embarrassment. I feel sorry for his children.

      • i second that … cannot believe people take that guy seriously.

        i do not think the rx1 is overpriced at all, actually, considering the lens, the full frame, the build quality and the innovation factor, i think it is quite reasonable.
        anyhow, i had an rx-1 on order and was just about to get it, when i happened to notice some of the recent special offers available online at ridiculous prices.
        what hit me (FINALLY) is how fast these cameras depreciate; the nikon v1 (which i had last year for a while), went from almost $900 to under $300 in ONE YEAR … and it is still just as good as it was 12 months ago! the d600, brand new camera, already very heavily discounted… and so on.
        so i figured, since i do not HAVE TO HAVE IT right now, i will wait a few months and get it for a lot less (maybe from someone who feels like he must move on to the next best thing, and then enjoy it for a very long time knowing i did not have to break the bank – or rob one- in order to get it!

      • Does this comment accomplishes the rules of this blog? I mean, disrespect has to have some limits, even on the web. Bringing the guy’s kids up? C’mon!

  5. RX1 is far too expensive. Next year Nikon might come with their MX1, with interchangeable lens system and similar Tech quality as the D600. Patiently waiting for the big Nikon Tsunami.

    • Nikon MX1?I’ve never heard they have plans to develop any full frame compact system camera. XD
      I think RX1 worth every penny, but rumours said sony will release their full frame NEX soon. You can certainly expect a huge price drop of RX1 next year.

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